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2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 14 – Titans 42, Raiders 21

December 12, 2019 8:56 AM
December 12, 2019 8:55 AM

2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 14 – Titans 42, Raiders 21


Had I known Josh Jacobs was going to be inactive, I would have pulled my Oakland pick over Tennessee from ‘my picks’. How that guy is playing with a broken shoulder for weeks, misses the Raiders game of the year (now they are dead for the playoffs with this loss), and is talking about playing meaningless Week 15…makes no sense.

Without Jacobs, and their left tackle…the Raiders went toe-to-toe with the Titans in the first half, 21-21 game at the half. I was thinking, during the live watch…OK, they’re gonna survive this…the Raiders are due to win lucky, and Tennessee to lose unlucky. The Titans then clamped down and put the Raiders to sleep in the 2nd-half with a 21-0 finish to win 42-21.

The Titans have now scored 30 or more points in four straight games and have won six of 7 under Ryan Tannehill. Reminds me a lot of the Vikings magical run with Case Keenum a couple of years ago. The Titans very well could win the AFC South, and I have a feeling they might. They have Houston two times in the next 3 weeks. In-between, the Titans have the Saints and the Texans have the Bucs – advantage Houston, if they can split the head-to-heads. Week 15 is for temporary 1st-place in the AFC South.

Oakland had the wild card in the palm of their hands after Week 11, but then they lost three games in a row and have fallen to 6-7…and out of the playoff picture.


Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- DeAndre Washington (14-53-1, 6-43-0/7) did what I thought he’d do…ran with effort and spirit, a man getting his shot to impress as a starter. He’s not great, but he’s OK…and has played like his life/career depended upon it all 2019.

What I was really excited about was how many FFM’ers grabbed him as a ‘just in case’ (whether you had Jacobs or not) play at 4pmET+. While others chased Richard, we went Washington, and that was a decent payday.

What I was even MORE excited about was his possibility for Week 15 at non-run defense Jacksonville. It’s the perfect set up…one guy playing for his life against 11 guys on defense who could give a $#!&. Well, now word is hitting that Jacobs plans to play this week. Why the Raiders would do that to him, I do not know…but it wouldn’t be the NFL if they didn’t run their assets right into the ground/put at-risk for no apparent reason.

I’m still suspicious that Jacobs will really be active…if he wasn’t last week, why would he be this week? Wouldn’t one extra week of healing be smart…or just put on I.R.? I don’t think we’re dead yet on Washington holds, for him starting Week 15+ with Jacobs out. We won’t know until Friday, I suspect.

I put Jacobs playing/active at 30% for this week.


 -- Since he began starting, Week 8, only Lamar Jackson is scoring more FF points per game than Ryan Tannehill (21-27 for 341 yards, 3 TDs/1 INT) among all QBs.

He finds a new way every week. He benefits from a big play at least once every week…like a no/low probability throw or short pass, broken tackle, turned 90+ yard TD. Every week it happens…God Bless him, actually He has been.

I don’t know how you bet against Tannehill this week. You might have all the Kyler-Dak-Baker-Goff-Brady-Rodgers options, but this keeps working every single week. The Houston defense is not great. It all makes sense to roll Tannehill another week.


 -- I want to tell you to roll A.J. Brown (5-153-2/7, 1-13-0) but is he going to follow through?

Brown has had an 80+ yard game four times this season, the next game after his big events were:






You want that in an FF playoff game? Still, it’s a great matchup and Brown has shown he can have big FF games (off one big play).

There’s logic for…and against it.

Think of every time Corey Davis had a moment the few years…never followed it up the next week. It’s something about this offense.


 -- I have no logic for you to consider Tyrell Williams (3-35-0/4) to start this week. He has gone full M.I.A.

He hasn’t had more than 6 targets in a game since Week 4. He hasn’t scored a TD in six straight games. Why would it change this week?

Darren Waller (6-73-0/6) is the only Oakland receiver worth a damn right now, and he hasn’t scored a TD in six games…and only had 3 TDs on the season, but a ton of catches and yards otherwise…and a bunch of ‘just missed’ scores.

2020 will be even better with Waller when a new QB is starting…hopefully.


 -- Here’s how messed up NFL teams are…

You know when the Titans really took off? When they quit Marcus Mariota and they lost Delanie Walker. Had they had it their way, the plan from the beginning, this would be a losing/dead team with those two duds.

Jonnu Smith (3-29-1/4) is so much better than current-day Delanie Walker, it’s ridiculous. And, yet, they still don’t work Jonnu enough. Same thing with A.J. Brown. I just don’t love what I see in the Titans passing game, and yet things magically work out somehow, someway every week under Tannehill.

It is a very Case Keenum/Minnesota 2017 vibe.



Snap Counts of Interest:


53 = Zay

52 = Tyrell

28 = Doss

12 = Gafford


40 = D Washington

24 = Richard


37 = D Henry

24 = D Lewis


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