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2018 Week 14 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Giants v. Redskins

December 13, 2018 3:00 PM
December 13, 2018 7:05 PM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

No sense in spending a lot of time analyzing this. It was 34-0 NYG at the half. 40-0 eventually, and the Mark Sanchez era in Washington got pulled before it’s full glory could be revealed. The Redskins quit about 2 minutes into the game and the Giants had a party.

Washington was starting to run away with this division a few weeks ago at 6-3 and then everyone got hurt. They are now 6-7, and appear dead but here’s what’s crazy…if Dallas loses at Indy this week, and Washington wins (beating JAX is not a huge stretch)…Washington is back to one game out with two to play. I don’t see them able to pull it off but it’s not totally over yet.

…AND if all that happens (Dallas loses this week) and the Giants beat Tennessee, then they would be two games behind with a Week 17 game at Dallas looming. What if Dak gets broken in two on the 1st play of their game this week? Dallas could fall to 8-8 and Washington could stumble their way there and then the Giants somehow get there…and even Philly. It is mathematically possible all 4 teams could finish 8-8.

…also, 8-8 is possibly the #6 seed/last wild card. The Giants and Redskins seem dead, but a win this week and a Dallas loss (which they are favored to lose) – it could get a tad interesting.

Fantasy Player Notes…

I’m going to take the key three things from this game and share them as they entered the picture of this game…

-- (1) Evan Engram (3-77-0/5)…

Jason Katz broke the secondhand news on our Sunday morning Video Q&A that Engram had been working extra with Eli Manning during the week and in much communication working on things pregame. That led to me getting hysterical about Engram, as I am prone to do.

We ALMOST got something special here…which is Engram’s nickname in 2018 – ‘Almost’.

Saw time and targets early. Caught the first pass of the game for 8 yards and lost it from the records due to an unrelated penalty.

Had two catches that he caught within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage and nearly housed both of them for 40+ yard TDs. Just racing by and splitting defenders for big gains. But the the Giants kept getting turnovers and easy scores and all the sudden the whole game turned on it’s ear and became a scrimmage game type of feel. The backups entered, and Engram lost the flow in the 2nd-half. Understandable…but frustrating on what might have been.

Can you trust him this week? I don’t know, maybe? You got a better idea at tight end? If so, use it.

Engram showed signs here but was still rotating in and out.  

Was it a blip because of OBJ out? Maybe. Who knows what Pat Shurmur is doing.

-- (2) As the game melted down, Mark Sanchez got pulled for Josh Johnson (11-16 for 195 yards, 1 TD/1 INT, 7-45-1).

Josh Johnson is a smarter, older, better passer, less risky-runner version of Lamar Jackson – a guy who will run as a primary weapon but has a lot of experience as a passer…he’s just not great at it, but better than LJax. Johnson runs a lot too, but not all-in like Lamar. Johnson looks for his spots and gets out-of-bounds. He’s a smarter runner but not as dynamic but still a higher-end runner for the NFL at QB…a seeker of fantasy points at QB via the ground.

You could do worse for fantasy this week. Yes, he’s playing the Jaguars but when facing more mobile QBs, the Jags allowed 40 to Dak, 20 to Deshaun, 30 to Mariota in losses to all of them since Week 6. The Jags will shut down your passing game, but Johnson has no real passing game. He’s going to run. He might trip up a checked-out Jags defense.


-- (3) As the Redskins switched to Johnson and raised a white flag, or sorts…the Giants countered with the Kyle Lauletta (0-5 for 0 TD/1 INT) debut.

If it’s possible for an 0-fer-5 with a pick debut stat line to not seem as bad as it was…then you have Lauletta’s debut.





Lauletta doesn’t belong in the NFL from what I’ve seen this preseason and here. Five passes, and three of them were right to defenders. Not one moment of clarity or success in this game. If Lauletta gets a start Week 16 or 17…get that DST ASAP.

He’s too small, too unathletic, and has a terribly slow release on this passes. He’s arrogant, as we’ve learned from his off field vehicular troubles. I want nothing to do with him based on 2018 viewing. Good FCS QB…bad for the NFL.

Davis Webb has to be rolling over in his grave right now.

-- Other items…

Jamison Crowder (2-87-1/7) got a late dump pass over the middle, broke a tackle and then ran past another for a 79-yard TD. Not a sign of Crowder being ‘Johnson’s guy’…it was just a thing that happened late in a blowout.

Johnson has no ‘guy’. Vernon Davis (4-31-0/4) showed more signs of being his guy. Johnson will run or throw to whomever is open.

-- Fantasy Playoff Notes from these two teams…

NYG vs. TEN Week 15 and at IND Week 16 is not great…two solid defenses to face. Just assume it’s all OBJ and Saquon, like usual.

WSH is a mystery with Josh Johnson at QB. Their O-Line is crushed and facing at JAX, and then at TEN the next two weeks wipes out any hopes for AP. Johnson as a QB2 flyer is about all we got here…and that’s thin.

Snap Counts of Interest:

25 = CH Thompson

19 = AP

18 = Byron Marshall

49 = Vernon Davis

16 = Sprinkle

07 = Jordan Reed

33 = Ellison

33 = Engram

22 = Siminson

43 = St Shepard

42 = Corey Coleman

26 = Russ Shepard


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