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2018 Week 15 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Redskins v. Jags

December 22, 2018 7:06 PM
December 22, 2018 11:37 PM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

This was quite offensive battle…16-13 Redskins win it on a late FG. The Jags led the game at the half, 10-3 off a punt return TD. When it looked like Jacksonville might win this game…the Redskins drove down for the only TD with 5+ minutes left to tie the game, and then another drive led them to hit the game winning three-ball with 0:00 left.

Washington stayed alive for the playoffs with the win (done now…lost to TEN Week 16/Sat. night before I finalized this report), sitting 7-7 and needing to win out. I cannot imagine a world where they beat both TEN and PHI the next two weeks.

The Jags season ended a while ago, and another failed performance here. The defense can’t hold when it needs to, and the offense is nonexistent. The whole team is a joke, and they just loss to a QB who hasn’t started in the NFL in a million years.

Tom Coughlin smiles as he prepares to swoop in and ‘save’ the Jags by becoming head coach in 2019 (I predict)…trying to fix the mess he created as President/GM.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- Leonard Fournette (11-46-0, 3-18-0/4) had his usual David Johnson/2018-like game…every time he touches the ball a whole defense is waiting. At a certain point, Fournette came out of the game for a big chunk of time. You didn’t know if he was hurt or what. He returned in the 4th quarter and popped a big run for 25 yards…and then came up limping, of course.

Fournette is like a European sports car…beautiful design, amazing performance on the road, but constantly has small issues that makes it finicky and too often down/in the shop for minor repairs.

I have no idea why Fournette would even be on the field these last two games. If I’m the Jaguars management team, I shut him down for two useless games. So…you know what will happen, because NFL teams are run so ridiculously…they’ll try to get him 30+ carries this week if possible. The problem is, in this awful offense, that might mean 55 yards rushing total for him.

He could have 10 carries this week…or 25+…or be inactive. I have no idea. I’d be scared to death to play him, but all you can assume is if NFL teams are this stupid…and he’s active for a meaningless game with foot issues…they’ll run him hard as they can…and he’ll probably go down in like the 2nd quarter as you curse the heavens.

-- Rookie David Williams (5-32-0) came in and looked solid in relief. Carlos Hyde was inactive, for no good reason (great trade) and T.J. Yeldon touched the ball 4 times.  

What the Jaguars are doing or not doing with RBs is totally beyond me.

David Williams might start Week 17, for those looking way ahead…but not sure it means anything in this offense.

-- Jeremy Sprinkle (3-19-1/3) got more work with Jordan Reed out and Vernon Davis getting hurt. I like Sprinkle as a capable receiving TD…but working with Josh Johnson’s passing game, I wouldn’t put a ton of stock into it.

-- Here’s how bad the Jags offense is under Cody Kessler (9-17 for 57 yards, 0 TD/1 INT)…

Three starts (in place of terrible Blake Bortles)…and the offense has 6-9-13 points scored and 7 of the 13 in the one game came on a punt return TD. In 12 quarters of Kessler starting…1 true offensive TD scored, a garbage time TD pass late in the Tennessee blowout of Jacksonville.

So, yeah…I like Miami-DST in Week 16.

-- At one time, Washington DT Jonathan Allen (5 tackles, 3.0 TFLs, 2.0 sacks) was debated as the top prospect in the 2017 NFL Draft, but ended up falling to #17 overall in the end.

He got hurt last year but is having a nice season this year – 7.0 sacks in the season, now, with 10.0 TFLs and 14 QB hits registered.

-- Week 16 Outlook…

Washington goes to Tennessee…a defense that has been very good as of late. I’m not sure I play anything Washington related or use their DST with any confidence.

Jacksonville goes to Miami…and road teams to Miami always party too hard prior and play sluggish on Sunday – and the Jags have every reason to do that this week. If Fournette is out…the Jags could get shutout.

Snap Counts of Interest:

26 = Fournette

19 = Yeldon

08 = David Williams

37 = A Peterson

29 = Chris Thompson

07 = Byron Marshall


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