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2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 12 – Ravens 45, Rams 6

November 29, 2019 2:19 PM
November 29, 2019 7:00 PM

2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 12 – Ravens 45, Rams 6


I have to be honest, I didn’t even rewatch this entire game.

Usually, I trudge through every game on a rewatch during the week and even if a blowout I can focus on some under-the-radar guys getting touches late or see how some defensive players are moving around and the effort they are giving, etc. There’s always something to watch.

In this game, when the Ravens scored their 2nd TD to take a 14-0 lead and I just turned it off right then. I had three reasons why I did…

1) The 2nd TD was Marquise Brown lined up in the slot and he burned no one covering him for a TD. That happens. I’m not protesting that coverage lapse so much as I am the fact that the Ravens lined up five-wide and had Justice Hill, 3rd-string RB, lined way up out to the right…and Jalen Ramsey lined up on him and covered Hill.

I’m not that smart. Didn’t go to an elite college. Didn’t score great on my SATs. Didn’t get great grades in high school or college (because I hated school and didn’t apply myself at all). I’m not super educated or secretly brilliant…but I watch all these football games and take mental/written notes and EVEN I KNOW Marquise Brown is Lamar Jackson’s preferred target anywhere he’s available.

How do the Rams not know this? Why is Jalen Ramsey, who you paid so much money for…how is he not on Brown instead of Justice By God Hill? Hill does have two targets in his last 7 games, so I realize how you could think he was a major threat lined up as a flanker…a position where he has caught zero passes this year or seen a target from. What the H man?

If this is the effort your putting in for your studies all week and/or the defensive calls and effort you’re going to make, then why should I waste my time watching you get dismantled the rest of the game?

2) So, the Rams get dismantled. It’s 28-6 by halftime, and it wasn’t even that close. If you were coaching a dying Rams team and you were getting pounded, and your offense was failing AGAIN…why not shelve Todd Gurley, and his 0-3 yard runs that are killing you (he’s becoming the new David Montgomery) and give work to rookie (supposed) game changer Darrell Henderson, even for nothing else than to manage Gurley’s workload…which was such a huge priority, I thought?

With 1:36 left ion the game, the Rams’ last play, down (only) 45-6…Todd Gurley was still in the game.

I’m beginning to believe that Sean McVay’s plan is NOT to manage Gurley’s workload, but to rather try to get him hurt. It’s the only thing that makes any sense watching the Rams’ RB patterns the last few weeks.

3) The Ravens are killing everyone every week, so I’ve seen guys like Justice Hill, Gus Edwards, Jaylon Ferguson, Tyus Bowser getting backup role work in the 2nd-half. No need to watch them getting junk work in a blowout, I’ve seen it for weeks. I’m good. I’m too busy.


I will say it again, but maybe not again for a while because now everyone is saying it – the Ravens are the best team in football by distance over #2, and I go further, as I’ve said for weeks, where some NFL analysts are just now starting to think about – this is the best football we’ve seen in the last 5-10 years. *Yet, somehow don’t we all still think Belichick will find a way to beat them in the end?

The Ravens will not lose again unless they want to (like Week 17, playing all backups). They will be the #1 seed and dismantle all teams on their way to the title – their worst nightmare is not getting the #1 seed and potentially having to beat KC and NE to get to the end. These are the two teams that can beat them…no one in the NFC can come close.

The Rams are 6-5 and normally that would be OK/still in the hunt for a wild card but not this season. You need 11 wins to be a wild card this year in the NFC, so LAR would have to win out…but I’m not sure they’ll win a game the rest of the season. They likely finish 8-8 at absolute best.

Why we’re all, and the media by and large, excoriating the Bears for their 2019 fall from grace and just looking at the Rams utter collapse and shrugging our shoulders is a mystery.


Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- Lamar Jackson (15-20 for 169 yards, 5 TDs/0 INT, 8-95-0) is going to set off the biggest #MeToo movement of NFL teams in the offseason all trying to find their Lamar Jackson.

It will give some guys a chance to play that might not have had the opportunity 3-5-100 years ago…like, coming to mind, Tyree Jackson…Buffalo dual-threat football star in college, undrafted, legit 6’7” with 4.59 speed and a cannon arm. Doesn’t look like Brady, so he goes undrafted. Really, NFL? Really? Tyree has some Lamar characteristics…but not exactly…but is better in some areas and lesser in others. He’d need to be groomed…which is something the NFL will not do because they’re incapable of it.

It will take a college kid ripping apart major college play as a runner/passer and then he’ll get drafted highly and get shoved into a spot to shine, and then you have to hope the coaching staff actually changes everything to cater to this QB. I don’t know that there is a Lamar Jackson in this draft or on the horizon for years. There hasn’t been a next Brady for like 20 years. But it will be fun watching the clown car activity of NFL teams trying to make it happen and when some LJax pretender prospect goes from 6th-7th-round projection to top 50-100 pick because ‘next Lamar’ gets thrown around, it will be hilarious (see: like when another Logan Thomas arises).


 -- The Jared Goff’s (26-37 for 212 yards, 0 TDs/2 INTs) of the NFL world are now dinosaurs. And the obsolescence happened all in the span of a year, and it’s not changing back.

The problem is, but good for Goff-style, the NFL cannot change fast enough to the new QB style, across the board because the entire management structure of the NFL is by and large educated in a 1980s, 90s, 00s passing game style. The Andy Reid tree should be chopped down and thrown into a woodchipper…instead, more of his guys will get promoted because of Patrick Mahomes carrying them/making them look smart.

My son is a YouTube low-level ‘star’ (YouTube’s Nateson). When he pitched the idea for wanting a new supercomputer for Christmas so he could properly launch a YouTube channel idea, when he was 14 years old, he put together a PowerPoint presentation and displayed it on my living room TV, to show how much the computer parts would cost, why he needed those parts, and that he would build this computer himself, and why having a YouTube channel was a possible monetary success. He wanted to forgo traditional Christmas presents and Birthday presents upcoming to rather get cash to buy the parts he needed.

He pitched this to my wife and I, when he was 14 years old in our living room like he was selling us a timeshare property proposal.

He lost us at…neither of us knew how to put a PowerPoint together and we didn’t know how he did, nor did we know how he got his old hand-me-down laptop to play on our TV.

When he started speaking of YouTube as a business and showing us all the existing success stories and how they got there. We were like, “What’s a PewDiePie?” PewDiePie is a top YouTube icon and is now 30 years old and has an estimated net worth of $30 million dollars. 8 years ago, he was just breaking out…at age 22. My wife and could not fathom that this world of cat and fart videos would be a place for monetary gain for a 14-year old.

My son studied and honed and practiced his craft for 4 years from that date, and hit the small time as a freshman in college…his 2,000 subscriber channel would grow to over 50,000 in a few months and ultimately, today, to 150,000+ subscribers in less than 4 years.

We tried to stop him initially. We didn’t understand any of it, really.

When my son was in college, taking electronic media and film making…the professors admonished all their young mind’s the first day of classes that their chasing of YouTube success (as most every student was interested in) was a stupid fairytale. Why? The professors had no idea. Once the professors talked to my son, meeting someone who actually walked every inch of several miles to ‘make it’ in YouTube – many of them asked him to present his story to their classes, and then to entire departments of students in that arena, including faculty…all of them mesmerized at what he spoke of. Why? The very educated professors were not educated in the biggest video platform in the world. My son, at age 19 was teaching professors who were former movie makers, won real awards, etc., about YouTube…and they still couldn’t really understand. It’s not because my son is a genius (he’s got my DNA, so it’s not possible)…it’s because it wasn’t a platform the professors had any experience in. They new existed, and that’s about the extent of it.

Do you think Norv Turner is going to find/launch the next Lamar Jackson? How about Andy Reid? How about Adam Gase? How about Bruce Arians? If they tried, they’d be 10 years behind many high school coaches in their understanding of the runner-passer concepts. What do you think ALL the NFL scouts are taught to look for? What about the asleep at the wheel GMs?

It’s going to be a choppy road trying to move from Jared Goff to Lamar Jackson, across the board in the NFL…but it’s coming/it’s here.

You know who could be Lamar-like, already in existence in the NFL? Think about it, write down a few guesses. I’ll answer it within one of my upcoming Week 13 game recaps. I bet it’s not who you think. I’ll tell you my idea and how it could/will happen. Upcoming.


 -- I’m beginning to believe Sean McVay never wanted Darrell Henderson, and I base that on three things:

1) All the talk of Henderson from the draft was how the GM pushed it as ‘the next Kamara’ and had to convince McVay on why they would take him.

2) McVay has hardly tried to use him, and if there were any game for him to see a few touches it would be here. And, yet, Henderson never saw the field.

3) There has been 0.3% look of Henderson being used like Kamara even when he is in this season, so it’s almost like McVay is protesting Henderson…or doesn’t know/want to use him like that.

My Sean McVay love-as-a-coach-o-meter is sinking weekly. If the Rams were 10-1 right now, then who cares about the lack of Henderson…but this team, this offense is dying/dead. Why not try new things? I would have expected it from McVay overall. I guess, he really is just like all the rest.


*Next Week 13 Projections Update on Saturday 11/30, no update planned for 11/29 Black Friday*


 -- I thought Jalen Ramsey would shut down Marquise Brown (5-42-2/7), but in the red zone he was lined up in the slot, Ramsey not on him either time…and two short TDs happened.

I know what you’re thinking… Well, can Christian Kirk do that this week? Not as likely. Kirk lines up outside 85%+ of the time (according to Mike Clay) and that’s where Ramsey usually covers receivers at but will chase them if they move to the slot as well.

Brown is THE GUY for Lamar, but when they are blowing everyone out…everyone gets in on the fun. No need to lean on one WR like a Brees-Thomas thing.


 -- When the Ravens blow teams out, Gus Edwards (14-55-0, 0-0-0/0) gets more touches in relief. The next two weeks against SF-BUF may not be spots where he gets as many touches.


 -- Gerald Everett (2-23-0/2) is one of my least favorite TEs in the NFL. I just do not like his routes or his hands or his mindset. I’m not sure what McVay sees here. Everett has been literal FF garbage in four of his last 6 games…a limited snap, less than 25 yards producer in four of his last 6.


 -- Mark Andrews (2-45-0/3) has been under 55 yards receiving in seven of his last 9 games. Since Week 3, Andrews is the #10 TE in PPG PPR. He’s played 50% or less of the snaps in six of his last 8 games. He’s a specialist prone to hot and cold games. Mostly good but can go bad when there is no real need to push him.


Snap Counts of Interest:


50 = Gurley

02 = M Brown

00 = Henderson


36 = Higbee

17 = Everett


49 = Boyle

34 = Hurst

31 = Andrews


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