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2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 14 – Eagles 23, Giants 17

December 13, 2019 1:26 PM
December 13, 2019 11:45 PM

2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 14 – Eagles 23, Giants 17


The worst part about my job each week – having to rewatch the prior week’s Monday Night Football game.

We make fun of a lot of things in/about the NFL, tongue in cheek sometimes, but honestly…no one is worse at their job than Booger McFarland on commentary on MNF. I hate the live watch listening to him first, and then rewatch session is even worse. I thought Jason Witten was bad at this, and he is…but he was harmless. Jon Gruden just loved everybody and everything…but at least he had Sean McDonough. But McDonough made the mistake of speaking truth and reality a few times, and…well…we can’t have that. We (ESPN and the NFL) have to have stooges on commentary to insult the intelligence of our fans, because we (ESPN and the NFL) know they are a bunch of face painting morons…which, to be fair, we (the fans) don’t really represent ourselves well sometimes either.

But the face painters are just like a nothing percent of the football watching population. Why are you playing to them? Who do you think is watching the Giants-Eagles Week 15 game deep into overtime besides serious fans and fantasy players…most all of which know football pretty well, and would love to learn more…but we don’t get that from ESPN/the NFL. I never understood why.

The football watching stronghold/foundation are the true fans of a team, but the audience is mostly gamblers/fantasy players and serious football fans in general. All of which know more than Booger McFarland about everything involving the teams playing – so why would they give us this? Is it because THEY think WE’RE all stupid. We’re not, it’s just a small fraction of us that are…but that fraction is vocal. It’s like people who get all worked up about the coverage of political things by Fox News or CNN. Guess what? CNN’s ratings on their news is like 300-500K people at a time…Fox News 1-2M…there’s like 330M adults in the United States (I Googled it). I’m not good at math, but 1M of 330M has to be like a low percentage, right? Are those news sites really changing minds/swaying the public at large? What percentage of the adults are watching MNF (about 10-18M of them depending upon the matchup) would report they really enjoy and learn from Booger McFarland? Zero. There is research they could do on that, no? I guess not. The crane Booger sat on from 2017-2018 was more knowledgeable and interesting about football than Booger.

From the people that brought you Booger McFarland on a crane and tested Jason Witten and greenlit him for the plum NFL analyst job, brings you sans-Crane Booger McFarland to babble on in your ear.

Three things about this game I’d like to correct Booger on…

1) Every time a tight end catches a single pass in an MNF game, Booger, you do not have to proclaim them ‘maybe the best tight end in our game today’. Let’s dial it back a little bit on the hyperbole. There cannot be 17 ‘best tight ends in football’.

2) What’s wrong with the Eagles offense? Per Booger, in this game, it’s because the Eagles built their offense for Nick Foles and his RPOs, like Foles ran in college, and they have to switch back to something that suits Carson Wentz.

Do you have time for me to list everything wrong with that statement? It’s insulting to everyone in football watching or the Eagles’ coaches. Really, the Eagles built an offense for the emergency backup QB and NOT for Wentz for the past three years? That’s ludicrous. Wha6t…you think when the Philly staff rewatches this game and hears that they’ll be like, “Whoa…why didn’t we think of that? We should change our offense FOR Wentz. We didn’t know Foles wasn’t here anymore, I swear I just saw him at the sauna. Let’s get on changing the offense pronto!Nick Foles running RPOs at Arizona, in college, in 2009-2011? Really? You think that’s what he ran there? You think that’s why he was successful in the pros?

The good news is – the Eagles just have to change the offense to something for Wentz and problem solved. Right, Booger?

3) As soon as Miles Sanders had his first touch, Booger beamed that the Eagles offense just looked different/more explosive with Sanders in (per his in-depth scouting). Really? You mean the struggling offense the moment Jordan Howard went down offense looks better with Sanders? The same Sanders, who was so bad that Howard took over the job and saved the offense midseason? The same Howard the Eagles are trying desperately to get active…they’d play him in a body cast if they could, because he’s their only hope at a serious interior run game.

You couldn’t watch Eagles football 2019 and believe the offense was better/more explosive with more Miles Sanders. But that’s the problem with football coverage…unstudied people take consensus chatter from Senior Bowl week and just run with it as fact on players for the rest of eternity. It’s incredibly lazy and unfair to all the other players…like to Boston Scott in this game.

The game analysis here was easy…

The Eagles suck right now because Carson Wentz is dying in front of our eyes.

The Eagles suck even more because they tried to push not-ready-to-be-a-lead-back Miles Sanders because ‘everyone says he’s great’ (also, see: Bears and David Montgomery). The Eagles pushed Sanders early in this game and the offense went nowhere and they were down 17-3 at the half of an absolute must win game.

The Eagles then tossed Boston Scott into the game midway through the 3rd-quarter, almost by mistake it felt like, and he literally saved the season by being what he is – exponentially better than highly-drafted Sanders…again and again. Scott saved this game from the Eagles being blown out.

The cherry on the sundae…every time Scott made a great run or run after catch -- Booger went into his ‘it was the great play design by the ____ coach’.  

Sometimes I really hate the skewed, lazy coverage of the NFL (actually, I need it to survive in my business). It makes me mad because Boston Scott gets no hype that he deserves, and next week everyone will expect heavy Miles Sanders to try to carry the day…even the Eagles’ staff. They follow the groupthink. I’m sure PFF has Miles Sanders graded off the charts great this season.

This Miles Sanders stuff makes me reconsider something…

Correction: Booger McFarland doesn’t exist on ESPN for MNF coverage because THEY think WE’RE stupid and are feeding us this nonsense they can control. THEY, the football intelligentsia, are incompetent and thus THEY think Booger McFarland is a great football orator among them. It’s not a diabolical plan…it’s just they’re all terrible at their jobs, and thus Booger seems great. They see up as down, when we see down as down. You can’t fix that.

The Eagles so deserve to not win the NFC East because they should pay for their Miles Sanders fiasco, and they might not even if they beat Dallas Week 16 (who deserves to lose for their Jason Garrett fiasco). I’m not sure Philly will beat Washington this week. Dallas is the better team, but Week 16 at Philly…it favors the Eagles.

The Giants got an Eli boost for about a half off a couple good throws and then Eli did nothing the rest of the game and cost his team the victory by not leading a scoring drive the 2nd-half + OT. The Giants have a real shot at the #1 pick…keeping Eli in helps the cause.


Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- Yes, Boston Scott (10-59-0, 6-69-0/6) did save the day in this game…and YES, he is all-around better than Miles Sanders (15-45-0, 4-24-0/5).

Scott is faster, tougher, and better in the passing game. Scott was pretty nice as a starting RB in college (La Tech) and ran ‘wow’ times at his Pro Day. He’s a homerun hitter.

It’s possible that Scott splits with Sanders next week, but gets more passing game work, like he did here. The Eagles cannot afford to mess around anymore. What Scott did in the 2nd-half of this game might have changed the Eagles RB touch distribution going forward, if Jordan Howard is still out.

It’s also possible the Eagles do what NFL teams do…be allergic to success and try to re-prove consensus belief in the wrong guy and Sanders gets the push again.

If you are in a hole for FF this week because you faced Lamar on TNF…Boston Scott is on the nuclear bomb list of do-or-die options to try to get lucky with this week.


 -- Eli Manning (15-30 for 203 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT) looked OK, not great, here. A short throw and missed tackle sprung a 35-yard TD. Later, a 55-yard bomb to a wide-open Darius Slayton was pretty but after that happened in the 2nd-quarter…I cannot even remember Eli completing a pass the rest of this game. He might have had 175+ of his 204 yards passing in the 1st-half.


 -- Eli’s pass distribution…

It was Sterling Shepard (4-28-0/7) at first, the guy he’s most comfortable with, but Philly covered him well…knowing that.

Darius Slayton (5-154-2/8) sprung open a couple times and made a few big plays. It was working in the 2nd-quarter, and Eli abused it, and then it was cut-off the rest of the game. He definitely earned Eli’s trust this game…it’s just Eli isn’t the most reliable deliverer, because they couldn’t connect in the 2nd-half.

Golden Tate (1-11-0/5) was a fear for me because Eli has never played a live game with him, but I thought the same about Slayton.

Yes, the face Miami this week…but Eli is the Miami of QB play, so not sure which side of that pays off.


 -- What’s wrong with Carson Wentz (33-50 for 325 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT)? Not sure. Could be the mounting injuries. Could be the lack of a run game with too much Miles Sanders forcing too many 2nsd and 3rd & longs (which has cost Mitch Trubisky in Chicago). Could be all the receivers hurt/out.

I’m not a Wentz guy, per se…but I wouldn’t throw him in the trash because of a bad stretch here. I wouldn’t use him for fantasy right now, but I don’t know that his career is over now…I don’t think he forgot how to play football.

As the schedule got easy the last two weeks…he has 5 TDs/1 INT and has back-to-back 300+ yard games. Washington this week…not ‘easy’. Not hard, but not easy.


 -- As Wentz has faltered and lost weapons, he’s gone back to his comfort zone…Zach Ertz (9-91-0/13).

Ertz has 9 or more catches in a game in four of his last 5 games. He’s the hottest TE in fantasy right now. Four TDs his last 5 games. Since Week 9, Ertz is the 5th highest scoring PPG PPG TE among any RB-WR-TE.


*The next Week 15 Projections Update will post Saturday 2nd half of the day Eastern time. No update run Friday.*


 -- Alshon Jeffrey was lost for the season in this game. Who picks up the slack? You know how I feel about nothing J.J. Arcega Whiteside (2-29-0/3). It’s not him.

Greg Ward (4-34-0/9) is OK, and he got 9 targets here. He’s a sleeper for Week 15 for 5+ catches. Philly’s Russell Gage.

Josh Perkins (5-37-0/5) can kinda roll like a TE/WR-ish type but hard to count on.

Scott-Sanders got 11 targets and 10 catches combined.


 -- The Eagles-DST didn’t cash in on another favorable matchup. They had a bad 2nd-quarter and shut out the Giants all the other quarters, but they only had two sacks and dropped a couple picks, and just had a ‘meh’ game.

The Giants made a few low probability big plays here and Miami did that against them the prior week…it’s either bad luck or reality. Washington this week…the Redskins might be a better offense than MIA-NYG that they just faced. Not sure the Eagles are a slam dunk this week either, sadly. It’s still a favorable matchup Week 15, but Philly hasn’t cashed them in the past two weeks. They are due…



Snap Counts of Interest:


50 = Sanders

38 = Scott

05 = Ajayi


79 = JJAW

76 = G Ward

20 = Jeffrey


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