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2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 10 – Jets 34, Giants 27

November 15, 2019 1:33 PM
November 16, 2019 9:00 AM

2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 10 – Jets 34, Giants 27


This should be the Pat Shurmur final nail in his NYG head coaching career coffin…losing to the lowly Jets in the battle of New York. The Jets having many of their starters injured, and yet they beat the Giants…and Saquon Barkley is not doing much of anything to help – and that will be blamed on Shurmur, fair or not.

The Jets won because for all their issues…this team is an aggressive bully on defense, and they will prey upon the weak – and that Pat Shurmur style of play is S-A-W-F-T. The Giants had some fortune to keep this game as close as it was…thoroughly beaten by this 2019 Jets team is not a good statement on your coaching resume. Pat Shurmur has been given two chances to be a head coach in the NFL and the same thing happened twice, and the same with his stints as O-C…soft QBs playing conservative finesse football unsuccessfully for wins and losses.

The Giants are, at least, back in the #1 pick sweepstakes. Likely, not to get that either. They have Miami and at Washington Weeks 15-16, they’ll probably notch one more win this season to end at 3-13 and a possible clean sweep of GM and head coach and a restart/rebuild all over again. In which case, I think they’ll back a Brinks truck up to get either Josh McDaniels or Bill O’Brien if he’s available. They will get a ex-New England group going in there for sure, if they can.

The Jets ruined their chance at having the #1 pick with a win here. They will likely get 1-2 more wins and finish with 3-4 wins and a top 5 or so draft pick. They will retain Adam Gase and his hand-picked GM for one more season before having to blow them all out.

Great football times in The Big Apple.


Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- What’s wrong with Saquon Barkley (13-1-0, 5-30-0/5)? One-yard rushing on 13 attempts? Was he rushed back too fast from his injury? Maybe.

I’ll take three swings at it…

1) The offensive line is terrible, so much so that the Jets were showing just six in the box and were bottling up Barkley. There’s a reason Daniel Jones was sacked six times in this game.

2) Saquon Barkley has to be the most-talented-easiest-guy-to-tackle in NFL history. That guys goes down if a stiff wind hits him right. The knock I had on Barkley coming out of college – not a great between the tackles runner/visionary…stops-starts too much and gets himself caught behind the line of scrimmage too often…and too easy to tackle for the physical specimen that he is.

That’s not to say he’s some kind of ‘bust’ RB…but more ‘is this a franchise RB worth spending millions on for years and years’? The answer may still be ‘yes’, but there are issues here…combine that with the bad O-Line and offense in general = not great. For my money, I’d never take a running back in the first 50 picks of a draft.

3) Saquon Barkley is a terrible blocker, so teams are bum rushing the backfield on him to either tackle him or fly past him to try to hit Jones. QB hits registered in a normal game…4-6? The Jets hit Jones 10 times here.

Season-to-date…Barkley is the #12 PPR PPG RB in fantasy. #15 in non-PPR. Not worth the price of admission…on top of the missed games due to injury.


 -- Darius Slayton (10-121-2/14) had a monster game, and I was predicting this ‘possibility’…but even I didn’t see this coming.

It was a crime of opportunity for a week – not a vision of the future.

The Jets were missing two corners, and we’re keeping focus on Barkley-Tate. Slayton took advantage…and had a little luck as his 39-yard TD was a corner slipping on a cut and falling down allowing Slayton to catch a short pass and run for a TD right up the middle of the field.

Slayton is ‘of the moment’ with Engram and Shepherd out and not to be trusted in better matchups.


 -- Evan Engram’s injury worries me. He could miss weeks or the rest of the season…since they have nothing to play for.

Rhett Ellison (3-43-0/2) would be a beneficiary, which means a lot of these stat lines…3-4 catches 40-40 yards and an occasional TD – like about a dozen other TEs on waivers.

But it’s something…

If you have Engram, start preparing for the worst.

Also, note…the Giants used rookie TE Kaden Smith (1-1-0/1) for 39 snaps here this game…the most of any Giants TE with Engram out this game. He’s slow, but a great receiver. He might split with Ellison and make noise/ruin Ellison’s FF-hopes.


 -- Chris Herndon (1-7-0/2) is not among the options to help you with Engram issues. Herndon is now out for the season and Ryan Griffin (1-0-0/1) becomes the Rhett Ellison-like option for the Jets – slow, and you hope he somehow scores a TD for fantasy.


 -- Jamison Crowder (5-81-1/6) is heating up, 6.5 rec. (7.5 targets), 84.5 yards, 1.0 TDs per game the past two games -- but note a couple things…

1) Crowder is a ‘meh’ talent.

2) Darnold is awful.

3) It’s been two great games against battered, rookie CBs…MIA and NYG.

4) As bad as points 1-3 are…he gets to play his former team (WAS) Week 11 (revenge always seems to work for some reason), then bad pass D Oakland, then Cincy, and then Miami. The next 4 games should be fine.

Not as fine for Robby Anderson (1-11-0/3) because…Darnold is even worse trying to throw deep and teams put their best coverage on Anderson.


 -- Since returning from his Mono, Darnold has thrown 6 TDs/9 INTs with bottom of the barrel metrics nearly across the board among QBs this season (yards per game, QB rating, yards per attempt, etc.).

Can I ask…where is the outrage? All these types of things have been said to crucify Mitch Trubisky as unable to function in the NFL. Why is Darnold getting a free pass?

The football media picks the players they like or hate, the grabs data to support their ‘feeling’ and when things go against them…they just go quiet or blame the coach. Why is Trubisky not afforded this luxury? It doesn’t fit their narrative. It’s just a twisted way of lying to the public…who tends to lap it all up because ‘football’.


 -- Daniel Jones (26-40 for 308 yards, 4 TDs/0 INT) is better than Sam Darnold in every way, but he is nothing great either. He’s about to face trouble with CHI-GB-PHI the next few weeks. He’s not a 300+ yards passing 3-4 TD guy normally…he can if the opponent is weaker and with a little luck (like falling down defenders). But I will say Jones looks exponentially better than Darnold.


 -- The Jets-DST was menacing again in this game, just too banged up to fully stop offenses…but they are hard-hitting and intimidating. 6 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, 1 strip and score TD. Facing Dwayne Haskins this week…could be sweet.

Jets DT Nathan Shepherd (3 tackles, 1 sack 3 TFLs) came back to action two weeks ago, from a season long injury to that point. Terrific IDP game here but it was ‘the Giants’.



Snap Counts of Interest:


42 = Griffin

18 = Wesco

18 = Herndon

11 = Daniel Brown


39 = Kaden Smith

33 = Ellison


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