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2018 Week 12 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Giants v. Eagles

November 26, 2018 1:57 PM
November 26, 2018 5:22 PM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

The Giants jumped out to a 9-0 lead, and eventually a 19-3 lead…the wounded Eagles could not stop a bad Giants team halfway through the 2nd-half. At that point, had you told me the Eagles would go on (with Josh Adams seemingly out) to win this game – I would have thought you insane.

The Eagles outscored NYG 22-3 from there with a late FG to win it, 25-22. Unbelievable.

This may go down as one of the worst coached games of 2018. There are worse coaches and teams, but this single event -- how you let a 19-3 lead against a team missing half its defense comeback to not only beat you…but shut your offense down – Odell Beckham was 100% right in his post-game comments about them not planning to attack the wounded secondary of Philly. This may be the game that cost Pat Shurmur the current locker room and team. A total embarrassment of getting outcoached by Shurmur.

Some people are good middle managers and are never meant to be ‘the guy’ in management. Happens all the time on Corporate America…and the NFL. Pat Shurmur may have shown us his cards here – good guy, good assistant, not ready to lead an organization (he’s been showing signs of this all year).

The Giants fall to 3-8, thus ending their fantasy of coming back to win the division. They actually would have had some division title life with a win – so, I cannot blame OBJ for his frustration. It’s symptom of the coaching problems, in general, in the NFL…and God bless the players, they’re finally getting into positions (after they get their big contracts) to weigh in on it. The NFL hierarchy wants them to shut up. Head coaches want them to shut up. Sometimes, all you can do is go to the media to stir the pot because it needs stirred. Communistic rule over the players with a State Sponsored media…an open mic is all the players got. God bless OBJ and Le’Veon Bell for, basically, taking on management. It looks insubordinate but what do you do when you want to win, and your coach is terrible at his job? You think going into a closed-door meeting would really work…or is national pressure more effective? Coaches yap about players and referees and it’s fine, players do it and they’re considered evil employees by most fans. Why? Because we’re all so institutionalized. Who is more important to the Giants…OBJ or Pat Shurmur? Who will still be employed by the Giants in 2021? *And I cannot wait to talk about what Baker Mayfield did post-game in Cincinnati with Hue Jackson…it’s beautiful.

The Giants don’t have an OBJ problem, in terms of 2018 performance…they have a Pat Shurmur problem, to blame for this loss. This lost season. It started with tongue kissing Eli Manning from day one. If you’re going to blindly align yourself with a bad QB the day you arrive…you get what you get.

The Eagles jump to 5-6 and right back in the thick of the NFC East. If they beat Washington this week on MNF at Philly…the Eagles will be 6-6 with Washington and likely with 6-6 Dallas (who will have lost to the Saints on TNF). 6-6 Philly will then head to 6-6 Dallas for a Week 14 showdown to likely determine the NFC East.

The Eagles cannot lose against WSH or DAL the next two weeks or season over. Why? They have the Rams in LA in Week 15…a 7th loss is already in stone. The Eagles have to win all their other non-Rams games to get to 9-7 to win the division. 8-8 might be the NFC East winner, but then we’ll get into 10-levels deep of tiebreakers. Whoever gets to 9 wins, truly wins the NFC East.

We don’t think Philly can pull it off…not with all their injuries. We think they will go to 8-8, losing to Dallas Week 14 and season over. But it’s close… If they beat Dallas, then we think Philly not Dallas will win the NFC East.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- So, I told you…Josh Adams (22-84-1, 0-0-0/1).

I saw this coming weeks and months before the mainstream. Adams may be the poster child for FFM titles to come this season…a strong RB1 candidate ‘falling’ right into our laps at just the right time.

Adams took the Eagles first play for a 52-yard TD, and I knew it was coming by how NYG had lined up on defense…they were pressing too close to the line of scrimmage and I know if Adams has an initial hole he goes from 0-to-60 better than most RBs in the NFL and will run right by LBs and DBs like they are standing still – and that’s exactly what happened.

…but then it was called back for holding and a I swore out loud for the first time in a long time.

…then, even worse, Adams just wasn’t in the game after that play. At first, I thought…well, he just sprinted 50+ yards they’re giving him a breather. Then play after play…no Adams. Then series after series…no Adams. What the what? I was furious. I’m sure you were livid too. Later we found out he had a shoulder injury. How do you hurt your shoulder running past everyone for a 50+ yard TD?

Thankfully, Adams came back mid-2nd quarter…but did nothing and I was sweating that Adams just lost his chance. Corey Clement (5-45-0, 2-31-0/2) was playing well just to make me madder. Adams finished the first half with just 3 carries for 2 yards.

In the second half, Adams put the Eagles’ offense on his back and went 19-81-1 in a half (38-162-2 pace for a full game) and became ‘the guy’ for sure, as I predicted many weeks and months ago…back to before he was drafted.

There is no doubt now that Josh Adams is ‘the guy’.

It’s also funny to think…Adams was the better rookie RB in this game (let that sink in).

Nice job NFL scouts!! Awesome! Why should anyone ever question you? The three best rookie RBs in the NFL (alpha order): Adams, Barkley, Lindsay. Adams and Lindsay undrafted.

Never question NFL scouts, they ‘study’ this for a living and know more than you. Maybe you…but not me. Actually, that’s not true…you read my work and run with it, so you also know more than NFL professional scouts and GMs. Congrats. Michelle Tafoya just bought her third house…while I splurged today and got chorizo on my Chipotle burrito for lunch today. It costs a little more than the chicken, but I wanted to splurge. I’ll figure out how to pay my mortgage later. Right now…sweet chorizo. Where was I? Oh, yeah…I’m the greatest scout alive and you’re second by proxy.

My favorite part of all this Josh Adams stuff…the Matthew Berry types think Adams is a good pickup this week (and some last week).


-- Evan Engram (DNP)…

Oh, I was pissed from 1-2:30pmET on Sunday.

Adams gets a 50+ yard TD called back then disappears. Evan Engram, active, disappeared without the 50+ yard fake TD.

I thought Shurmur had forgotten about Engram and I was livid…as Doug Pederson looked like he had forgotten Adams. Between the Adams and Engram disappearing act, and the comedy stylings of Jane Lynch and DeAndre Hopkins on every commercial of every game – I was about top lose my FF-ing mind.

Adams came back to be gold, but it wasn’t until after the game I found out Engram tweaked his hamstring right before the game. Glad I found out because I was ready to type swear words aimed at Shurmur, but I give him a slight pass now. All my venom is on Engram…the last straw for me and him in redraft.

I’m fully moving on where I can, in places I still held where I didn’t get Cameron Brate last week whilst dumping Engram in the process. I don’t have time for 2-3 weeks of him and his hamstring. I hear ‘hamstring’ these days, and I run.

-- Facing a junior varsity secondary, how Eli Manning (26-37 for 291 yards, 1 TD/1 INT) throws for 1 TD is ridiculous.

Sterling Shepard in a golden matchup…4-37-0/6. How can you start Shepard with Eli at QB ever again?

Kyle Lauletta is coming soon. Probably after the Bears massacre this week. How will it change the offense? Not completely sure. Lauletta is like a Colt McCoy-ish type QB. Solid. Can make a few plays but will eventually get baited into mistakes. Lauletta might be a low-level Kirk Cousins type NFL starter someday (if he had a Sean McVay to work with him) but, as an ignored rookie today, throwing him into the NFL Week 14 to face teams with everything play for (WSH-TEN-IND-DAL Weeks 14-17)…it’s asking a lot.

-- Wow…Alshon Jeffrey (3-39-0/3) and Golden Tate (4-30-0/8) are falling from grace fast. Jeffrey is still a WR2 you have to trust through the hard times. Tate (and Agholor) should’ve been cut weeks ago.

This is Josh Adams’s team now…bay-beeeeeee!!

-- Fantasy Playoff Notes for these two teams…

NYG hard to predict because we don’t know the QB, but it won’t be great either way. OBJ and Saquon and ignore everyone else.

Philly has @DAL, @LAR, HOU Weeks 14-16…not a great stretch for maximum offense. HOU and DAL are #3-4 in lowest rushing yards per carry allowed – so, not great for Josh Adams…on paper. However, Adams may be a little bulletproof to matchups.

Snap Counts on Interest:

40 = Adams

24 = Clement

01 = Smallwood

64 = Jeffrey

47 = Agholor

39 = Tate

14 = JMatt

55 = Ellison

18 = Simonson


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