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2018 Week 1 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Redskins v. Cardinals

September 12, 2018 10:52 PM
September 12, 2018 10:50 PM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

21-0 at halftime, Washington. I literally watched and re-watched a game where one team just dominated the other…rendering the lesser team helpless. This wasn’t a situation where Arizona ‘quit’ or ‘wasn’t ready’ or whatever that was the Lions did Monday. Arizona tried to put up a fight…but the Redskins beat them like Floyd Mayweather in boxing – they don’t knock you out, but they’ll just keep hitting you for points and avoiding/blocking all your offense until your will is broken (I think that’s what happens, I’ve only seen one of his fights…but it sounds like a good analogy).

When I was done re-watching this, I wondered if the Redskins had a 40+ minute time of possession in the game (which is very rare in the NFL). I looked at the stats…38+ minutes. Arizona couldn’t stop anything Washington did running the ball or throwing it to the RBs. Anything Arizona tried on offense was squashed. Even though Washington only scored 3 points in the second-half, it was still Redskins domination for the most part. Kudos to Arizona for not laying down – they fought to the end, they just got whooped. This was no fluky event…Washington just went out and smacked Arizona down.

I was very sure Arizona was a lock to win here. I couldn’t have been more wronger. I don’t know if Arizona is secretly really bad or Washington is secretly very good. Might be both.

Fantasy Player News…

-- Let me clear the decks on Washington offensive player notes, I don’t have that many or any radical ‘takes’ because the Redskins just did whatever they wanted with efficiency. It wasn’t sexy, it was simple…too simple…

Chris Thompson (5-65-0, 6-63-1/7) is a force. He may be the best ‘3rd-down’ RB for fantasy outside of Alvin Kamara. Jay Gruden loves him, and it shows…a continuation of 2017. It’s why we have him as an undervalued guy in the draft guide – Gruden loves Thompson like Sean Payton loves Alvin Kamara.

Adrian Peterson (26-96-1, 2-70-0/3) did AP things…lots of carries, low ypc (3.7). He was fine.

Who was Alex Smith’s favorite WR? Answer: none. Answer: RB Chris Thompson.

Thompson led all Redskins with 7 targets.

The RBs combined for 10 targets. The WR trio of Crowder-Richardson-Doctson combined for 13 targets.
Welcome to Alex Smith’s world. Just like in KC…it works nicely, until it doesn’t.

-- Onto the Arizona side…

Sam Bradford (20-34 for 153 yards, 0 TD/1 INT) look hideous. Every Bradford joke/punchline you have happened here – getting rid of the ball too quickly, taking 2-3 yard passes needing 5+ yards, looking like a child in an adult’s football jersey. He just doesn’t inspire confidence or enthusiasm. His time as the Arizona starter and in the NFL is about to come to and merciful, expensive end.

Arizona will likely get beaten by the Rams this week – and if it gets bad, I could see the change to Rosen…and they will never turn back. Rosen brings that spark that Sam Darnold does to the Jets – the fresh approach, the hope and change. Only Rosen is a damn good QB.

When the change happens, get excited about Christian Kirk (1-4-0/2) for PPR, as a WR3 with upside.

-- Ricky Seals-Jones (3-19-0/6) was really involved in the passing game, as bad as it was – like a real TE…not just a passing downs, deep ball option. He worked like a real TE here, the first time I’ve really seen that in him (converted from WR). I’m becoming a deep sleeper buyer on him too…with Rosen, but even with Bradford (and no matter if Jermaine Gresham is back).

There are a lot of TE crises happening right now…of Dissly-Jonnu-always injured VMD-Ian Thomas…I might want RSJ + Rosen more than any (except healthy VMD).

-- WR-to-CB convert that I love, Quinton Dunbar (5 tackles, 3 PDs) was so good here. Very happy for him. He’s one of the reasons why I thought the Redskins might be a deep sleeper DST this season.

The problem with getting excited about the Redskins-DST right now…the schedule. Luck-Rodgers-BYE-Brees-Cam the next 4 weeks. Look for the Skins-DST on the other side of that. We’ll be watching.

Snap Counts of Interest:

52 = L Fitzgerald

50 = Chad Williams

45 = Kirk

01 = JJ Nelson

49 = Ricky Seals Jones

55 = Nkemdiche

14 = Haason Reddick

70 = Doctson

61 = P Richardson

49 = Crowder

42 = Peterson

33 = Thompson

08 = Kelley

40 = Q Dunbar

30 = Da’Ron Payne

28 = Jonathan Allen


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