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2018 Week 6 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Eagles v. Giants

October 13, 2018 9:30 PM
October 13, 2018 9:30 PM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

Well, so much for the undefeated streak for home teams on Thursday Night Football this season…

The Giants pretty well embarrassed themselves on basic cable television…for all the football world to see. Eli Manning once again put on display why the Giants needed to move on from him last season, but we wouldn’t want to upset the very patient, clear-thinking Giants fans. Would we? What a joke. Everything on the line for NYG’s season…win and possibly tied for first place in the NFC East after this week. Lose and prove to everyone, including yourselves, that you’re nothing but a sad sack football team.

At home, a solo night game with huge stakes…the Giants were humiliated.

They have one of the worst QBs in the NFL, and ‘the O-Line’ issues are probably more Eli than the O-Line. They have also paid a ransom to a hijacker known as Odell Beckham Jr. via his new, huge contract. No QB on the future on the roster. The franchise built around the only thing worse than building it around a running back…built on a diva WR. The Giants have problems for days/years. They can only hope they go 2-14 again and get in line for a #1 pick, but possibly doing so in a year where there is no franchise QB (that I’ve seen so far).

The Eagles get no real prize here. They get a road win which is always good, but all they did was step out of the way and let the Giants faceplant. The Eagles have no ‘quality win’ on the ledger in 2018 and a difficult schedule ahead. Fortunately, the NFC East is terrible, so 9-7 should be a clear winner…and that’s where we have Philly projected as of now.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- Well, game #1 without Jay Ajayi meant Wendell Smallwood (18-51-0, 1-0-0/1) was the lead (as we predicted, (and no one else I saw did) but not get used as the passing game back (and it wasn’t needed this game). Corey Clement (11-43-1, 3-26-0/3) ran as the #2 support RB.

Next week, they may reverse roles. With Philly, you never know what they’re going to do at RB, which is NFL-smart…but madness for FF purposes.

In a blowout, Josh Adams took no touches/played no snaps. If you were wondering his status with the coaching staff at this early stage of his career – message received here.

If Darren Sproles returns soon…it’s going to make all these RBs FF useless – a giant guessing game on whose getting touches one week to the next.

-- I guess Philadelphia wasn’t aware Saquon Barkley (13-130-1, 9-99-0/12) was the entirety of the Giants offense? They were so busy trying to prove their CBs weren’t going to get beat by OBJ, they kept leaving Barkley to kick to the outside or catch basic passes and make trouble. Fortunately, Eli was so bad when they got near the red zone it didn’t matter…so, I guess it was genius by Philly.

Barkley is so good out in space…I have no idea why defenses still don’t mirror him every play for the passing game and I don’t understand why the Arizona Cardinals do not do what NYG does with Barkley with David Johnson. They used to. I do understand why – the Arizona coaching staff is dreadful. I digress.

Barkley hit on a 48- and 50-yard run…11 carries for 34 yards (3.0 ypc) otherwise – just keep him between the tackles…don’t let him get a head of steam outside. I thought the Eagles did a horrific job of executing any real plan on Barkley.

Unlike the idiotic Cardinals, Pat Shurmur is smart – he gets every touch he can to Barkley, knowing it’s his best play outside of OBJ getting deep.

-- Speaking of Odell Beckham Jr. – the reason a team shouldn’t have signed him to a big, long-term deal only took 4-5 weeks into the season to play out. You’ve given him comfortable money for life and a paycheck that says he’s more important than anyone else on the team or the coaching staff…so, now he feels the need, has been given the megaphone to run the team.

OBJ only makes $21M next year, so…

Actually, the contract is structured like they could trade him in 2020 if they found a taker and take the decent contract/cap hit but rid yourself of him.

This situation is only going to get more insane. Give me one reason why anyone thinks Beckham is going to shut up or back off now? He literally runs/own the team through 2020. Eli is dying. OBJ is picking a fight with the head coach/staff/team. Jameis Winston may be their QB in 2019. This whole thing is a mess…for NYG and OBJ.

How is OBJ going to put up high-end WR1 FF points consistently with Eli in this mess?

In his last 16 games played, Beckham has 8 TDs. Good…but now ‘star’ numbers. He has 1 TD this season. He has 4 TDs in his last 12 games. He’s turning into a version of Julio Jones…huge catch counts and yards, but no TDs befitting a star.

-- There will be ever-growing calls to bench Eli Manning (24-43 for 281 yards, 0 TD/1 INT) but I think he plays most all of 2018. More likely he’s traded than benched, but who wants/needs Eli? I think the Giants are going to punish their fanbase and wring out every ounce of Eli-sympathy bu giving NYG fans a giant. Steaming bowl of Eli all year.

I think if the Giants have now resigned themselves to being ‘bad’ and positioning/tanking for a top draft pick, the best thing to do is ride/play Eli for a while longer. He’ll run the ship aground and then Kyle Lauletta can come in finish the losing ways the final few games.

Another feather in my eyeballing the Colts-DST for the ROS…NYG at Indy Week 16, likely with a backup QB starting for NYG.

-- Eagles rookie CB Avonte Maddox (6 tackles) seems to be settling in as a starter and playing well (good bye Sidney Jones). Maddox has been OK in coverage, but I like what I see with him tackling/getting to the ball to make plays for fantasy purposes.

Snap Counts of Interest:

44 = Smallwood

26 = Clement

64 = Agholor

59 = Jeffrey

26 = JMatthews

14 = Aiken


65 = B.W. Webb

42 = Rasul Douglas

41 = Wynn

22 = Lorenzo Carter

08 = Sidney Jones

07 = Josh Sweat


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