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2018 Week 4 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Eagles v. Titans

October 4, 2018 12:14 PM
October 4, 2018 3:50 PM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

When this game was 17-3 Philly, at the half, when watching it live, I threw my hands up and cursed my pick/bet of the underdog Titans. In the 2nd-half the Titans methodically chipped away and took the lead 20-17 but Philly tied it to send it to OT.

In OT, the Eagles led off with a field goal and then Titans went on a long drive, with a few 4th-down conversions – and the eventual capper…a TD pass to Corey Davis. A shocking Titans upset on the road versus the Super Bowl champs.

The Eagles look nothing like their 2017 title team. A muddling/OK offense and a defense that just got shredded by Marcus Mariota.

For their part, the Titans weren’t world beaters here either. Carson Wentz was pretty comfortable all game, spare a few timely sacks.

Two good-not-great teams played, one of them out shredded the other in OT.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- This was the first time I’ve watched Corey Davis (9-161-1/15) in the NFL and went – wow, he looks like a #1 WR. It’s not because of the stats – because without OT, Davis ends up with a solid 7-147-0/10 but not the gaudy 15 targets and a TD.

Davis was getting open medium and deep (not all short slants and quick passes like has been happening) and he was making catches. I don’t want to jump off a cliff on him -- because Davis got open, but it was impressive Marcus Mariota putting the ball on the money all game…which hasn’t been normal for Mariota for 2+ years. Also, the Eagles play pass coverage like they can’t see from a bright sun. They act allergic to the guy they’re supposed to cover. Davis wasn’t open…he was WIDE open all game.

Davis has been mostly irrelevant for most of his young career, and then POW this game. We’ll see if it’s a new direction or a blip. I’ve not seen Mariota this good and the Eagles this bad…so, I’m hesitant, but curious.

-- Taywan Taylor (7-77-0/9) had a nice game in his new role. He’s just a solid WR and nice after the catch.

I don’t trust Mariota that much, so I’m hopeful but tempered on getting too excited by Taywan in this offense. So far, so good. Good progress game as starter without Rishard Matthews around.

-- Alshon Jeffrey (8-105-1/9) kinda looked like Corey Davis in this game – great…but the passing games were on fire and the top guys were crushing it.

All I can say is…Jeffrey looks fine. No lingering effect or rust.

-- Both QBs threw for 340+ yards in this game, and it was impressive. The yardage coming from a lot of medium and deep strikes, not screens and slants turned big plays. Either these two guys found something new…or these two secondaries are not to be feared.

This was probably the best game I’ve seen Mariota play in years, maybe ever…which makes me worry about the Philly pass defense (currently 19th in passing yards per game allowed with 7 TDs/3 INTs allowed).

-- One thing hurting the Eagles is the insistence that Jay Ajayi (15-70-0, 3-11-0/4) handles the ball a lot. He’s like Dalvin Cook or Jordan Wilkins…drive killers. Putting the offense in too many 2nd & 7-8s+.

With that said – Wendell Smallwood (5-39-0, 3-15-0/5) ran for 7.8 ypc in a limited role, but it’s worth noting that he made some 3rd-down conversions that were just beautiful. If not for Smallwood, the Eagles lose this game before OT, potentially. He deserves more carries. Was very good last week and the week prior. He’s the Eagles best RB on the roster…considering Josh Adams will be cut soon, I’m sure.

Smallwood is a deep sleeper to takeover this backfield…which means 7-10 carries, 3-6 targets AT BEST in a game. The Eagles are all RBBC all the time.

-- Jordan Matthews (1-56-0/3) had a gorgeous medium route catch & run TD in this game, but just one catch. He looks terrific. With Jeffrey back and JMatt looking good…Nelson Agholor (5-22-0/12) is falling down a well again.

-- Dion Lewis (4-0-0, 9-66-0/9) had nine catches and everyone’s re-interested in him and will probably start him a lot this week. He’s fine but his whole deal comes down to game flow. He’s the guy in when the all-pass comeback efforts are underway.

This week vs. Buffalo is not a good spot for Lewis on that theory.

-- Titans rookie LB Harold Landry (4 tackles, 1.0 sacks, 2.0 TFLs) made his presence known in this game. A nice step forward for him. His sack in this game was a fast & furious beat the tackle around the edge and strip sack fumble. He could hit 8+ sacks this season the way he’s pressuring the backfield. He’s an incredibly athletic defender and backfield rusher.

-- Titans 2nd-year LB Jayon Brown (10 tackles, 1 sack, 2 TFLs) got 87% of the defensive snaps and answered the challenge with his best game – the most snaps he’s played in a game. Starting ILB Wesley Woodyard got hurt early and Brown stepped up. Not sure he gets another chance on purpose anytime soon.

Snap Counts of Interest:

60 = Davis

45 = Taywan

31 = Sharpe

48 = Dion Lewis

28 = Henry

72 = Agholor

65 = Jeffrey

46 = JMatt

40 = Ajayi

37 = Smallwood

01 = Josh Adams


48 = Landry

26= Vaccaro

15 = Correa

05 = Cruikshank

01 = Gerry


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