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2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 11 – Ravens 41,Texans 7

November 20, 2019 10:33 PM
November 20, 2019 10:31 PM

2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 11 – Ravens 41,Texans 7


The score says it all…

It wasn’t much of a rewatch. Nothing changed…the Texansstill got obliterated. I mean, it’s not even close. The Ravens aren’t just flashyLamar Jackson plays and ‘on a roll’ – they are crushing it on defense asmuch as they are awesome on offense. They are the best team in the NFL and it’snot even close. If the Patriots or Chiefs or Seahawks or 49ers beat this teamin the playoffs, I will be shocked. Anything can happen in football, butBaltimore is levelling teams.

I watch all the game all the weeks, and I always find somethingto complain about or something to question on teams. It’s my job. The entire season,I’ve thought The Patriots aren’t ‘this good’ (before the Ravens gotthem). I loved the early 49ers early, like everyone, but I see holes with them…thingsof concern. Ditto Seattle.

The best teams I’ve seen with my eyes: Seattle (becauseRussell is a magician), New Orleans, Dallas, San Francisco…put these four in anyorder you want, and they all have flaws that scare me (and New England nor KC norHouston is on there on purpose) – Baltimore is by far better than those four topcontenders for my eyes, and I’m an almost always anti-Baltimore guy…I just didnot like the Flacco/Harbaugh era Ravens. That sentiment bled over into Lamar/Harbaughera start and I did not believe Lamar could hang in the league as a passer. Withall that, watching games for 11 weeks – I am saying the Ravens are the bestteam in football by far.

The best team in the league is Baltimore, been obvious to mesince the Patriots game (Jimmy Smith back, traded for Marcus Peters,etc.). I pick Baltimore over any other team playing them today home or away.

The 2nd-best team I’ve seen the last TWO weeks…the AtlantaFalcons. I just wanted to try to help put the current Falcons in some context. Allthe other 30 teams are versions of good and bad, and we all know them…theRavens and Falcons are straight fire right now, but the Ravens far superior.

I don’t know how anyone on Baltimore’s remaining schedule isgoing to beat them, so I project they’ll be 14-2, the #1 seed and mow throughNew England. The three teams that could ‘get’ Baltimore, that matchup better…areKansas City, Dallas, and San Francisco. In that order.

Houston is the fraud and got exposed for it here. DeshaunWatson is not close to Lamar Jackson. The Ravens O-Line is 10xbetter. The Ravens’ defense is 20x better. The score of this game was indictiveof the reality…and that’s not an insult to Houston or Watson. The Ravens arejust too good right now, and Houston is far from it.

I believe Houston is at risk of losing to Indy on TNF thisweek, and then their season startw to spiral if they then lose to the Patriotsthe following week. We’re projecting 9-10 wins for Houston but lose to Indy Week12 and they will likely not win the AFC South (Indy will) but they might bethat last wild card. The Texans’ Week 7 win over Oakland may save their playoffdream.

As far as fantasy goes, not a lot of revelations here.Baltimore smashed, then they played 2nd-teamers, and why judge Houston vs. thisBaltimore team when they won’t face anything like again this year?


Fantasy Player Notes…


-- The biggesttakeaway is…The Ravens-DST is really good. Five straight opposingoffenses held to 20 or fewer points in a game. 7 sacks here. 2-of-10 on3rd-downs allowed. 1-of-4 on 4th-downs. When Houston was still trying hard in ablowout against 2nd/3rd-team defenders they still couldn’t do anything…that’show good the Ravens are. 232 total yards for Houston and a 36/24 time ofpossession in favor of Baltimore.

This Baltimore team may be the best team of the last decade+…it’sthat good. That complete and unique. Seattle’s old Super Bowl team and whateverPatriots title team you think was best might be in the comparison for topdominant teams of recent years.

The Ravens-DST gets LAR-SF-BUF-NYJ-CLE-PIT to finishthe season…they are all ‘starts’. No sitting. The SF game might not be great,but it won’t be bad.


-- What’s wrong with MarquiseBrown (2-23-0/4)?

Two things…

1) His ankle is not getting better. It’s not getting worse,but it’s not getting better. They are trying to rest him during the week and cutback snaps in-games.

2) It’s easy to play him limited snaps when they are beatingopponents by 20+ points in the blink of an eye.

The problem then becomes… Will the Ravens ever be in a closegame to keep him in…and/or once they get to the NYJ game, might they just pullhim completely for a rest week? Until I see him practicing fully, I have to keephim as a WR2-3, hoping he gets the one big play for a TD he tends to get.


-- Gus Edwards(8-112-1) isn’t taking over for Mark Ingram (13-38-0, 3-37-2/4). Thegame flow just went his way and he had a couple wide open runs.

The thing is, like with Marquise, if the Ravens are going toblow everyone out…Gus taking carries in the 2nd-half will be common. A usefulRB3 in deeper non-PPR leagues, maybe?


-- Don’t hold anythingagainst Carlos Hyde (9-65-1, 0-0-0/1) here. The game got out of handfast and a steady run game between the tackles was abandoned quickly.



Snap Counts of Interest:


55 = Boyle

30 = Hurst

25 = Andrews


33 = Ingram

29 = Edwards

08 = Justice Hill


36 = Duke J

21 = Hyde



44 = Jaylon Ferguson

32 = Tyus Bowser (3 tackles, 2 sacks!!)


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