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2018 Week 7 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Vikings v. Jets

October 25, 2018 10:24 AM
October 25, 2018 12:38 PM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

As bad as the Jets are…they tend to hang around in games and sometimes win games they shouldn’t. They’re ‘scrappy’. This was the type of game the Vikings should have just hammered the Jets, but it was a muddling 10-7 Vikings lead at halftime. Minnesota eventually pulled away, but this was no gem of a performance on either side.

The Vikings are sitting pretty at 4-2-1, but the schedule is about to turn. If they lose this week to the Saints, and that’s looking more ‘on the table’ with Xavier Rhodes likely out, I think the Vikings will miss the playoffs. Their schedule is just too daunting in the toughest division in the NFL – the NFC North. The Vikes are set up to go 1-5/2-4 in their next 6 games and start to fade. We project 8-9 wins at this point…with everything hinging on this game against the Saints Week 8.

The Jets are falling apart due to injury…they’ve about lost every WR they had to start 2018 season, a starting RB, and their secondary is all banged up. They have a tough schedule ahead, including two Patriots matchups. 5-6 wins max for the Jets.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- Bilal Powell is done for 2018…possibly done forever. What happens with the Jets backfield now?

Isaiah Crowell (11-29-0) is set to take a bunch of carries…but that’s not very exciting. He’s had two big games and a bunch of totally useless games this season. However, he has to carry the load for now.

Trenton Cannon (2-4-0, 4-69-0/5) is the Austin Ekeler/Jalen Richard of the Jets this week…a few carries and 3-7+ targets in a game depending upon the game flow. He got half his catches and yards in the final minute of this blowout, which we’ll take for fantasy but it’s not like there was this big, purposeful shift to Cannon.

A lot of scuttlebutt about Elijah McGuire coming back Week 9. He’s something to look at/consider. He likely returns Week 9. He started practicing already after a 10+ weeks on I.R. He’s likely to come back to a split role at best, and maybe takes 1-2 weeks to get going. You grab him this week, you could put him on I.R. for this week and then see what happens next week. If you don’t see much Week 9, after a long layoff, staring at a workload split on a bad team…you’ll be wanting to cut him.

McGuire is something to consider…especially with the O-C saying he’s like LaDainian Tomlinson (hardly) this preseason, but there’s more potential McGuire is a frustrating dead end that takes too long to materialize into anything remotely FF useful. He might be a play Weeks 13+ as the Jets turn towards 2019.

-- Chris Herndon (4-42-1/7) had a nice day…he also missed a 2nd TD by a couple feet. That would have sent him to ‘hot’ status in the depressed TE market. I don’t see a major, purposeful move to Herndon. It just kinda happened. It could happen again any given week. He’s there but Neal Sterling is a more dangerous weapon and Sterling plays more snaps (and Sterling isn’t doing anything either). Herndon is nothing special. I have more hope for Lions TE Michael Roberts spike week than Herndon.

-- Dalvin Cook may be out until Week 11 (they say) and possibly miss the season, ultimately. Latavius Murray (15-69-2, 2-14-0/2) looking better and better for the ROS.

One thing I wanted to note…Mike Boone (4-4-0, 0-0-0/1) is as good as Dalvin Cook, in my book, but he’s a UDFA rookie, so no status…but he took the 2nd carry of the game here and is the one getting a bit of a push between he and fellow UDFA RB Roc Thomas.

If something happened to Murray it would be a Boone-Thomas fight that I like Boone in.

-- Deontay Burnett (1-9-0/2) got extra time due to all the Jets’ WR injuries. Rishard Matthews has been signed. It’s not a good scene for NYJ at WR.

One super deep sleeper to consider for those in need of such things – Andre Roberts (2-21-0/6) used to be a very talented, promising WR. He became more of a #4 WR and return specialist over time, but he’s explosive after the catch. He’s possible for a big play or two this week by surprise. He could also score via the return game, worse case. He played the most snaps of any backup Jets WR in relief of the injuries hitting.

-- The most interceptions by a QB this season-to-date: Sam Darnold (17-42 for 206 yards, 1 TD/3 INTs).

Being ‘right’ about QB scouting works both ways – I know the hidden gems, I also know the overrated bust potentials.

I should get double credit…I steer you to gold, BUT I also help you avoid disaster.

Snap Counts of Interest:

32 = Sterling

26 = Tomlinson

25 = Herndon

22 = Leggett

33 = Crowell

23 = Cannon

58 = Latavius

08 = Boone

03 = Thomas

64 = Kearse

62 = Anderson

31 = Roberts

15 = Burnett

09 = Peake


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