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2018 Week 8 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Bucs v. Bengals

October 30, 2018 9:47 PM
October 30, 2018 10:05 PM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

This game will probably be remembered as the moment Jameis Winston ‘jumped the shark’ and his career careened off the tracks for good. Or…it should be known as that. I know this – (1) He probably gets another chance with TB before the end of the season. (2) Next season, someone will pay dearly to get him a reclamation projected because THEIR COACHING will fix the great Jameis.

What a joke.

I’m tired of talking about him, because I was right about him scouting him freshman year in college, his sophomore year, and every season in the NFL people tried to push how great he was. I never wavered. Here I am today…the reigning, undisputed, universal champion of all QB scouting in this universe or any other. Everything I felt about Winston…same pattern for San Darnold, so Jets fans – I’m sorry, but I guarantee I’m right.

Think of the sheer stupidity here. First, EVERYONE in this industry was suckered in by this. Not one person with any clout in the business was against Winston. It doesn’t count if they ‘raised’ issues with their love…in the end, he was atop every ‘best’ list and was said to be a ‘franchise’ guy for years. They were all not a little wrong…they were a million miles away from right.

It’s so ridiculous the way NFL teams run things – the 2018 Buccaneers had a great start to the season with an MVP candidate in Ryan Fitzpatrick…and they threw that away to go back to Winston – because THEY were so sure he was the future. They threw away a playoff run because…’Jameis’.

Winston has always been this bad…it’s not a new development, and it’s not ‘the pressure of the off-field stuff’. He’s always been this guy – and the scouts have always been this wrong about everything. Winston is a wrecking ball…and he’s not done yet. I don’t know where he’ll land but he’ll cause damage somewhere else in the NFL. We’ll see where in a few months.

As far as this game goes – what a joke for Cincy. The Bucs deal them four Winston picks, a nice 34-16 lead at home with 17 minutes left…and then Fitz comes in and leads three scoring drives to tie the game with less than a minute left. Cincy gets into FG range and wins it at the buzzer. The Bengals should have never let this game get this close…but they did – because they are a bad football team masquerading as a good one with terrible coaching, especially on defense.

The Bucs could be 5-2/4-3 and in the playoffs right now…instead they are 3-4 and clinging to life. They’ll get 6-7 wins behind Fitz, and 4-5 if they turn back to Winston. Either way…doesn’t matter – not going to the playoffs.

Cincy, the worst ‘good’ team in football, jumps to 5-3. We project them to 8.5 wins right now…could go either way for 8-9 wins. As long as they get to 6 and 7 wins to payoff everyone’s ‘over’ win total bet, then I’m fine -- they should get there easy with DEN, OAK, CLE as home games remaining.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- Ryan Fitzpatrick (11-15 for 194 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT) returning changes everything…changes things for the offense and the DSTs facing them.

Here are some of the impacted things via Fitzpatrick:

1) The Carolina-DST takes a hit…they face TB in Weeks 9 and 13. What was prosperous matchups are now more unfavorable.

2) That Redskins-DST run I wanted to go on…the schedule is great late and was kinda plausible in upcoming weeks, partly because Winston was on the schedule Week 10…we lost that.

3) Mike Evans (6-179-/13) was a WR2 with Winston, not connecting for TDs hardly at all their last 10+ games together – but he’s a WR1, a top 5 fantasy WR with Fitzpatrick.

4) O.J. Howard (4-68-1/4)…we were already high on, and this doesn’t hurt things one bit. OJH as a top 3 fantasy TE…the best not-Ertz/Kelce is on the table now.

5) DeSean Jackson (3-68-1/8) is a WR2 again, like he was earlier this season…heck, he’s more WR1 than WR2.

6) Chris Godwin (2-23-0/7) goes from WR3.5 to WR2.5.

7) Peyton Barber (19-85-1, 1-4-0/1) continues to matter, more scoring opportunities now.

8) Ryan Fitzpatrick is a QB1 through Week 12…and then things get a bit dicey. CAR-NO-@BAL-@DAL Weeks 13-16. The Weeks 15-16 are rough.

Week 12 hosting SF – not bad for those with Mahomes/Goff issues Week 12.

-- Tyler Boyd (9-138-1/10) was excellent in this game.

Sometimes guys like him are just in the right place at the right time getting good targets and scoring fantasy points…I think of like Nelson Agholor last year for a while as an example. That’s not Boyd – he’s playing like a star. He’s evolving from really good 2nd option to ‘weapon’/uncoverable/great routes.

-- Why did C.J. Uzomah (0-0-0/4) have 4 targets and no catches in a game featuring 37 points scored? I don’t know.

I know he was never really open on the throws and isn’t really impressing me with his movement skills for weeks now. I’m pretty much bailing here. David Njoku’s goose egg, I’m willing to overlook. Uzomah just isn’t making a good impression with his chance to shine.

Snap Counts of Interest…

43 = Barber

33 = Rodgers

11 = R Jones

53 = OJ Howard

26 = Brate

64 = Uzomah

11 = Lengel

01 = Franks


66 = Willis

54 = Hubbard

00 = Lawson

52 = Whitehead

61 = Nassib


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