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2018 Week 10 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Cowboys v. Eagles

November 14, 2018 9:16 AM
November 14, 2018 9:22 AM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

I remembered this game love as a pretty dominant Dallas performance. On the re-watch, I thought it was a lot closer of a contest. The better team this day won the game, but it was more back and forth on my re-watch study. Dallas played a clean game and the Eagles racked with key injuries (down 3 CBs and their best OL) put up a fight but didn’t have enough.

Dallas jumps up to 4-5, saves Jason Garrett’s job, and is right back into the NFC East race. Considering the Redskins injury problems, I think Dallas or Philly can/will win this division…this was a key win, at Philly, for Dallas to have tie-breaker advantages ahead. We project Dallas to finish 7-9/8-8, still…so, we don’t see them as the NFC East winner…unless 8-8 is good enough, and it could be, but we do not see Dallas will not be standing tall in the end. If they go to Atlanta and win this week…then their arrow points up to 8-8 with a possible 9-7.

The Eagles really a took a hit here…a loss dropping them to 4-5 – and now they go to New Orleans Week 11 to try and stay up with Washington and Dallas. We still project Philly to 8-7 going into Week 17 to face 8-7 Washington for the NFC East title.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- I really wanted to re-watch Josh Adams (7-47-0) here…the guy who once again led the backfield in carries. My study was over before it started…7 carries leads the team? No targets?

I’m ready to fold my Adams cards this week, but then Doug Pederson says he wants to get Adams more touches ahead – and I’m sucked back in. I can write the narrative – Pederson realizes Adams is great and is finally giving into what I WANT.

I hear what I want to hear.

I re-watched this game, Philly down 27-20 late -- and on the final two drives…Adams is no where to be found. He’s not targeted in the game. He’s clearly the best runner…and yet forgotten in most of it (not a good sign). The reality points to nothing more special is going to happen here with Adams’ touches.

Then, you read the full detail of what Pederson said about getting Adams more touches and…

"Do I think he can have a few more touches? I do. So that will answer everybody's questions right there," Pederson said. "I do feel like he could touch the ball a few more times. I think Corey [Clement] played with a little more sense of urgency. I think he's feeling fresher coming off the break, and his body is feeling healthy.

"And [RB] Wendell [Smallwood] has been steady. He's been consistent in there. And we continue to build, continue to grow. But I think Josh has been the spark these last couple of weeks, and we'll continue to give him a few more opportunities."

These are not the words of an NFL head coach in love with his running back. This is the tepid excuse to dispatch media criticisms and not committing to anything but ‘a few’…so, like from 7 to 9 carries next week would be ‘a few more’.

I want there to be a Josh Adams uprising from here, but the reality is…I know the reality of the NFL. Doug Pederson likes Corey Clement better, right now. When Al Michaels reviewed the history of the Eagles RB injuries and changes from 2017 to 2018…he named everyone but Adams.

You can have hope Adams forces everyone’s hand and attention here, but the NFL reality is he’s considered a bit player right now and Pederson’s entire history has been RBBC/split roles. He’s not changing his Super Bowl winning style for the ‘bit player’ he sees in Adams.

Sit on Adams as a stash…but don’t be a in a position to rely upon him because he may never see double-digit carries in a game ever in 2018.

-- Golden Tate (2-19-0/4) was dud in his debut, as expected. You can’t ask a guy to show up and learn the offense, have chemistry with a QB in a week. This offense is not built for Tate like it was in Detroit. Plus, this is cold weather Philly late in the season vs. the fast-track dome conditions of Detroit.

I do not like Tate here, for FF, at all.

-- Amari Cooper (6-75-0/10) is in a similar boat. Now, Amari will get more targets because they have to justify things to Jerry. But I’m watching Cooper and I just see a solid WR, nothing special. If Philly were to push Tate 10 targets because they had to placate the GM…Tate would have these solid-ish fantasy numbers.

-- Just another reminder – if you have Zach Ertz (14-145-2/16), you should have Dallas Goedert as your redraft TE2 handcuff and then never have to worry about TE the rest of the season.

 -- Leighton Vander Esch (13 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 INT) went legit in this game…a coming out party. With Sean Lee out, it has been he not Jaylon Smith (4 tackles) who has stood out. LVE was a one-man wrecking crew in this game.

Problems in coverage without Sean Lee…yes (See Ertz’s line again). Getting tackles in IDP…gold.

-- I was starting to see signs that the Philly defense was on the rise, a possible DST sleeper ahead…but they lost another CB in game and are down 3 CBs total. Too much to overcome. Schedule is unfavorable and so is their secondary.

Dallas has a great defense but an unfavorable schedule the rest of the way as well, Week 12 vs. WSH might be OK and everything else through Week 16 is unfavorable.

Snap Counts of Interest:

60 = Jeffrey

55 = Agholor

38 = JMatt

18 = Tate

58 = Gallup

54 = Cooper

48 = Beasley

21 = Smallwood

19 = Adams

18 = Clement


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