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2018 Week 11 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Raiders v. Cardinals

November 20, 2018 9:56 PM
November 21, 2018 12:55 AM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

Well, that was painful. The game play was bad enough, but I bet heavy on ARI -4.0, and, well…I learned there’s a worse team in the league than the Raiders. Holy hell. Watching this and then watching KC-LAR…it’s like football on two different planets – and one of those planets needs to be destroyed by a frickin’ laser beam (preferably one that’s attached to the head of a shark).

I might get really emotional here and blast Steve Wilks and Byron Leftwich, but to what end? I’m tired…I’m exuberant after MNF…and running behind on the weird holiday week football schedule.

I’ll just summarize it with – Steve Wilks, honestly…you are the worst head coach in the NFL. At least Jon Gruden has the excuse that he stripped his team of talent and what they have left is hurt. Steve Wilks…you make Jason Garrett look like a good head coach. Why don’t you stand there like an idiot some more and call for plays with David Johnson going up the middle every play? And if it is Byron Leftwich’s fault, which I don’t think it is…you could go over there and tell him “One more run up the middle and your fired.” I think it’s the other way around. You made him do this because you thought you’d walk past Oakland like 14-10 or some such nonsense. Honestly, you suck at your job. And that’s coming from someone who is great at his job…did you see Monday Night Football? You probably did and wondered why there were not any more running up the middle plays for 0-1 yards every 1st-down. You are a ruin-er of offense and you’re taking David Johnson’s and Christian Kirk’s future down with you. You can’t get fired fast enough.

That feels better.

Jon Gruden? Bad head coach and the ultimate lying con artist. You’re Rex Ryan minus any defensive knowledge nor a famous coaching father. You should be thankful Steve Wilks exists to deflect from how awful you are.

Both of these teams suck and so does their fantasy prospects and their future. Arizona should have won this game by 20+, but they found ways to blow every chance, drop every pick, etc. Coaches don’t typically get fired after a year because it makes the GM look bad…but these guys are franchise killers and need to go like now.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- So, Doug Martin (10-52-0) randomly is pulled out to get Jalen Richard (11-61-0, 3-32-0/4) and DeAndre Washington (12-39-0) more work? OK…why did you even bother keeping Martin on the roster? Why not trade him for anything at the deadline? Why not grab practice squad RBs from other teams and try them out? What do you have to lose?

Jon Gruden is the worst evaluator of talent and worst businessperson in the NFL…and, yet, ESPN gave him millions to give opinions on Monday Night Football. How’s that for a laugh? The one guy everyone wanted to have as their coach or spokesperson or analyst…and he really sucks at those job as much as Steve Wilks does at his.

That being said…you can’t trust anything Gruden is going to do week-to-week. He’s trying to lose, I think…but I’m not sure. He may just be ‘that bad’.

Martin is totally droppable, and Richard is the RB to own for sure (PPR)…but he’s a WR3 at best. Nothing exciting from Washington ahead either.

It’s a dumpster fire.

-- David Johnson (25-137-0, 1-17-0/3) had a 100+ yard rushing game, so that feels great…but two problems:

1) Most of this work was the same nonsense as prior – slamming up the middle with no blocking, no yardage. It was ‘Oakland’, so DJ popped a couple…but this run game is a disaster.

2) Three targets, 1 catch…in a winnable game that Arizona was scuffling in – and they don’t go to the DJ-in-the-passing-game well as much as they can. How stupid do you have to be?  

I am the world’s biggest DJ fan, but I am absolutely willing to sell in redraft and dynasty if I get strong RB1 valuation for him. I’m not selling him short because he is the Tyreek Hill of RBs…the greatest/the most dangerous force at his position in the right situation. You don’t let that go easily. But, there’s another year of Steve Wilks coming, I suspect…so, I’ll listen to offers and be picky about it.

The outlook is not rosy here.

-- Christian Kirk (3-77-1/4) made two plays in this game that were out of this world. He is a superstar in-waiting, but he also has another year of Steve Wilks. Someday, he will be a WR1-level PPR guy. You saw flashes of it here.

-- Marcell Ateman (4-50-0/5) got called up from the practice squad and was forced into playing time here due to the LaFell injury. He’s OK-ish. Tall, not all that athletic or smooth…but competent. Not a future star…and, if so, not here/now.

Keon Hatcher getting activated has my interest more than Ateman – Hatcher was a strong player in the preseason, stronger than Ateman.

The answer to what Raiders’ WR to have on your fantasy team is…’none’.

-- Rookie DT Maurice Hurst (5 tackles, 1.0 sacks) is the bright spot on the Raiders defense right now. 4.5 tackles, 1.0 sacks per game the last two games.

Fellow rookie DT P.J. Hall (2 tackles) has been very quiet this season…no sacks YTD.

-- Arizona-DST was supposedly useful for this game…and, now, no longer. Nothing left to consider for them this year. Sayonara.

-- Fantasy Playoff Notes for these two teams…

Comes down to what DJ or Kirk/Fitz is looking like? No one cares about Oakland…and every matchup is garbage-time discussions.

Weeks 14-16 is DET-ATL-LAR for Arizona. That should be OK for some junk-time passing Weeks 14-15. The Rams may consume them if LAR needs that game. DJ’s Weeks 14-15 look promising, except he’s still on the Cardinals…which isn’t promising.

Snap Counts of Interest…

39 = Gresham

21 = Seals-Jones

32 = Richard

23 = Washington

14 = Martin

65 = Ateman

47 = Roberts

37 = LaFell

16 = Blacknall


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