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2018 Week 2 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Dolphins v. Jets

September 19, 2018 10:32 PM
September 20, 2018 8:58 AM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

The Dolphins led this game 21-0 at the half, they held on for a 20-12 victory.

This game was about what you would expect – two ‘mid-card’ teams duking it out and one team coming out on top. Two teams scrapping back and forth with random turnovers and miscues changing the course of the momentum to and fro…but neither team really playing well or dominating the other – just two random marbles rolling around and one of them got to the finish line first.

The Dolphins won the scoreboard and were probably the better team. They jumped out to the early lead and then almost let it slip away. The Jets got to within 8 with about 6 minutes left. If they could rally up on defense, buoyed by the home crowd, and hold the Dolphins and get the ball back -- they could tie this thing up.

Miami then embarked on a 12-play drive, converting four 1st-downs including a 3rd & 19, they kept the ball the final 6 minutes and just let the clock run dry.  

Neither team was great, but Miami won it on the road to go to 2-0…hosting Oakland Week 3 with a chance to jump to 3-0, which is unbelievable but the schedule is going to come along and wipe them out soon enough.

Fantasy Player Analysis…

-- I really only have one major note from this game, and it’s very important. I really need all our concentration here…

You know Quincy Enunwa (7-92-01/11) is one of the best WRs in the NFL, right? Maybe more apt to put it – he’s one of the most dangerous WRs in the NFL.

I say this because we all act like, including me, “Oh…Quincy Enunwa…yeah, that guy R.C. keeps talking about. Burned me last year with the neck thing. How good can a good Jets WR be? Plus, Sam Darnold…we hate him, right?

I see Enunwa getting thrown into deals as an add-on…FFM people trading him away like a rando WR3. He’s not a WR3 throw in. He’s not just off to a ‘good start’ – he’s getting targets exactly like he should. He’s getting targets like I would draw up if I were coordinating the Jets offense – and that’s giving him a chance to be a WR1-1.5 this season.

Enunwa is sitting WR #20 in PPR right now in PPG…ahead of OBJ, Allen Robinson, Demaryius Thomas, Robert Woods, Larry Fitzgerald among others. I know it’s early, but I don’t think he’s going away – I think he’s headed into the top 15 this year, but no worse than top 20.

The Jets are using him as a safe pass for Sam Darnold all over the field…it’s simple. Quick passes, bubble screens, quick hitters on 5-yard routes. Enunwa can do it all, and what is so great about it is – when he has the ball he’s like bigger Alvin Kamara after the catch. He’s like a three-down RB after the grab. He shakes off tackles, he accelerates past defenders…and when they start playing him up close he sprints out for a deep ball.

He’s like a high-end tail back, who plays like an RB/TE hybrid with the speed and skills of a WR. He’s one of the best athletes/weapons in the NFL – and now he’s getting the targeting he deserves…and it’s uncoverable. It’s all short work to get him the ball and dare the opponents to stop him after the catch. It’s like he’s their best RB, and instead of handoffs they just get him short passes. It’s how I want to see a bunch of players get treated…but none ever do. This is really revolutionary.

It’s like if Jarvis Landry was 10x the athlete…you know how his teams throw everything to Landry and he always has good PPR efforts, despite a lack of TDs, because bad QBs just keep tossing it to him? Enunwa is getting the same Landry-target treatment only he’s supremely dangerous after the catch.

Credit to the Jets coaching staff and Sam Darnold for recognizing this simple opportunity. Supposedly radical Matt Nagy could learn from this…as could Mitchell Trubisky.

Quincy Enunwa is my first real ALERT of the season to go trade for in PPR. If you didn’t get him or passed him up on waivers because Jordy Nelson was going to be ‘the guy’ or Taylor Gabriel was going to be so radical (sorry…and, they’re not finished yet…but nowhere near Enunwa), let’s correct that with a simple(?) trade for Enunwa. You think you (and me) overlooked him…think about the masses. They think he’s a random WR3 who is doing OK for the moment but is going to burn them eventually. They’d be happy to sell him to you for a WR2.5-ish equivalent.

GO GET HIM while he’s still cheap.

When you try to get 1-for-1, ‘they’ suddenly love Enunwa. He’s a guy savvy to hide in a some 2-for-2 if you can pull it off. 1-for-1, 5-for-5, I don’t care…make it happen captain.

-- Let me calm down…let me do a light palette cleanser note.

Terrelle Pryor (4-84-0/8) is working pretty well this season too – he’s #25 among all WRs in receiving yards this season. He’s making the catches he should and showing out after the catch (his 19.0 yards per catch is #6 among all WRs at this point). He’s presenting as big radius target for Darnold. A 1-2 punch of Enunwa-Pryor with Robby Anderson as an all-talent trio…it’s secretly one of the best WR groups in the NFL. It makes the Jets a dangerous ‘bad team’.

Not slamming Darnold here, but if the Jets kept/started Teddy Bridgewater – they are an AFC playoff team this year.

-- Speaking of Sam Darnold (25-41 for 334 yards, 1 TD/2 INT)…

Still, not good…but not an outright disaster. Two picks, pretty nasty ones. Down 21-0 quick. Made a comeback when the defense played a bit looser, but I will give him credit – he is taking what the defense gives him. He’s smart enough not to play a game he can’t play…he’s not Aaron Rodgers, etc., but he’s smart enough to dump passes to Quincy Enunwa and feast off Q’s abilities. Toss it to Pryor when he’s one-on-one with much smaller DBs. His TD pass here was a wheel route to Bilal Powell a simple throw and great run after by Powell. It all counts in fantasy.

But when times are tough and Darnold is kept in the pocket to make plays – he will panic and throw balloons into traffic and get picked. I pick on him, but he’s going to be another Ryan Tannehill like QB…you’re never going far with him, but he’ll have games/moments on occasion – like Blake Bortles just did vs. the Patriots or Ryan Fitzpatrick’s 2018. DeShone Kizer is a total incompetent. Sam Darnold is just not very good, nowhere near what they say -- he’s a bottom 5-8 starter in the NFL at any given time.

It will take the Jets and their fans a few years to figure that out.

-- Jakeem Grant (2-27-0/4) leads the Dolphins’ WRs in targets this year (it’s close and low but he’s leading). It’s nice to see he’s getting more than 1-2 token touches. He played more snaps than Albert Wilson this game.

I don’t know what’s going to happen when DeVante Parker is activated, but Grant finally looks like he’s getting due respect. He is the single most dangerous player on the Dolphins…a very poor man’s Tyreek. Very poor, but good enough that he should start in the NFL.

-- Can you trust the Miami-DST again this week? We had them as a solid play last week vs. Sammy D. (no?), and that worked out well. How about Week 3 hosting Oakland?

Miami has played the Titans and Jets, which has allowed them to lead the league in INTs and #5 in lowest Comp. Pct. by QBs against. Derek Carr is a little better than Mariota/Gabbert or Darnold, but the Raiders’ offense is nothing spectacular under Jon Gruden.

I’d rather run the Browns-DST vs. Jets if I start getting frisky, but if had to use Miami, I’d be hopeful vs. OAK. Jakeem Grant returning all kicks is a bonus.

Week 4, Miami is at New England, so this is it for them for a while/ever this season as a DST.

Snap Counts of Interest:

53 = Robby A

52 = Enunwa

44 = Pryor

20 = Kearse

34 = Powell

31 = Crowell

56 = Stills

44 = Amendola

32 = Jakeem Grant

29 = Albert Wilson

34 = Derby

33 = Gesicki

36 = Drake

24 = Gore


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