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2018 Week 15 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Titans v. Giants

December 20, 2018 12:16 AM
December 20, 2018 9:31 AM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

Not much to talk about here…the perfect game in Mike Vrabel’s mind – 94 yards passing for his team, rainy weather, 13 completed passes and 45 rushing attempts as the defense pitches a shutout 17-0.

The Titans got up early and just ran-ran-ran in the pouring rain and dared the Giants to try to score…they couldn’t. The game was really never in doubt, and I feel bad for any Giants fan that paid money to sit in the rain and watch this.

Tennessee moves to 8-6 and are among a logjam of 8-6 teams trying to get the final wild card. However, the Titans have a huge problem…they’ve lost to all the other current 8-6 teams, and the 7-7 team behind them. Tennessee needs help. The schedule is their friend this week – home with WAS and then a Week 17 home game that may be the do-or-die with Indy (8-6). We project Tennessee wins this week and loses to Indy and finishes 9-7 and doesn’t make it to the playoffs.

The Giants pipedream of winning out and hoping 8-8 is good enough for the NFC East…that ended here with a loss. NYG is 5-9 on their way to 5-11/6-10.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- I want to start with Evan Engram (8-75-0/12) because I finally get to…and it being a positive vs. complaining start. Finally, Engram pitched in. In a weird way…he helped many FFM’ers in PPR pull a win to get to the title game this week -- in a week of weak performances by a lot of stars and star TEs.

I want to say this – this wasn’t a circumstantial thing with a blip of targets in an all-pass frenzy late. This was a purposed plan/Eli looking for Engram…and Engram looking great/delivering. This, in this game, was the guy I foresaw this preseason…this is the game changer that the Giants have ignored all season.

Not anymore.

It may be the lack of OBJ…but ‘who cares?’…it’s working. It should work again this week.

-- Engram is working without OBJ…Sterling Shepard (2-37-0/9) isn’t.

2.0 catches (7.5 targets), 27.0 yards, 0.50 TDs as ‘the guy’ at WR without OBJ – what a disappointment. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if he popped for a big game this week vs. IND. Shepard is a talent and last week was the rain and the prior week was a comical blowout that nothing was normal for the usage/production.  

-- I have said a million times this year…Mike Vrabel wants to run Derrick Henry (33-170-2, 1-0-0/1) every play if he could. The thing is…it has not worked all year, until the last two weeks.

Even if it doesn’t work, after what has happened the last two weeks – they will run Henry 20-30+ times again this week. Henry might be the most sure bet RB1 of the week.

-- Corey Davis (2-33-0/6) will suffer even more with the Derrick Henry uprising. If you thought Davis was weak before…

Davis’s catches in a game the past five games: 2-4-3-2-3.

He’s averaged 4.1 catches and 57.0 yards per game with just 4 TDs on the season.

I recall seeing a fantasy article somewhere (F-Pros, I think) the first 2-3-4 weeks of the season that pitched Patrick Mahomes as due to come back down to earth and that you should trade him straight for a guy like Corey Davis. Can you imagine if someone actually did that?

Davis is dull for fantasy this year, and likely next year…Mike Vrabel isn’t changing, and Marcus Mariota isn’t getting any better.

-- Week 16 Outlook…

Tennessee hosts Washington, and everything should be great about that…except the passing game but that’s normal for TEN.

NYG is at Indy…should make for their normal game – losing and throwing a lot in defeat, and it will be indoors/good conditions.

Snap Counts of Interest:

45 = Engram

28 = Ellison

03 = Siminson

49 = Henry

23 = Dion Lewis

58 = Jayon Brown

56 = Harold Landry


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