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2018 Week 10 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Chargers v. Raiders

November 16, 2018 9:13 AM
November 16, 2018 9:11 AM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

Two thoughts about this game…

1) Depressingly boring. The Chargers muddled through/past sad Oakland.

2) I have the weakest set of notes for a game in all of 2018 to date.

The good news is…I might not have to type a 1,000+ words. I get to save hand and wrist degeneration for part of a day.

The Raiders actually led 3-0 through the 1st quarter, as the Chargers were sluggish to start and this whole game. The Chargers then slowly, choppily grabbed control of the game…10-3 at the half, and 20-6 as the final with no real threat from Oakland.

Oakland is 1-8…and hoping to lose out for the #1 pick…which they should accomplish. They are truly the worst team in football.

The Chargers continue to ride the schedule wave. LAC has beaten a collection of the worst teams in football (BUF-SF-OAK 2x-CLE) and snuck by Tennessee and beat Seattle. They have faced the Rams and Chiefs and got whacked by both. They have an easy schedule ahead, for the most part. They will finish 10-6, possibly 11-5 in our projections…they will be the #1 wild card seed and almost assuredly face the AFC South division champ in the playoffs 1st-round.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- Since this game was awful and I have almost no notes of any interest… Let’s start talking about my man…Chargers LB Jatavis Brown (11 tackles).

Denzel Perryman went down (for the year) on the second play of the game. Jatavis, was ‘forced’ to come in and play the rest of the game at middle linebacker. As he does, when pushed playing time – he led the team in tackles.

However, he was also named to the ‘top 10 best of Week 10’ by Pro Football Focus. I’m not a PFF subscriber, but I saw this article sent to me. PFF grades all players, assigns grades and then lists the top 10 (regardless of position) for the week. Jatavis was like #7-8 best. Good for him.

I watched most of his plays just to see how he was doing…and I’m a fan…but I’m not sure how what he did was the top 10 best (regardless of position) last week. He was fine, but I didn’t see a top 10 performance…and I crave that it be true for Jatavis.

I’m assuming JB will start Week 11 at middle linebacker, and if so…he’s got a few games to shine. To create a trade opportunity or something…anything to get away from Anthony Lynn, who has totally wasted him for two years.

-- You know this game had nothing for fantasy based on this next comment…this is like my second-best takeaway from this game…

Doug Martin (15-61-0, 3-31-0/3) is playing his @$$ off for this sorry team. I see many Raiders who look like they are going through the motions, but Martin is giving it all he’s got. He definitely looks like he’s lost a step but he’s trying. He nearly had a TD on the opening drive.

Martin is getting touches…but this team/offense is so bad it’s meaningless most weeks. He’s an RB2.5, as is Jalen Richard (3-7-0, 5-52-0/6) in PPR for most weeks. You can only hope one of these guys finds the end zone in a given week.

-- If you wanted evidence that the Raiders are the worst team in football, maybe the worst team of my adult life in the NFL… Their #1-2 WR punch in this game was Brandon LaFell (4-47-0/6) and Seth Roberts (3-39-0/3).

LaFell should be a #4 WR for a team in emergency…but he’s the clear #1. Jordy Nelson got hurt and will miss time, but LaFell kinda surpassed him anyway.

Seth Roberts shouldn’t be on an NFL roster…but he’s a starter for Oakland. They are purposefully trying to lose. That’s why I love Arizona this week over Oakland…I got in at -4.0, but I’d do the -5.0 line as well.

-- Easy opponent…good game to get Tyrell Williams (4-46-0/6) some more work, keep that TD train rolling…ummm, nope. There were 44 plays with the ball in a player’s hands run by the LAC offense…Gordon-Allen combined for 29 of the 44 touches…in a useless Oakland game.


It’s Tyrell Williams’s lot in life…until he leaves in free agency next season.

Where will he wind up? He’ll go to a lower tier team who will pay him more…

He did have a highlight reel game, 118 yards and 2 TDs, versus Cleveland…GM’d by John Dorsey, who would have seen him a few times as KC’s GM in 2016.

-- You got the Chargers-DST for two more games, and then you likely have to bail. Hosting DEN and ARI the next two weeks. Solid starts, possibly Joey Bosa back for one or both. Then, there’s some trouble…@PIT, CIN, @KC, BAL. Maybe you feel good using them Weeks 14 and 16 at home but they face offenses that are decent, not ‘favorable’ but not ‘no way’ to face either.

The Chargers are #7 in INTs, #9 in sacks this season…#9 in FF PPG. They’ve been good but with a VERY easy schedule overall. Three more weeks a joy and then it gets tougher.

-- Fantasy Playoff Notes for these two teams…

Week 14 hosting Cincy is ‘game on’ for offense, and maybe the DST…but then there’s trouble Weeks 15-16. Playing KC at KC Week 15 in a TNF game could be very cold…and that’s been Kryptonite (the cold) for the Chargers in the past. Week 16 is at home, but against a tough Ravens defense that may be playing for their lives.

Oakland…really? What are you using from Oakland in Weeks 14-16? Jared Cook, maybe? Opponent doesn’t matter…it’s what kinda of garbage time they put up.

Snap Counts on Interest:

30 = Martin

27 = Richard

06 = D Washington


45 = Karl Joseph

39 = Maurice Hurst

24 = PJ Hall

20 = Jason Cabinda

61 = Jatavis Brown

24 – Nwosu

16 = Pullard

16 = Emanuel


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