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2018 Week 1 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Bills v. Ravens

September 13, 2018 3:03 PM
September 13, 2018 3:00 PM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

It’s a virtual waste of time digging in too deep into this game tape. I don’t think we have any real clues to the future (Week 2+) for these two teams from here. We should act like this game never happened.

The game was played in a constant rain and 15+ MPH winds. The Bills went with Nathan Peterman to start and he was as bad as ever. His career was ruined by his debut mid-season last year. That’s how ‘smart’ Sean McDermott is…he LOVES Nathan Peterman. So much so, he pulled Tyrod Taylor during a season where they had a winning record and inserted Peterman as a rookie…and the Chargers blew him up with five picks in a half of football.

Two picks and a 40-0 deficit later in this game, Peterman was mercifully pulled again.

…but DEFINITELY trust McDermott that he knows and will foster Josh Allen as a future star. Great track record you can trust.

The short of this game: It was messy conditions. The Bills applied almost no pressure to Joe Flacco, who sat in the pocket for hours making simple plays. Peterman was so bad that it was three-and-out almost the entire game (I don’t think he converted one 3rd-down), and the Bills body language died and went to football heaven pretty quickly. The Ravens treated this like a preseason game, playing backups the second half for the most part. It was a joke.

The clock is ticking on Stone Cold Sean McDermott. He won’t last to the end of 2019, and maybe not to the end of this year. 0-16 is on the table.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- Josh Allen (6-15 for 74 yards, 0 TD/0 INT) took over in the 4th-quarter with his team down 40-zip. Allen provided a small spark, I guess. Still, the same Josh Allen…under 50% completions. When they did get into the red zone, he threw a pass 85 MPH to Kelvin Benjamin, who couldn’t grab it in the downpour.

The good thing about Allen’s arm is he throws so hard for no reason that he won’t have a lot of INTs because DBs won’t be able to catch his throws either.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Allen was pretty decent this week against an injured LAC defense. Allen is hard to defend sometimes. With time, Allen can make some beautiful throws. If the Chargers cannot pressure without Joey Bosa…they might get a couple zingers from Allen. Under pressure, Allen is cooked.

Eventually, Allen is going to fail because he’s just not a meticulous pocket passer with accuracy and velocity control, but he is better suited for this than Peterman is.

-- Don’t read anything into the RB usage here for Baltimore. It was a blowout right away and this became a Ravens Week 4 preseason game. All the Kenneth Dixon (7-39-0) action was late just try to end this mercy killing.

However, Dixon is hurt/on IR and it leaves Alex Collins (7-13-1, 1-6-0/1), the ‘fumbler’, just one fumble away from Javorius Allen (4-17-1, 5-15-0/6) being the 50-50 split…and better PPR fantasy option.  I love Allen as a sneaky last roster spot hold in a redraft PPR right now. A guy who will get 5+ catches a game regardless but maybe 7-10 catches regularly if he is the ‘starter’.

Dark horse candidate – the Ravens activated De’Lance Turner from the practice squad, and he’s better than Alex Collins. He can/will steal the coach’s and fan’s hearts if they let him.

-- Lamar Jackson (1-4 for 24 yards, 0 TD/0 INT, 7-39-0) came into the game early for an ill-fated nonsense play with him as a WR coming around for a jet sweep run-pass option (almost sacked, threw the ball away). We saw him later in the running-the-clock-out effort.

-- Remember a lot of years ago when Kelvin Benjamin (1-10-0/7) was good once? Man, this passing game is a disaster and he looks meaningless.

Snap Counts of Interest:

54 = Boyle

44 = Maxx Williams

22 = Mark Andrews

60 = Zay Jones

47 = Kelvin Benjamin

44 = Jeremy Kerley

34 = LeSean McCoy

23 = Marcus Murphy

07 = Chris Ivory


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