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2018 Week 13 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Jets v. Titans

December 6, 2018 1:17 PM
December 6, 2018 3:03 PM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

The sad Jets…

NYJ got up in this game 16-0 in the 2nd quarter…and still lost 26-22. The Jets were all over the Titans early, and then the Jets did the NFL-famous ‘try to sit on a lead with conservative play calls’ and they got caught. Again.

The Jets are 3-9, four more miserable games until Todd Bowles is dumped. Bowles is not the issue – the GM is. That will become apparent in a year when the NFL realizes Sam Darnold was a tragic draft pick and a huge egg on 100% of their faces because they all labeled him ‘can’t miss’ and he’s a limited-talent hack, a fraud. The Jets will finish 3-13/4-12.

Tennessee jumps back to .500 at 6-6, and keeps their playoff hopes very much alive. They have four winnable games ahead (JAX-NYG-WAS-IND), and the next three they HAVE to win to set up a Week 17 showdown with Indy for a wild card. I don’t think you can count on the Titans to do such things, and that they’ll fall to 8-8 and out of the playoffs…but they have a real chance at 9-7 or better and a playoff berth.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- I just have to mention the MVP of this game…Taywan Taylor (3-104-0/5), back from, missing weeks with injury. He made some deep ball catches in this game that saved the day. The Titans really should have lost here.

I’ve seen this movie before… Taywan looks like the best weapon the Titans have (and he is), and then he’ll barely see the ball next week in favor of the illustrious Tajae Sharpe. NFL coaches are really beyond stupid…

-- I’ve been ditching most of my Marlon Mack and Dion Lewis (6-36-0, 2-0-0/3) stock this week, making way for all the hot rookie RBs.

I know two things about the Titans…

1) Mike Vrabel is a terrible offensive mind and is old-school, so he eschews the likes of a Taywan Taylor for the soundness of dull Tajae Sharpe.

2) He’s a tough guy coach…the smash-mouth football guy. He desperately wants Derrick Henry (10-40-1, 2-5-0/2) to run the ball 30+ times a game in a hard fought 10-7 victory every week.

The first sign of hope with Henry, and Vrabel has dropped Dion Lewis (6-36-0, 2-0-0/3) back to ‘complementary’. This should have been a big Lewis game in the pass attack. It wasn’t.

The trend will probably flip back to Dion for a game sometime ahead, but good luck guessing when.

-- Oh, and because Vrabel hates play-makers and loves ‘grinders’…Jonnu Smith (2-29-0/3) is limited and former fullback Anthony Firkser (3-42-1/3) gets good red zone work at TE.

It’s why you can’t get too high on Jonnu. I’d rather roll with Ian Thomas in Carolina over Jonnu…at least I know Thomas will play the whole game and see all the TE targets.

-- Speaking of flimsy TEs…Chris Herndon (2-31-0/6). He’s seeing good targets for a #10-18 ranked type TE hopeful week-to-week. He’s something in PPR to consider for 3-4 catches in games lately. He’s just not that exciting.

Again, I’d buy into Ian Thomas before Herndon…or Jonnu, right now. I don’t trust Thomas either, but I trust him more than these two.

-- The Jets sniffed a win, and went right into smash-mouth conservative play calling to try to hang onto the early lead. Which means Isaiah Crowell (21-98-0) gets 21 carries. Rare event that the Jets lead…so hard to guess when it happens again this season.

There has been NO development at all on Elijah McGuire (6-19-0, 1-0-0/2). He’s useless…until he is is used. Might be this week with reports Crowell is hurt again (we always get the early week fears on Crowell, and then there he is on Sunday).

-- The Titans-DST has Kessler-possibly Lauletta-Sanchez the next three weeks. What more could you want from a schedule?

-- Fantasy Playoff Notes for these two teams…

What are you using from the Jets anyways? Maybe the Jets-DST v. BUF for the desperate Week 14?

I wouldn’t want to use anything this week from the Titans’ offense vs. the Jags defense. Week 15 at NYG could be a cold weather mess too. Not sure I want to go in on any Titans things the ROS…besides the defense.

Snap Counts of Interest:

65 = C Davis

53 = Sharpe

29 = Taywan

23 = Batson

40 = Dion Lewis

28 = Henry

48 = Jonnu

25 = Stocker

18 = Firkser

07 = Pruitt

42 = Crowell

25 = McGuire

09 = Cannon


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