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2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 13 – Dolphins 37, Eagles 31

December 4, 2019 10:30 PM
December 4, 2019 10:27 PM

2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 13 – Dolphins 37, Eagles 31


I’m not an Eagles fan or defender, but after rewatching this…all I can say is – come on. I mean, really? Miami is put in 3rd & long it felt like all game, and converts a few with miracle plays and then, because they have nothing to lose, as they also go for several 4th downs and go 3-for-3 converting them with ridiculous plays like a fake FG, punter pitching a pass to a kicker diving in the end zone TD? Really?

I mean credit to Miami for making the plays and discredit for the Eagles not putting away Miami when they should have, but this was a fluke game. Hell, it started with an Eagles pick of Fitzpatrick the first play of the game. Philly was up 10-0 in short order, and then all the sudden it was 14-13 Miami with 4 minutes left in the 1st-half after the kicker caught a TD pass from the holder.

Philly scored right before half to go up 21-14 and then scored right out of the half to take control 28-14. I was thinking…OK, this is going to be a blowout. Miami then outscored Philly 23-3 the final 23 minutes of game play and won. A bad loss, but a fluky loss for sure. The better team definitely did not win. The lucky-this-day team won.

Miami continues to ruin their chance at the #1 draft pick. Every analyst who claimed Miami was tanking…was wrong. Heck, Miami is in line to win another 1-2 possibly 3 games this season.

The Eagles should win their next two games, get to 7-7 and have a showdown Week 16 with 7-7/8-6 Dallas. The winner might win the NFC East, but it won’t matter because neither of teams can win the Super Bowl. If I had to bet, I’d say the Eagles will somehow find a way to win the division…but I’d like to place no money on that please.


Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- Kalen Ballage is now on I.R. the rest of the season, so Miami will actually be better next week then they were this game…losing Ballage is a huge bump for the Miami offense. But who is the beneficiary at RB for Miami? It would be in this predicted order…

1) None – all RBs for Miami have been dreadful, so don’t bother.

2) Zach Zenner – Picked up by Miami this week, and is just a pure guess that he has the experience to takeover this backfield. However, I don’t think Week 14 will be his time…but Week 15-16-17 could be. I just don’t know that it means anything for FF.

3) Patrick Laird – The one who assumed the majority touches when Ballage went out and is a solid PPR back, but Zenner is a bigger, tougher, more experienced version of Laird.

4) Myles Gaskin – Just because they have a draft pick vested in him, he exists.

5) De’Lance Turner – The fact that Ballage went down and Turner never saw a snap tells me all I need to know. He did play special teams, so we know he’s there and purposefully held back.


 -- DeVante Parker (7-159-2/10) is playing the best ball of his life, and credit Ryan Fitzpatrick to some degree. What Parker excels at is ‘jump balls’ and ‘high point’ throws. He is a terrible #1 WR or interior receiver. He hates contact or pressure, but float him out some jump balls and he excels at those because he doesn’t take big hits on them on one-on-one tosses deep. He’s like a different version of D.K. Metcalf…good for one thing, but the one thing is valuable if you use it properly.

I suspect teams will double Parker over the top from here on in, and that will open up opportunity for Albert Wilson (2-31-0, 5-32-0/5) to work underneath and take jet sweeps (he has run the ball 3 times the last two weeks). A nice Wilson effort might be in the offing ahead.

Mike Gesicki (5-79-1/7) opens up as an option because of the focus coming to Parker, but Gesicki is a hit-or-miss receiver week-to-week. Not a reliable force.


 -- With Jordan Howard out, and a good matchup…Miles Sanders (17-83-0, 5-22-1/5) was given the vote of confidence here with the majority of work. The Eagles desperately want to push Sanders to prove their draft pick, plus they adore him. It’s a weak move for the offense because he’s not a great back, but it is what it is. It’s real. And he wasn’t all that great in this great matchup.

Jay Ajayi (2-9-0) getting two touches against his former team…tells you what you need to know about the packing order here.

The Eagles are praying Howard can comeback, but I think he’s in danger of missing the rest of the regular season…or just staying out until the Dallas game.


 -- Alshon Jeffrey (9-137-1/16) came back off his injury and had a great game. He should be hot against NYG Week 14, and then maybe some issues vs. Quinton Dunbar Week 15.


 -- Zach Ertz (3-24-0/6) was a surprise active, after having a hamstring issue all week…but he played and worked 75% of the snaps and was in 13 more snaps than Dallas Goedert (6-66-0/7). In a big game, with big scoring…Wentz went to Jeffrey 16 times in the game and Goedert 7…and Ertz 6.

Ertz is a random TE1 for PPR…he’ll be great one week then 2-3 weak weeks, then great a week with no rhyme or reason. He’s all over the place with no consistency like he had in 2018. You kinda start him and pray each week.


 -- Many of us sat on the Eagles-DST a few weeks ahead for such a day as this…for the MIA-NYG-WAS three game slice of heaven Weeks 13-15. It was gold…until it wasn’t.

What happened?

A little luck/quirkiness…

Miami went 3-for-3 on 4th-downs…including that punter pitch pass to the kicker on the fake FG. A few 3rd & long bombs that hit in good coverage.

Arizona gave up 34 points this week and it was the worst defensive performance I’ve seen from a team this season since Week 1 Miami at Baltimore, and possibly it was worse than that.

Philly gave up 37 points here, even more points, and it really wasn’t that bad. I don’t really understand how it happened. Fitzpatrick is Fitzmagic…God love him he just drops back and bomb’s away and some games they hit and most games they don’t but when they do…look out.



Snap Counts of Interest:


43 = Laird

16 = Gaskin

11 = Ballage

00 = Turner


62 = Sanders

09 = Ajayi


53 = Ertz

40 = Goedert


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