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2018 Week 13 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Redskins v. Eagles

December 6, 2018 12:37 AM
December 6, 2018 8:55 AM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

We’re you like me watching this game?

No, not watching it and wishing Booger would stop talking about Aaron Donald and ‘throwing down the field’…his only two things he ever talks about. Were you aware Aaron Donald is good at football? Booger is delighted by his discovery. Has been all year.

No, not watching it like me wondering why Chunky soup would deploy Jason Witten as a spokesperson…with him eating Chunky soup in his ‘Mad Men’ cosplay attire…you know, how all us guys eat our canned soup. Just yesterday I put on a tuxedo and had some Campbell’s Tomato soup with my grilled cheese. Delicious. Got a little on my cummerbund but that’s OK because I then took out my pocket square and mopped it up.

I mean…did you watch like me -- ready to watch a key NFC East clash, hoping for some Josh Adams magic, and as Philly muddled back and forth to a 7-3 lead – I figured we were in for a tight game. BUT then Colt McCoy left the game, and I barely remembered that Mark Sanchez was the Redskins backup as he was about to enter the game to take over. At that point, I was like…”Hmmm, I wonder what else is on TV? Maybe I’ll go to bed at a reasonable hour?

As soon as I thought I’d watch the rest of the Sanchez 2018 debut game the following morning…Adrian Peterson, at age whatever…he’s football-old, we get it…out ran people half his age for a 90-yard TD, and I was like ‘seriously’? How did no one claim this guy into the preseason? Suddenly, Sanchez had the 10-7 lead…one play into his reign!

Eventually, the Eagles took back the lead by halftime (14-13) and just muddled through to a victory. It wasn’t pretty, but no one thought Washington would be a threat with the QB Rex Ryan tattooed on his wife’s foot, or however that story goes. Philly wins 28-13…and it was a flimsy win.

The Eagles rise to 6-6 and have a showdown for the NFC East lead this week with 7-5 Dallas. I believe Philly will lose that game, then lose next week at LAR and ‘season over’. Dallas wins the NFC East. That’s what you get turning away from Nick Foles

Washington falls to 6-6 and has so many key injuries they’re too many to easily recount. Most of their O-Line and now their best defensive player (Quinton Dunbar)…plus their #1 and #2 QBs. Washington should lose out and end up 6-10…when a healthy Redskins teams could’ve won the NFC East.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- OK, so here comes Mark Sanchez (13-21 for 100 yards, 0 TD/1 INT)…if things weren’t bad enough for the Redskins

Four things about the Sanchez effect…

1) He didn’t look all that bad. Considering he was thrown in after just signing there. I think Sanchez is as good or better than Colt McCoy. However, Sanchez just started with the team…he’s got a lot of catching up to do and the whole thing is collapsing, including the O-Line. He’s fine to pit your DST against as needed. I just don’t think he’s Cody Kessler or Sam Darnold or Josh Allen bad. He’s like Nick Mullens or Colt McCoy bad, considering he just got there.

2) I assume his top target will be Josh Doctson (3-51-0/5), but I don’t know how excited we can get on Doctson-Sanchez. Facing NYG this week, it might be plausible. No thanks Week 15 vs. JAX.

3) Adrian Peterson (9-98-1) will continue to be stuffed too many times in a weak passing game with devastated O-Line. If he doesn’t spring for a 90-yard TD here…he goes 9 carries for 8 yards. He’ll have a chance at decent numbers through volume ahead, unless the Redskins give work to younger back after they fall out of the playoffs…NAAAHH that will never happen. That’s what smart teams would do, so Washington will have AP hogging all the work to the end.

4) Chris Thompson (3-3-0, 3-18-0/5) returned here but now works with a QB who just got there and AP getting solid touches. The whole CT trade has fallen apart since I started liking it back early on in the season.

Jordan Reed, Jamison Crowder, etc., will go about what you’d expect…which is not much.

-- I’m getting worried about Josh Adams (20-85-0) the next few games. Still love him in general, but Philly is content to use him 1st and 2nd-down and then stiff him in the passing game…and bring in Sproles-Clement too much.

When Philly wants to salt the game away, with a lead, a la the Bears/Jordan Howard then Adams is the man, but if the Eagles get behind…Adams may be a ghost. Don’t like him at all this week vs. Dallas.

-- After re-watching this game, I need to move Golden Tate (7-85-1/7) higher and drop Alshon Jeffrey (3-31-0/5) lower. The numbers from this game are obvious, it’s not that so much (because Tate was nothing before this). It’s the enthusiasm, the connection, the ‘seeking’ it looked like Wentz was having with Tate – the first time I’ve seen them ‘connect’.

Wentz is still trying work Jeffrey, it’s just not working. He had him for a TD, but the Wentz pass got picked. Jeffrey has been under 90 yards for 8 straight games, and under 50 yards for 5 straight games. No TDs in his last 5 games. He’s kinda ‘due’…but the recent results are ugly.

-- Fantasy Playoff Notes for these two teams…

Going back several weeks ago, I liked what the Redskins defense was doing…and loved their Weeks 14-16 schedule (NYG-JAX-TEN). However, the entire Redskins team has fallen apart due to injury and now they just put their best defensive player on I.R. – I’m totally off the Redskins-DST as a streamer if I have any other options of note. After this week the offense battles at JAX, at TEN…two good defenses on the road. Not good for anything from this offense.

Philly has a must-win with Dallas this week…a Dallas defense that was awesome last week. I hate the Eagles everything this week (except Ertz) and then they go LA to face the Rams after that…which is also awful. Week 16 vs. HOU is not great either. It’s a bad schedule for all things Eagles ahead…including for Josh Adams.

Snap Counts of Interest…

41 = Adams

23 = Clement

09 = Sproles

02 = Smallwood

59 = Ertz

39 = Goedert

31 = J Reed

23 = V Davis

29 = C Thompson

16 = AP


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