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2018 Week 6 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Seahawks v. Raiders

October 20, 2018 6:59 PM
October 20, 2018 6:57 PM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

Not much to say about the game. You know what happened…you could see it from the score, the highlights, or just the box score. Seattle on 27-3…and it wasn’t that close. Oakland is dreadful, and Seattle is OK. The better team won for sure.

Oakland is headed to a potential #1 overall pick as Jon Gruden destroys the team as a GM and head coach.

Seattle has been scrappy this season. Should have, maybe, been 4-2 by now, not 3-3. They have a young, try-hard 7-9 squad with the Russell Wilson making it a legit 9-7 or better possibility. We project them for 8-8 at this stage, with 9-7 on the table.

Fantasy Player Notes…

The main player activity from this game didn’t have to with this game but the midweek news that Marshawn Lynch (13-45-0, 3-14-0/5) is on IR. Let’s assume he’s done for the year…what is he having surgery now to rush back to a play for the 1-13, 1-14 team at the end of the season? He’s done.

Which leaves Doug Martin (1-8-0/1), who doesn’t hardly see 7-10 snaps in games the last few weeks, PPR dude Jalen Richard (2-3-0/2, 7-48-0/8), and long-lost DeAndre Washington…who has not touched the ball this season.

I don’t think much changes with this offense, because that’s the NFL way…especially with awful Jon Gruden and multiple-failed Greg Olsen at O-C (the new Mike McCoy) calling the offense.

Martin gets the shot to be a lead dog in Lynch’s stead, and it might be pretty interesting. Martin has a lot to prove and this is his chance. Fighting against his upside is a terrible offense, a broken O-Line, and an ancient offense philosophy. Martin’s going to get a shot to impress…not sure he has the surroundings to do much with it…BUT Martin is used to playing on bad offenses and gives his all trying to make something. I think there’s a little hope here.

Jalen Richard (2-3-0, 7-48-0/8) likely keeps his role as Chris Thompson West Coast version. Nothing changes. He’s not an RB you give a ton of carries to.

DeAndre Washington has been persona not grata, so doubtful he gets any serious, extra work. And he’s not very good anyway.

The Raiders didn’t add or sign an RB this off week, which adding one would have been smart if they weren’t comfortable with what they had…two weeks to get ready and all. So, Martin slides into the Lynch role and there you go…whatever that’s worth we’re about to find out.

-- The other backfield in this game…

It’s a Chris Carson (14-59-0, 0-0-0/0) split with Mike Davis (6-21-0, 1-5-0/3). The past two weeks them playing together…62 snaps Carson (56%), 48 Davis (44%). Carson getting 60-70% of the touches.

If you think Rashaad Penny (9-43-0, 2-27-0/2) snuck back into the discussion from his elevated touch counts…don’t. He played a handful of snaps and most all his work was late…8 of his 11 touches was the final minutes trying to run the clock/end the blowout game.

-- Doug Baldwin (6-91-0/8) looks like he’s about to be more Doug Baldwin again. His best game of 2018. Looked normal to me. More targets than Lockett-Davis (7) combined.

I want to get excited about David Moore (2-47-1/3) but there is no real move to push him…he going to have to make FF magic with 3-4 targets a game this season. His hope is 2019+.

-- Tyrone Swoope (1-23-0/1) made his first NFL catch. He played half the snaps with Nick Vannett out. No real push coming. He’s interesting because he’s a former running QB for Texas converted to TE. Big, athletic, raw but not ready for primetime yet.

-- You saw the rumors that Amari Cooper (0-0-0/1) is available in trade in the NFL.

My question is…who wants Amari Cooper (0-0-0/1) if the Raiders don’t? They want a 1st-round pick for him? Yeah, right. He’s been terrible for two years. No one is trading anything more than a 5th+ round pick for him at best.

Who would have thought the Patriots Super Bowl February 2019 starting WRs this season would be Edelman-Josh Gordon-Amari Cooper? With Cordarrelle Patterson in the wings after ditching Jordan Matthews and Corey Coleman.

What a wild 2018 season…!

-- The Raiders released LB Derrick Johnson and promoted UDFA rookie Jason Cabinda – he’s on our IDP stash watch list. Really played well in the preseason…he may be a shock starter in a few weeks racking numbers. FYI

Snap Counts of Interest:

30 = Lynch

24 = Richard

06 = Martin

33 = Darrell Daniels

27 = Swoopes

27 = Carson

24 = Davis

13 = Penny


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