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2018 Week 12 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Redskins v. Cowboys

November 24, 2018 8:02 PM
November 24, 2018 9:35 PM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

10-7 Dallas at halftime and it looked like another ‘Dallas can’t move the ball’ games, and another ’backup QB provides a small spark’ (for WSH) moment that we’ve seen a bunch of this season. Suddenly, in the second half, the Redskins forget how to tackle Amari Cooper and Dallas runs away to a 31-23 win.

This felt inevitable…the Redskins fall from grace/the top of the NFC East. Now, it’s here…they fall to 6-5 and possibly an 8-7 record going into Week 17 for the winner-take-all NFC East title game with Philly. It’s very possible WSH-DAL-PHI are all 8-7 heading into Week 17.

Dallas rises to 6-5, the NFC East leaders. Assuming they lose to the Saints Week 13, their Week 14 game versus Philly is a do-or-die for both teams. If Dallas beats the Eagles Week 14…they would really have to screw up not to win the NFC East.

The Eagles have do-or-die games Weeks 12-13-14 with NYG-WSH-DAL. They could get right back in it and take some control…or fade away leaving DAL and WSH to duke it out.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- So, Amari Cooper (8-180-1/9) is now a superstar, right? BIG GAME on national TV, of course he’s a confirmed star.

Not for me.

A simple 5-yard slant pass where the defending CB slips and falls and that allows Amari to take the pass and race 40 yards untouched.

Later in the game…a throw to Amari surrounded by three defenders. One guy hits him for what should be an easy tackle and limit the play to 10+ yards. Instead, a bad effort at the tackle, the other two defenders stand and watch, Amari realizes he’s not tackled and starts to dart away while the flatfooted ‘watchers’ get picked and Cooper sails away for a 90-yard TD.

Nice moments. Good speed display. Nothing like what normally happens on those two plays with any WR. Flukes, in a sense. It’s not like Amari is doing Tyreek Hill things all season. He had a couple of good, fortuitous moments and it happened on a game watched by half the country (did you see the ratings for that game? Wow. 30M).

He’ll be hailed a WR1 now…not for me he won’t.

-- The WR who I was impressed with and have been noticing the past few weeks…Josh Doctson (6-66-0/10) seems to be getting it together. Sadly, he plays in a weak passing game (like Amari)…so, I can’t take him any more seriously than a WR3 right now.

Doctson’s last five games: 4.2 rec. (6.5 targets), 44.8 yards, 0.40 TDs per game.

His first full game with Colt McCoy: 10 targets.

-- Jordan Reed (6-75-0/8) is happening on a small scale…but in tight end-land, it means he’s becoming a top 5 PPR TE.

His last five games: 5.8 rec. (8.6 targets), 55.8 yards, 0.20 TDs per game…many of us wish our TE was hitting 10-11+ points in games consistently. Sad but true.  

-- However, I’m not buying Trey Quinn (5-26-1/6). He’s solid but he’s in that role like Cole Beasley (1-5-0/2) …the role that doesn’t really work great for FF. It certainly isn’t a high-volume TD role…and Quinn has a TD in each of his two starts but that’s an aberration.

A lot of 4-33-0 games coming…like Beasley.

-- As predicted…Adrian Peterson (12-35-0, 2-9-0/2) can’t get going with all the O-Line injuries.

An awesome/shacking start to the season and then 80% of the Washington O-Line gets hurt and AP has 56 carries for 171 yards (3.4 ypc) over his last 4 games…42.8 rushing yards per game.

No end in sight because the Washington O-Line is a problem pretty much through the end of the season.

-- As the Redskins’ offense fades its sleeper DST hopes are fading with it. PHI-NYG-JAX-TEN the next 4 weeks could be OK, but it’s not as exciting as it was when they could control the clock with a dominant run game.

-- I like the Dallas-DST but definitely not using vs. NO Week 13. Nor do I want them Week 14 vs. PHI. And definitely not vs. IND in Week 15. So, pretty much this was the last usage for the Dallas-DST for a while/the season.

-- Fantasy Player Notes from these two teams…

PHI-@IND-TB in Weeks 14-16 means Dallas plays in a dome during the three key games of fantasy ahead. Dak has already been spiking higher with Amari…so, it should keep going.

Washington has issues Weeks 15-16…@JAX and @TEN could be a matchup with two top NFL defenses on the road with all their O-Line issues. Not good.

Snap Counts of Interest:

42 = Shultz

35 = Jarwin

15 = Rico G.

59 = Doctson

46 = Quinn

36 = Harris

26 = Floyd

47 = Reed

26 = Vernon Davis

10 = Sprinkle


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