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2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 11 – Jets 34, Redskins 17

November 18, 2019 11:58 PM
November 18, 2019 11:55 PM

2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 11 – Jets 34, Redskins 17


I wanted to rewatch this game ASAP in the pecking order this week to get an extra look at Derrius Guice…other than that, this game was mostly a garbage-fest to watch. Two QBs that I cannot stand played a game against each other, and the less worse one won. Hurray!

Arizona at SF recap will lead us off Tuesday morning ET.

Washington played with absolutely no spirit in this game. I think the players might know full well that they are a sunk cause with Dwayne Haskins at QB, and why should they even try all that hard in that case? Washington is in the hunt for Joe Burrow…they just need Cincinnati to win some games…because Washington will not win another game this season. This was their last best chance at a second win this season.

Washington is Cleveland/NY Jets/Tampa Bay bad…probably the worst organization/management in the NFL, but the Browns are trying hard to reclaim that. I’d say the order of the NFL teams that are so poorly run that no good can ever come from them and a culture that will take great players to their knees/undercut their career upsides…#1 Washington, #2 Cleveland, #3 Cincy, #4 NY Jets, #5 Tampa Bay…Miami and the Giants are trying to make this list. All other franchises have some hope, some structure. These five franchises (my top/bottom 5) – there is no hope with current ownership/management.

The Jets are right there vying for the top/worst spot as the Jets President/Son of Owner is a comedy, and Adam Gase is about as bad as it gets. The Jets are on a two-game win streak…over the Giants and Redskins. What is saving the Jets 2019…actually…it’s Gregg Williams. He has done a masterful job with this defense given all the injuries. The Jets have one of the most intimidating defenses in the league – now the #1 run defense in the NFL (by yds per game allowed). Still susceptible to the pass with an empty/banged up secondary.

The Jets still play Cincy and Miami, so they should get to 5 wins…possibly 6. Long shot for 7…but 4 wins for the season end is also in play.


Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- There was a report pre-1pmET Sunday that proclaimed Derrius Guice (7-24-0, 1-45-1/2) would start this game. Great reporting… Guice didn’t enter the game until midway through the 2nd-quarter because it’s super important, when you’re 1-8 (now 1-9) to get Adrian Peterson more touches.

Instantly, the game changed when Guice entered. An extra pep in his step and cutability compared to AP. As the Redskins were getting embarrassed, in the 4th-quarter, down 34-3…Guice took a simple screen and then juked by and ran past about 5-6 defenders who had a beat on him and scored a sweet 45-yard TD. The play of the Redskins’ day.

I thought Guice looked healthy, quick, and energized. He has barely played the past two years…so, he’s fresh…in theory.

Guice is a potential difference-maker on a very sad team. They need to see what he can do. I expect he’ll be the starter in short order. Might be one more week as split role and then finally someone in the Redskins front office sticks a boot up Bill Callahan’s ass and reminds him that just because he luckily beat Miami in his debut game, they’ve lost four in a row sense and looked terrible…so, maybe do what management wants. You’re not Vince Lombardi…you’re serving at the pleasure of management. Do what we want.

I like Guice for 15+ touches a game ahead, and a lot of pass game work because Dwayne Haskins is incapable of completing forward passes. The touches will be good, but the output may be erratic because Washington’s offense is so bad that opponents can key on the run.

I hope you got in on Guice in redrafts week’s ago…it’s about to payoff, I think. Payoff as an RB2 with RB1 hopes week-to-week.


 -- Just to update on these QBs…

Sam Darnold (19-30 for 293 yards, 4 TDs/1 INT) enjoyed a trouble-free day throwing easily all over Washington…a Redskins defense that had been pretty solid the past few weeks. They were completely flat here. Darnold took advantage. Give Darnold time, and he can be OK…like Kyle Allen.

You can give Dwayne Haskins (19-35 for 214 yards, 2 TDs/1 INT) an hour to throw and he couldn’t deliver. Haskins was the Ohio State starter because Urban Meyer didn’t see the value of Joe Burrow, I guess????? It also goes to show how playing for certain college teams that are dominant in their conferences with talent all around can make players look a lot better than they are when they hit the pros. How about all those great Ohio State QBs in the NFL?

It’s possible Haskins is so bad, Washington would draft another QB in 2020…but knowing the ‘people’ who run the Redskins – they’ll have Haskins + a veteran next year and then have to turn to the veteran when they can’t stomach anymore Haskins…and it will be another lost season. Maybe they’ll pay Urban Meyer $20M a year for 10 years guaranteed to come work magic with Haskins?

Haskins had two TD passes here…one was the Guice screen that he was magical on after the catch, and the last one was where all his other numbers came from this game…the last drive of a blowout with the Jets trying to get the game over with.


 -- My man Josh Adams (4-6-0) got to play in this game. Mostly junk time/4th-quarter work. Nothing exciting to see here. Credit to Adam Gase for actually using a young RB in a 20+ lead with minutes remaining in a game instead of pushing the star RB out there for carries into a defense knowing you’re running clock.


 -- In his last three games when Chris Herndon was not starting/he was starting, Ryan Griffin (5-109-1/5) has been on a tear…5.0 rec. (5.7 targets), 75.0 yards, 1.0 TDs per game in those 3 games. One of the top TEs in fantasy since Week 8.

I’m not a big fan of Griffin as a talent…he’s like a lesser-talented Kyle Rudolph, BUT when something is working…it’s working. It will probably stop working once we kick the tires on it, but with Herndon on I.R. and an easy schedule for a few more weeks…Griffin might work for those missing Kelce, etc., Week 12.


 -- After looking so-so against the Giants Week 10, the Jets’ savage defense returned here Week 11 (and facing Haskins helped). Week 12 hosting OAK for the Jets-DST? Probably not a good idea because the Raiders have a really nice offense. BUT, Week 13 at Cincy and Week 14 hosting Miami might have some value.


 -- Washington-DST against Detroit Week 12? Nope. I’m done with trying to see hope in the Redskins’ defense.



Snap Counts of Interest:


31 = Smallwood

20 = Guice

17 = Peterson


39 = L Bell

16 = Powell

15 = Ty Montgomery

07 = J Adams


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