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2016 NFL Mock Draft — Xavier Cromartie’s First-Round Mock (10.0)

Xavier Cromartie
Air Date:
April 27, 2016

The following is the Xavier Cromartie / College Football Metrics FINAL mock draft for entry into The Huddle Report’s mock draft contest. The scoring is 1 point per player correctly predicted in the first round plus 2 points per player linked to the correct team.

New position labels:

9T = 9-technique = 3-4 OLB

7T = 7-technique = 4-3 DE

5T = 5-technique = 3-4 DE

3T = 3-technique = 4-3 DE

1T = 1-technique = 4-3 NT

0T = 0-technique = 3-4 NT

$LB = Moneybacker = the Deone Bucannon position



Round 1 (team/player/school/ + or – from last report/pick # last report)


  1. Los Angeles Rams (via TEN): QB Jared Goff (Cal) 1

Needs: QB, FS, WR, CB, MLB

Note that the goal of this mock is to match teams to players.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles (via CLE): QB Carson Wentz (North Dakota State) 2

Needs: CB, RB, 3T, QB, G



  1. San Diego Chargers: 5T DeForest Buckner (Oregon) (+) 7

Needs: FS, SS, 5T, C, TE

I don’t like putting a 5-tech this high, but it makes more sense than Ronnie Stanley.


  1. Dallas Cowboys: S Jalen Ramsey (Florida State) (-) 3

Needs: CB, RB, 7T, 3T, MLB

The best players are still on the board.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: WLB Myles Jack (UCLA) 5

Needs: MLB, SS, C, WR, SLB

“Myles Jack no matter what.”


  1. Baltimore Ravens: OT Laremy Tunsil (Mississippi) 6

Needs: 5T, CB, 9T, SS, G

They take the best player available.


  1. San Francisco 49ers: OT Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame) (+) 8

Needs: WR, CB, QB, MLB, RT

We could see Stanley at 3 and Buckner at 7 instead.


  1. Miami Dolphins (TRADE): RB Ezekiel Elliott (Ohio State) (+) 13

Needs: RB, CB, G, WLB, TE

They trade up because the CBs at 13 aren’t appealing.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 7T Joey Bosa (Ohio State) (-) 4

Needs: 7T, WR, CB, RT, SLB

Floyd and Rankins are options here, but I can see Bosa sliding here easily.


  1. New York Giants: 9T Leonard Floyd (Georgia) 10

Needs: LT, SLB, MLB, 3T, FS

Hope he gets by the Bucs. I’ve had him near the top 10 all along.


  1. Chicago Bears: 3T Sheldon Rankins (Louisville) (+) 12

Needs: LT, 5T, CB, RB, WR

This area seems too early, but I’ll go with the top 10 buzz.


  1. New Orleans Saints: 3T Jarran Reed (Alabama) (-) 11

Needs: WR, 3T, 7T, WLB, G

I expect Reed to go in the 11-16 range.


  1. Cleveland Browns (TRADE): WR Laquon Treadwell (Mississippi) (-) 9

Needs: WR, FS, RT, 9T, RB

Sounds like he’s the guy they actually want.


  1. Oakland Raiders: CB Vernon Hargreaves (Florida) 14

Needs: MLB, FS, 3T, RB, CB

I’d like to put Ragland here out of need, but Hargreaves should be available.


  1. Tennessee Titans (via LA): OT Jack Conklin (Michigan State) 15

Needs: RT, FS, CB, MLB, TE

I don’t know if they go to 8 or 10 or stay here, but I have to give them Conklin.


  1. Detroit Lions: OT Taylor Decker (Ohio State) (+) 27

Needs: LT, SS, 3T, CB, 7T

They should take the chance to get an OT.


  1. Atlanta Falcons: 3T Kenny Clark (UCLA) (+) NR

Needs: FS, SS, 3T, WLB, G

A bold break away from the consensus pick of Darron Lee.


  1. Indianapolis Colts: C Ryan Kelly (Alabama) (+) 29

Needs: 9T, C, 1T, RB, SS

It could be too early for Spence or Correa, so they should pounce on Kelly.


  1. Buffalo Bills: WLB Darron Lee (Ohio State) (-) 17

Needs: 7T, MLB, WR, QB, RT

Talk of Hackenberg here is the smokiest smoke that ever smoked.


  1. New York Jets: QB Paxton Lynch (Memphis) 20

Needs: QB, 9T, TE, G, 5T

They might have to move into the teens to get him. But I think he’s valued right around here at 20.


  1. Washington Pigskins: MLB Reggie Ragland (Alabama) (-) 19

Needs: MLB, 1T, WR, C, RB

They could go in a lot of directions, especially trading down. This pick matches need and value.


  1. Houston Texans: WR Will Fuller (Notre Dame) 22

Needs: WR, SS, 5T, TE, C

Here’s the area where you take the fast, upside WRs.


  1. Minnesota Vikings: WR Josh Doctson (Texas Christian) 23

Needs: WR, WLB, SS, 3T, CB

Maybe they do go BPA, but that’s Doctson here.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals: S Karl Joseph (West Virginia) (+) NR

Needs: WR, 1T, SS, 7T, CB

They could reach for a WR.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers: CB William Jackson (Houston) (-) 21

Needs: SS, CB, LT, 9T, 1T

Some sort of DB here.


  1. Seattle Seahawks: 7T Kevin Dodd (Clemson) (+) NR

Needs: LT, 3T, G, RT, CB

I’m not sure that the Seahawks will actually stick around and pick in round 1.


  1. Green Bay Packers: 5T Vernon Butler (Louisiana Tech) (-) 16

Needs: 5T, RB, LT, MLB, TE

I like this fit.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs: CB Eli Apple (Ohio State) 28

Needs: CB, WR, G, 9T, 5T

This pick has been the same for a month.


  1. Arizona Cardinals: S Keanu Neal (Florida) (-) 25

Needs: CB, FS, C, 9T, WR

Ryan Kelly is likely gone by this point. The Cardinals love safeties and need DBs.


  1. Carolina Panthers: 3T A’Shawn Robinson (Alabama) (+) 31

Needs: CB, SS, 3T, 7T, LT

They seem to avoid taking DBs early in favor of big guys.


  1. Denver Broncos: 5T Chris Jones (Mississippi State) (+) NR

Needs: QB, G, 5T, WLB, RB

This guy has been hyped enough that I’ll put him in at the end.


Dynasty Rookie Draft analysis begins immediately after the draft on College Football The first of 10-15 Dynasty Rookie Draft top 100+ (with IDP) rankings will hit immediately after the 2016 NFL Draft.


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