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2018 Week 14 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Lions v. Cardinals

December 15, 2018 4:31 PM
December 15, 2018 4:28 PM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

This was a real offensive barnburner…10-0 Detroit at the half, their TD coming off a pick-six. It was 10-3, and up for grabs late into the 4th quarter but the Lions put together a TD drive when Zach Zenner became the MVP and single handedly took over and showed them how it’s done. Arizona could not move the ball (shocker) and the Lions put Arizona to sleep 17-3.

Detroit is 5-8, they have a 0.00001% chance to win out and get a wild card at 8-8 somehow, but they will likely finish with 6-7 wins and another lost season. There was promise earlier this campaign, but the Lions couldn’t rise up to a tough midseason schedule.

Arizona finds a way to be more pathetic every week. Steve Wilks is going into Hue Jackson levels of awful coaching…and is inching closer and closer to a ‘one and done’ head coaching career. The Cards are 3-10 and likely to end 3-13.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- I don’t often get the chance to talk Zach Zenner (12-54-1) off the jump, but here we are…

Zenner was once again ignored for most of the game, because NFL head coaches are total morons and never change…BUT the Lions offense was so pathetic by the 4th quarter that they lowered themselves to put in no good, very terrible, awful Zach Zenner for a touch…AND WHADDYA KNOW? Zenner does what he always does…chops through the defense like a quicker Jordan Howard, finding spots/space and popping through it for 3-4-5-6+ yards a slice. Zenner got the ball like 10+ times in-a-row and just walked the Lions right down the field and Arizona (who was still in the game) couldn’t stop him.

Is this the beginning of a Zenner sleeper FF run? I don’t know…do you think NFL head coaches are suddenly not willfully ignorant now?

I tell you exactly what will happen. About the 2nd-3rd series this upcoming week, Zenner will get put in and see back-to-back carries and if both of the totes aren’t awesome, he’ll never see the field again until late/never the rest of the game. He’ll get two chances to carry the rock…and if it isn’t terrific, they’ll assume last week was an aberration and go back to more LeGarrette Blount, because that guy needs touches so we can see what kind of RB he is for the Lions’ future.

I pray Zenner takes off with his chance this week and makes O-C James Robert Cooter look like a bigger idiot than normal, but I know the NFL…this will never happen.

-- Speaking of sad sack RBs…David Johnson (15-49-0, 8-12-0/10) got 10 targets…YEAH!! For 12 yards receiving…BOOO!!!

David Johnson seems like three things when he gets the ball this year…

1) Has 13 defenders going to him wherever he goes.

2) Looks like he’s looking ahead to take the instant hit – looks first, moves second.

3) Is moving side-to-side like he has a ton of bricks in his pants. I don’t know if he’s disinterested or hurt or what. It’s usually not like DJ to ‘quit’, so I’m not sure why we’ve lost agile DJ.


This week with Atlanta is the perfect spot for DJ to have a DJ game, if he doesn’t…I’m done with him in a fantasy lineup…for the whole 1-2 weeks remaining.

-- Bruce Ellington (4-17-0/4) is hurt/out this week…a perfect time to see what hot shot preseason rookie Brandon Powell can do. Will it happen?

*See Zenner commentary on the likelihood of this happening via the O-C. Probably a lot of Andy Jones, because that’s savvy for the future.

-- Levine Toilolo (2-26-0/2) has seen more work the past few weeks, but not enough to get FF excited about this week after his spike game the week prior.

-- I love Kenny Golladay (2-5-0/4) but the Cards/Patrick Peterson did a nice job shutting him down here. Tre’Davious White will likely shut him down this week too. Sadly.

-- UDFA rookie Trent Sherfield (5-77-0/7) was an unproductive WR at Vandy who had nice Pro Day numbers and got himself onto the Arizona practice squad and grinded his way to playing time (that and injuries).

Somebody has to catch passes with everyone hurt and Larry Fitz (5-55-0/9) triple covered. If Chad Williams is back, that ends any Sherfield hopes as an FF sleeper.

-- Cardinals LB injuries/issues…Haason Reddick (11 tackles) has suddenly perked up – 8.0 tackles per game the last 3 games.

-- Fantasy Playoff Game Notes for these two teams…

I hate the Lions schedule ahead…at BUF then MIN…terrible for their passing game.

Arizona…great for Week 15 v. ATL, but can Arizona be great? Doubtful. Week 16 v. Rams…yuck.  

Snap Counts of Interest:

62 = DJ

10 = Edmonds

67 = L Fitz

65 = Sherfield

48 = JJ Nelson

25 = Riddick

19 = Blount

16 = Zenner


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