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2018 Week 3 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Chargers v. Rams

September 27, 2018 12:50 AM
September 27, 2018 8:24 AM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

Re-watching this game… It felt like…

It felt like the Rams were going to score on every drive.

It felt like the Chargers weren’t even in this game.

Any time it got close, it felt like the Rams could not have cared less and would stop the Chargers from getting any closer and then adding scores as they wished.

It felt like this was another practice/scrimmage game for the Rams.

They are that good.

We’ll see how good they are this week when they face the Vikings without one, maybe their two top corners and an imitation place kicker.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- Jared Goff (29-36 for 354 yards, 3 TDs/1 INT) is making this look easy. He has great protection and WRs open all over the place. Goff has a terrific arm and a knack for throwing medium and deep, while taking the short path if you give it to him…he reads and sees everything so well and has no fear on any of his throws. Also aiding Goff -- the defenses are so preoccupied with Todd Gurley, and underestimating Goff…because that’s what they know from the media/their 25-hour work days (studying what, I have no idea). Goff just picked apart the Chargers as if they weren’t even there.

The funny part is the national analysts are missing this by a mile still. They think Goff is a game manager. The fantasy analysts are starting to get it. Why even Matthew Berry discovered him this week. I was forced a video clip from that show of his by the ESPN App, and it had a Goff debate headline – so, I watched it…and there they all are ‘discovering’ Goff with very convicting shoulder shrugs. I guess we have to use him for BYE weeks if he keeps throwing for 300+ yards?

Goff is the Most Valuable Player the Rams have and now that the defense is corrupted with injury, his numbers may jack up even higher. Loved Goff last year, this preseason, this season and even more now with the defense dipping down to lead to more shootouts.

If you lost Garoppolo, Goff is an excellent replacement to have/acquire because NO ONE believes. He can be had in trade for reasonable bargains. He’s what you think of Andy Dalton or lesser (current) Ryan Fitzpatrick…that’s what a lot of THEM think of Goff. When he’s hot like this, you gotta sell fast because it will end soon.

-- Brandin Cooks (7-90-0/8) should’ve had one TD (called a TD, reversed an inch short) and nearly took a bubble screen to the house (forced out at the 3-yard line). Everything looks stellar with Goff-Cooks, and the TDs are right around the corner.

-- Robert Woods (10-104-2/11) continues to produce as a #1b WR for the Rams. He’s the #14 PPR WR YTD, right now.

I said Cooks-Woods run the show and Kupp is the 3rd-wheel WR3.

The fantasy analysts all had Kupp #1…then Cooks as a WR2, and Woods as a WR3.

Guess who was right about the Rams…AGAIN?

This isn’t changing it’s only getting better.

-- As expected, Keenan Allen (3-44-0/7) was cutoff by the Rams CBs. However, the CBs got hurt, but then so did Allen. He’s fragile. Watch his status this week. He might be iffy for this week.

-- Mike Williams (4-81-2/7) has turned into a de-facto TE for Rivers – the end zone/red zone look. It’s smart because Williams operates like a TE…big and slower afoot. I think teams will get wiser to this and his FF numbers will dip. I’m not seeing Williams a great part of the action until they start closing into scoring range.

Oh, and just to be sure – Tyrell Williams (2-22-0/3) is fantasy-dead. He’s an afterthought in this offense.

-- So, you owned the Rams-DST and you thought you were all set…and then their CB-duo gets stripped away? It’s not good. However, Marcus Peters may not be as bad off as expected and the Rams smartly added former Packers starting/solid CB Sam Shields (4 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 PD) this offseason as well. He looks like he has a little juice in the tank.

If you get Peters-Shields staying healthy it won’t be so bad. You’d rather have Aqib Talib, but Wade Phillips can make Peters-Shields work.

The Rams’ problem is – they aren’t getting to the QB. Just 4.0 sacks this season. If that doesn’t change with Talib gone…the Rams won’t tank but they won’t be a top 3 DST for fantasy (currently #2 YTD).

-- Side note… Sam Ficken (0/1 FG, 5/5 XP) is not a very good kicker. Holding Greg Zuerlein on I.R. and working with Ficken in fantasy is not good. You need to find another kicker.

You don’t have to hold onto Big Z either if you need the space. I think he could be out until Week 10-11. They need him right for the playoffs/Super Bowl. No need to rush him back now. Look at their division…SF with no JG. Cardinals are terrible so far. Seattle’s messy. The Rams are going to cruise to the division title. They are playing the long game while they can.

Snap Counts of Interest:

58 = Higbee

21 = Everett

40 = Gordon

18 = Ekeler

33 = Virgil Green

22 = Antonio Gates

60 = Kyzir White

19 = Jatavis Brown

19 = Uchenna Nwosu


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