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2018 Week 8 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Patriots v. Bills

November 1, 2018 8:44 AM
November 1, 2018 8:53 AM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

This was quite the MNF barn-burner…12-6 with 10+ minutes to go, all field goals for the scoring to that point. New England scored 13 points in the final 10 minutes to put it away – but, man, the Patriots did not look good. I don’t know how they are 6-2 this season…except Belichick always finds a way. The Pats are on their way to 12-13 wins, per usual.

The Bills were the 2018 Bills, again, in this game…gritty on defense but their offense is so bad the defense finally caves in to defeat. Buffalo falls to 2-6, season over…on their way 3-4 wins, maybe, at best. How many moves did they make at the trade deadline despite the season being over? Answer…none. The NFL, ladies and gentlemen.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- Raise your hand if you were forced into rolling Kenjon Barner (2-4-0) as your RB sleeper starter for the week…assuming Sony Michel out and someone had to run the ball with James White (8-15-1/5, 10-79-0/13)?

You probably saw a ghost when Cordarrelle Patterson (10-38-0) was the starting RB for the Pats this game. Imagine, for a moment, if the Patriots had announced this head of time. How loco would we all have been for Patterson for fantasy?

Patterson had one nice 22-yard run and had a couple near-the-goal line carries, but couldn’t punch one in.

If Michel is out again…you wish Patterson was labeled an RB/WR this week for fantasy RB usage!

If Michel is out Week 9…I’m interested in CP with the prospects of 10+ carries, but I’d be too afraid Belichick would reverse it into a Barner game with CP getting 1 touch.

-- At least Patterson had more rushing yards than LeSean McCoy (12-13-0, 6-82-0/8)!

McCoy is set to make $9M next season (or $2M to cut). Why wouldn’t Buffalo trade him and start setting up for the future? The NFL, ladies and gentlemen. Absolutely no business sense. Terrible scouting. Head coaches with no business training or acumen. Owners who treat this as a toy or pet. A fawning, paid-for media.

What a business!

This is the business we chose.

-- Let’s talk about two failing players…and it’s either them or Tom Brady is losing his fastball.

Rob Gronkowski (3-43-0/8)…this is getting serious now – a serious problem.

Gronk has 1 TD this season. Yes, one. Lions TE Michael Roberts of the Lions had 2 TDs in a game a few weeks ago.

Gronk has 2 TDs in his last 11 regular season games.

5 TDs in his last 16 regular season game appearances.

He has 12 TDs in his last 32 game appearances.

Over the past few years, he’s pacing for about 6 TD seasons (16 games). However, just 1 TD this season.

Why do you want to buy low into this? The sad part is he’s the #10 PPG PPR fantasy TE because the field is so sad. Jimmy Graham is 12th! Gronk and Graham have a combined 2 TDs in 15 games this season.

Gronk could always go on a run, I guess… I keep thinking the same with Graham. Like Graham, Gronk has been TD barren/not like he used to be, going on for years -- we just won’t admit it/realize it.

Josh Gordon (4-42-0/6) has 1 TD in 6 games as a Patriot. Since becoming the starter, the last 3 games, he’s averaging: 4.3 rec. (7.3 targets), 60.7 yards, 0.33 TDs per game. Nice WR3 work.

I have not seen one flash of brilliance from Gordon yet…as a Patriot or Brown this season. When do we call this one for what it is as well?

…or is it Tom Brady who is not ‘making’ these guys…just like he struggled working Brandin Cooks last year?

-- You don’t want anything to do with Buffalo WRs, for sure. I just wanted to point out – we had Zay Jones (6-55-0/8) rated pretty well as an NFL Draft prospect, in the conversation for best WR in his class. A nice dynasty rookie prospect with concerns about playing in Buffalo.

Playing in Buffalo’ has been worse than initially feared.

With that being said – Jones IS the Bills #1 WR option. He’s averaging 3.8 catches, 35.0 yards, and 0.20 TDs per game the past five games…with a season high 6 catches in this game. All this despite working with functionally incompetent QBs.

You can’t get excited for dynasty considering he has Josh Allen and Sean McDermott for another year…BUT I wonder if the Bills will add a veteran backup in 2019 and then Josh Allen will go the way of Jameis Winston and lose his spot to a Nick Foles or Teddy Bridgewater, etc., 2-4-6 weeks into the season because he’s so illegitimate?

For Zay’s sake, I hope so.

-- The Patriots DST

It’s interesting but nerve-wracking because they are 4th lowest in sacks…but are 2nd in the league in INTs. They tend to hold down the weak in scoring but will get popped by good offenses – KC and CHI posted 30+ points against them.

It’s the schedule that keeps them in the conversation, after this week vs. GB (no good): TEN-BYE-NYJ-MIN-MIA-PIT-BUF…four of 7 weeks they will be a top 3-5 weekly DST option. Good to pair

Snap Counts of Interest:

61 = White

13 = Patterson

07 = Barner

35 = Elandon Roberts

19 = JC Jackson

13 = John Simon


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