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2018 Week 8 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Redskins v. Giants

November 2, 2018 8:45 AM
November 2, 2018 9:24 AM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

This game was just 13-6, Washington, with 4+ minutes left…but then Adrian Peterson got loose and ran for a 60+ yard TD and sealed the deal.

The Giants could have won this game with any QB play at all, but Eli is so dreadful beyond words that any hope was out of the question.

Washington is solid, but not like a 5-2, leading the NFC East with distance ‘good’ – but here they are. They’ve played well enough, like Alex Smith teams do, but they’ve also been fortunate in a couple of games. We still see them 9-6 going into Week 17 with Eagles…if Philly’s out of it then they can get to 10 wins and a division title. If that game is a winner-take-all for the division – I suspect they lose to Philly and try to get in as a wild card.

If Washington wins two of their next 3 games (ATL-TB-HOU) they’re in good shape. They could run that table or go 1-2…it’s still a ‘hard to figure’ team.

The Giants might get 1-2 more wins. A QB change could be coming, so that changes things…not either way…we’ll get into that first/below

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- Eli Manning (30-47 for 316 yards, 1 TD/2 INTs) shouldn’t be the NYG starting QB. I’m guessing we would have seen a change this week had Kyle Lauletta, rookie backup QB, not been involved in a traffic incident involving an arrest a few days ago.

You might think…big deal, a traffic thing…ummm…it’s stranger than you might be aware.

Apparently (allegedly), Lauletta made an illegal turn, the police pursued and blasted instructions to drive straight (getting to where they could pull him over safely). He ignored the police, in his Jaguar (which he’s not highly paid so that’s a red flag for me on what’s supposed to be a model citizen/salt of the earth type). He made another illegal turn, almost hit a cop, kept going to the practice facility and eventually played the ‘I’m a NY Giant and I have to get to practice’ jerk move. He was arrested and cited, etc.

Here’s the thing, he had been cited for doing some of the same stuff the day before.

Lauletta could be dropped soon, who knows. If everything reported is true, how can this marginal talent be expected to carry the Giants’ franchise? Why the Giants dropped 2017 draft pick QB Davis Webb for this guy I have no idea…and, yet, I have every idea.

It’s more likely, now, it’s Eli to the finish. If the Giants hand the reigns over to Lauletta after what has (allegedly) happened…shame on them.

Did you know Eli is averaging 297.1 yards passing per game? 300+ passing yards in three of his last 4 games?

BUT…just 1.0 TD passes per game.

-- Evan Engram (5-25-1/9) caught the last pass of the game…a 2-yard TD. Had he not…he would have posted a 4-23-0 line and you’d be crying about your TEs killing you more than they already are. That TD was like a stay of execution/you cutting him.

Those who took an egg from Njoku or Uzomah…get off your high horse.

You want Ertz-Kelce, but if you don’t have that…you pick from the O.J. Howard’s, C.J. Uzomah’s, Vance McDonald’s, Evan Engram’s and YOU LIKE IT.

If you don’t count the game he left very early in, on the season, EE is averaging 4.0 rec., (6.3 targets), 31.5 yards and 0.50 TDs per game…6.2 FF PPG/10.2 PPR PPG.

Pretty sad, eh? Guess what…10.2 PPR PPG is #13 among TEs YTD…just ahead of Jimmy Graham and ahead of Kyle Rudolph, Vance McDonald, and Jordan Reed.

Engram is too good to quit on just yet. One big game might propel him into the top 7-8 TEs on the season. Even if most of his work is coming in garbage time – there’s lots of that with the Giants/Eli. Don’t get finicky about how you get your fantasy scoring now…especially from a TE, just take it and be happy!

Seriously, he’s just a random TE1 hopeful week-to-week/not Ertz-Kelce. Use, hold, ditch. I’m still trying to hold because I think he’s better than most TE randos. Eli’s 1.0 TDs per game kills here.

-- Speaking of bad fantasy TEs…remember when Jordan Reed (7-38-0/12) was good like 2-3 years ago?

He’s had 4 or more catches in five of his 7 games this season with Alex Smith. 9-4-12 for targets the last three weeks. They came out in this game working him like their best pass game guy. I wouldn’t give up on him yet, in the sea of non-Ertz-Kelce’s.

-- Chris Thompson (3-13-0, 2-9-0/3), wow…has this bombed out. Like, from the moment I pushed harder for him he flamed out. To be fair, he got hurt…but I also think there’s an issue with Adrian Peterson doing so well that this offense doesn’t need heavy CT anymore…PLUS he’s got two rib injuries.

Thompson was the James White kinda guy for Washington, but all that has changed. If he’s out this week, I can’t blame any of us for running away. If I thought he’d recover his ribs and step back into heavy touches I’d say hold tight…but I fears he misses 1-2-3 weeks (or is limited) and then he comes back to just 2-3-4-5 targets a game.

If he’s really hurt bad, we’ll know this week…he’ll be inactive, and then I’m pretty much done.

If he plays and they are protecting him or not needing him, and he has some low volume junk game…we’ll find that out this week too.

-- Just a quick mention…

Saquon Barkley (13-38-0, 8-136-0/11) is a generational talent, right? Like, everyone knows this because everyone says this. Like, he should change his first name to ‘generational talent’.

So, everyone knows this from the media, which means all the NFL has to buy it 1000%.

Eli Manning is literally throwing every other pass to him out of fear and desperation. It’s so bizarre.

So, I if Barkley is a mega talent and he’s getting every other pass…and NFL teams work so hard in study 7 days a week, 25 hours a day, and sleep on cots in their offices – how is it every time Barkley catches a pass there’s no defender in camera shot, ever? How do they not devise a plan to stop Barkley in the passing game (or Todd Gurley)…AND why don’t the Arizona Cardinals do the same targeting with David Johnson?

Hey, opponents of the Giants -- Maybe, just maybe…cover Barkley out of the backfield EVERY time? No? Just me? Extra coverage on Jawill Davis or Bennie Fowler, I guess?

Barkley leads all RBs in catches this season…he could have double the amount if Eli wanted. He’s open every single play.

-- Washington-DST has held four of their last five opponents to 17 or fewer points in a game. The one time they didn’t, was that MNF massacre at New Orleans for the Drew Brees celebration night.

The Redskins are #5 in PPG allowed to opponents (19.1). Takeout the Saints sucker punch…they’d be #1 in the NFL in points allowed per game.

The next five games for the Redskins-DST is shaky: ATL-TB-HOU-DAL-PHI

The fantasy playoffs schedule is what you want here…Eli-Bortles(?)-Mariota.

Snap Counts of Interest:

62 = Engram (89%)

28 = Ellison

56 = Mo Harris

56 = Doctson

46 = P Richardson

09 = M Floyd

53 = Jo Reed

33 = V Davis

19 = Sprinkle


42 = Tae Davis

39 = Grant Haley


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