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2018 Week 9 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Falcons v. Redskins

November 9, 2018 12:29 PM
November 9, 2018 2:22 PM

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

Wow, what a game. You want to watch a game where a team just gave up and mailed it in – see the Redskins in this one. The second time in five weeks that Washington got down and just rolled over (Saints game that MNF where Brees broke that record). I’m selling all my Redskins stock (not that I had much to begin with).

The Redskins season boils down to – they get an early lead and become engaged and try to sit on the opponent for 2-3 quarters (of which they’ve about won all their games that way) or…they get down early and fold because they have no offensive firepower (or heart). This Gruden team has about as much innovation and heart as the other Gruden team.

Washington lost their best OL (Trent Williams) before this game (out 4+ weeks) and then lost two more top OLs within this game. Washington is going implode…they’re in the process of it already. They are 5-3, in first place, and if they lose to TB this week…they’ll free-fall to 7-9 to the finish.

Atlanta has won three in a row…over bad teams, but winners nonetheless. Now, 4-4 and right back into the playoff picture. If they can knock off the Browns at Cleveland this week, they have a path to 9-7.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- Chris Thompson (DNP) was inactive this week and already declared out Week 10. You can drop him in redraft if needed. He may be out for weeks…or gets put on I.R. at some point. Likely out for weeks, and then look to get back if needed/desired.

Thompson is seriously hurt…the offense has changed. This blew up in my face – he got hurt right after I started buying low and kept buying low, while he ended up out longer and longer. Sometimes you gamble and lose.

Adrian Peterson (9-17-0) would be a ‘sell high’ with the O-Line devastation.

Samaje Perine (2-20-0, 2-8-0/3) draws closer to some playing time, perhaps. Probably weeks away. If AP goes down…maybe, just maybe… Ah, it won’t matter, this offense is terrible.

-- Speaking of terrible offense…

You can’t be taken seriously with Mo Harris (10-124-0/12) being your lead WR. 12 targets? Really? If you like your WRs tall and slow…here you go.

Don’t buy into this box score/stat line.

-- I’d like to compliment Matt Ryan (26-38 for 350 yards, 4 TDs/1 INT) on another great FF game. Then I watched it back…congrats on dump passes that the receivers then ran past casual observer Washington defenders for long plays/TDs. Washington defense was so bad EVEN Julio Jones scored a TD!

Still, it counts for FF. Ryan has thrown for 350+ yards in five of his last 6 games. Just as you think he’ll be slowed by better defenses ahead…Cleveland (Week 10) loses all its CBs and Dallas (Week 12) loses Sean Lee.

17 TDs/1 INT in his last 6 games is pretty hot.

-- It will be interesting to see if O-C Steve Sarkisian sticks with Tevin Coleman (13-88-0, 5-68-2/7) heavy in the passing game or runs from it, as he has all year.

Coleman is such a nice pass-game weapon and became a star for it in 2016…and then Sark came in and stopped utilizing it.

7 targets, 5 catches here…6 targets, 5 catches in his prior 3 games combined. My gut tells me he’ll have just 1-2 catches again next week.

-- How about that hot Redskins-DST idea for the FF playoffs!!!

This is why I don’t like projecting the FF playoffs so far in advance. I think we’re all wasting time getting too cute in Weeks 9-10-11 looking at Weeks 14-16. First, don’t be so smug about being there Week 16. Get there first…

Second, so many things change with injuries, coaches getting fired…it all has ripple effects. You think Washington can keep game managing and playing solid defense the ROS, and then they lose three O-Lineman and completely change their narrative, their game plan ability.

Weeks 14-16 vs. NYG, JAX, TEN looked great a week ago…but, now, will Washington even be ‘in it’ at that point. We’ve seen where the Redskins will mail it in at the first sign of trouble.

-- Fantasy Playoff Notes for each team…

Weeks 14-16 may be solid for the Washington-DST, but not so much for their offense…at JAX, at TEN Weeks 15-16 is not good…especially if the O-Line is defective. About the only thing that might work is Chris Thompson dump passes, if he’s even back.

The Falcons late schedule is OK/good, but the condition may not be. The finesse Falcons at Green Bay in December could be a nightmare. Week 16 at Carolina could be a pretty cold event as well. I’ll assume they’ll be OK, but the upside may be very limited…and that Green Bay game could be a frigid disaster for Falcons’ weapons.

Snap Counts of Interest:

32 = Peterson

21 = Bibbs

15 = Perine

39 = Coleman

28 = Ito Smith


69 = Isaiah Oliver

27 = Quinton Dunbar


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