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2018 Week 14 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Vikings v. Seahawks

December 13, 2018 9:21 AM
December 13, 2018 9:34 AM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

It looked bad watching it live. I guess it was bad…bad enough for Mike Zimmer to fire his offensive coordinator the next day. If you’re counting that’s two O-C’s fired midseason in the last three seasons. Mike Zimmer, in my estimation, is a terrible head coach…as a human – he is petty and belittling. The way he runs his mouth about his kickers (and the track record of failure they have because of it) and the way O-C’s get treated (Norv Turner ‘quit’ midseason 2016 vs. ‘getting fired’ wink-wink)…he’s killing his own team. He’s the quasi-Bobby Knight of the NFL (sorry, I’m watching the ESPN 30 for 30 throughout the day as I write this)…he’s a miserable person and no one wants to play for him unless they are radically overpaid to do so.

There have been issues between he and the players for a couple years back – remember when Xavier Rhodes and Terrance Newman disobeyed the defensive play calls and did what they wanted a couple years ago? That was a stir swept under the rug. Now, we have musical chairs O-C’s, respected ones, getting forced out by Zimmer – doesn’t it mean Zimmer is the problem? Nahhh.

A huge contract paid to Kirk Cousins and that was the missing piece for the Super Bowl run…but now we’re not sure the Vikings will even make the playoffs. When will Zimmer get the blame? More to the point – when will people realize what a real menace/problem he is?

No matter, the Vikings are 6-6-1. They should get to 8-7-1, and that might be good enough for the last wild card this year. If the Bears don’t need Week 17, then the Vikings should win three-straight from here and get to 9 wins and that’s a for-sure playoff spot. For my Vikings fans, I’ll be rooting against that – you’ll never move forward until Zimmer is gone. He’s not a terrible football mind/coach, he’s a terrible person – and that is going to kill the big picture with free agents and young players, etc.

Because the NFL is masochistic and loves it’s old ‘ball coaches’ -- if Zimmer were fired at season’s end…he’d be hired by another team within a week. I’m looking at you Jets.

Excellent win for Seattle. This win all but locks in that they will be the top NFC wild card…the team no one wants to play. Seattle should finish 9-7/10-6 and cruise to the wild card. And because Russell Wilson is like Aaron Rodgers, only different style, you cannot count out any Russell Wilson-led team in the playoffs.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- One quick thing on David Moore (0-0-0/5) from this game. I doubt anyone used him last week, maybe a few deeper leagues, but you may have noticed the stat line and wanted to damn him to Hades. However, keep this in the back of your mind for the long term, or even the short term in deeper leagues…

He was second on the team in targets in this game…it’s just not a lot of targets, obviously. But he’s #1-2 every week in targets from Wilson. He’s a desired target.

You think that last comment was stupid because you’re fixated on the 0 for 0 with 0 stat line, not the 5 targets. I get it. Just note – Moore caught a 40+ and 15+ yard TD pass in this game. He landed just out of bounds both catches. Really nice job getting open and making catches on those passes…just too close the sidelines and just landed out two separate times.

If his stat line from this game was 2-60-2/5…I bet the headlines would be a lot different and without the snide comments about him. There is something developing with Moore. It’s taking time…a 7th-round pick out of a school I didn’t know had football – now starting for the Seahawks and was racking TDs like mad midseason.

Don’t write him off long-term. There’s something here.

-- Man, Kyle Rudolph (2-7-0/5) really sucks this year with Kirk Cousins. 2 TDs this season, none in their last 10 games together.

I thought rookie TE Tyler Conklin (1-11-0/2) might be getting a tiny ‘passing game’ push…but he only played 7 snaps here and Rudolph played 98% of the snaps. Zimmer loves slow-ass, non-lethal weapons so he will stick with Rudolph and Dalvin Cook and eschew Danny Glover and Mel Gibson.

-- After his string of 100+ yard games to start the season, Adam Thielen (5-70-0/7) has been at 70 yards or fewer in four of his last 5 games.

-- Chris Carson (22-90-1, 0-0-0/0) has shook off his midseason injuries and challenges to his starting throne – 22 carries in this game, the lead back in carries four-straight games, a TD in three of his last 4 games.

Rashaad Penny (8-44-0) and Mike Davis (1-5-0/1) are just bit players in this show starring Carson.

-- Russell Wilson (10-20 for 72 yards, 0 TD/1 INT) had an 8-game streak of 2 or more TD passes in a game broken in this fantasy nightmare game. The past two-week high-end fantasy producers at QB have not just tailed off they put up complete and utter disasters for fantasy performance.

It’s one thing when it’s a QB here or there, but Brees, Luck, Goff, Trubisky, Cam, Mayfield, Wilson, Cousins among those with 1 or 2 awful fantasy performances all in the past two weeks after mostly cruising all season. It makes me wonder if games are being called differently by refs now, or just dumb luck, or the weather…or what?

And…Kirk Cousins (20-33 for 208 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) as well.

Meanwhile Derek Carr is hot as a pistol.

It will be interesting to see if we get a 3rd week in-a-row of depressed QB play/output at the top or not…signaling something has happened/shifted/altered.

-- Rookie CB Holton Hill (8 tackles, 3 PDs) looked sharp in his start that was pressed by the injury to Trae Waynes. He may not give up that starting role so easily upon Waynes return.

A 6’3”, long-bodied, 4.49 40-time, 6.83 three-cone athlete looks like he has got the ‘it’ to be a top cover guy looking at his early returns.

-- Fantasy Player Notes from these two teams…

The Seahawks have @SF and then KC the next two weeks. The 49ers are a tougher-than-we-think defense and then the KC game always has shootout potential…but is Seattle built for a shootout? This is always a Chris Carson-led, low-volume/high efficiency passing game with confusing WRs ahead…same as all season.

The Vikings need to win and has a perfect schedule the next two weeks for winning and production – hosting MIA and then at DET…two dome games ahead. Positive signs for the passing game, unless the new O-C ruins it…which is very possible, possible it’s an all Dalvin Cook offense hits and Minnesota becomes the new Seattle.

Snap Counts of Interest:

35 = Carson

18 = M Davis

14 = Penny

50 = Dalvin Cook

08 = Lat Murray

23 = Dion Jordan

20 = Rasheem Green


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