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2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 9 – Cowboys 37, Giants 18

November 7, 2019 8:38 AM
November 7, 2019 8:35 AM

2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 9 – Cowboys 37, Giants 18


Ok, so the Cowboys scuffled to a measly 13-12 lead at halftime, and that’s we might remember – struggled with the crappy Giants. I kinda thought that the following day, but then I re-watched this and I’m like…1st-play of the game a batted pass turned fluky pick setting up NYG to get the first score and now all the momentum at home on a Monday Night game for NYG…a little later, a Dallas drive stopped by a hard hit/Randall Cobb fumble. The Cowboys tried to give NYG the game the entire 1st-half…and they still found a way to lead 13-12 at halftime.

Once the Christmas gifts stopped, Dallas stepped on NYG and won the 2nd-half 25-6 and it was a joke by the end. With all the early advantages, at home on an MNF game – the Giants still embarrassed themselves. Dallas still smoked them. That’s where the Giants are at…about a half-step above being Miami-Jets-Bengals bad. Potentially, they are in that group.

The Giants face the Jets, Dolphins, and Redskins ahead…so a few more wins coming, maybe. They’ll probably finish with 3-4-5 wins.

I think Dallas is the better team than Philly, but with a current half-game lead over them they’re about to embark on a tough schedule the rest of the way. They can survive this gauntlet, to some degree (and Philly has a version of a gauntlet they are in right now too), if they handle Minnesota at Dallas this week. If they lose this week, Dallas may slide right out of the playoffs if they’re not careful. It’s a playoff-like game for Minnesota this week too.

If Dallas beats Minnesota, we think they will be 8-6 going to Philly for a showdown with 8-6 Eagles team at Philadelphia…possible ‘winner take all’ showdown. If they lose to Minnesota, we see more 7-7 but possibly still 8-6 going into that Week 16 at PHI game. From Weeks 11-16, Dallas has four road games at Detroit, at New England, at Chicago, at Philadelphia…a lot of unfriendly confines and suspect weather to play in, potentially. The Dallas season wrests upon beating Philly Week 16, most likely.


Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- I didn’t want anything to do with Golden Tate (6-42-0/6) upon his return from suspension because of Dan Dime and I felt like Sterling Shepherd was the guy for Jones and then you have Evan Engram (6-48-0/8) as a key weapon. I worried Danny Tencent could not deal out enough action for everyone, because Daniel Jones is no good.

But then Shepherd got a concussion and fears he may go on I.R. with the issue. Now, Engram is out with a possible multi-week foot issue. Tate becomes the reliable, stable workhorse…good for a lot of games like this – 5-7 catches, 40-70 yards, and no TDs with an occasional TD here and there.

The injuries are why I like Darius Slayton (1-6-0/4) as a hail mary play this week for fantasy/DFS. Versus a depleted Miami secondary, Slayton is the big bodied target Jones can find…one he often just throws things up from grabs his way. Slayton has 3 TD catches his last 5 games.

In this game, just one catch…the very first catch of the game but then Slayton was thrown out to Byron Jones’s side a lot and couldn’t do much against him, as you would expect. He did see three other targets for about 80+ air yards but they couldn’t connect and one he dropped.

Slayton is a 4.39 runner with a 40.5” vertical. He can go get errant passes from Dimebag Danny…not so much against good coverage, but possible against a secondary like Miami’s.


 -- Did you know Saquon Barkley (14-28-0, 6-67-0/8) hasn’t rushed for more than 72 yards in a game since Weeks 1-2?

Since Week 3, Barkley hasn’t been a top 30 PPG RB in PPR or non-PPR.

Another year where the ultimate top pick in a redraft…fails to deliver.

It’s not his fault, teams are realizing Daniel Jones is terrible so they are doing an obvious stack against Saquon and making Danny beat them…and he can’t.


 -- I know Booger McFarland thinks Daniel Jones (26-41 for 210 yards, 1 TD/1 INT, 6-54-0) is the future and all…but he’s paid to lie to you about stuff he doesn’t understand anyway (same as Jason Witten was).

I’m not liking anything about Jones. TD passes in a game since his 2-TD debut: 1-1-1-1-4-1. He has 9 TDs/8 INTs since his lucky 2-TD debut vs. TB. He’s running the terribly limiting Pat Shurmur ‘scaredy cat’ offense with a couple blind bombs thrown in for good measure.

He’s not the worst…he’s not Haskins or Darnold bad, but he’s in the next grouping after them.


 -- What a sweet 42-yard TD from Blake Jarwin (1-42-1/1)…who wants to see more of that? Not Jason Garrett. Don’t want to get in the way of the Witten-Jerry bromance.

The only thing more important to Jerry Jones than winning a Super Bowl…is staying too attached to/in the good graces of his favorite star players. There’s a place for Witten here, but they should be utilizing Jarwin for the weapon he is (and that Witten is not).

One whole target here for Jarwin…game saving (at the time) 42-yard TD before the half…and then no more targets after that. Smart.


 -- I’m not loving the Michael Gallup (2-133-1/6) trends upon his return from his injury that forced him out of Weeks 3-4. From Weeks 5-9, four games, 16 catches on 31 targets…barely a 50%+ connection rate. 4-3-2 for catches in games the last three weeks against very favorable matchups. I’m not sure exactly what has caused this seeming derailment of a great story that was developing after the first two weeks of the season.

I do remember Tyler Lockett in his 2nd-year, going off memory, hurting his PCL, not having surgery, playing through it -- and really disappearing/struggling for several weeks and it seemed like he was a flash in the pan. Then after several weeks he finally got to 100% and started going back to his normal self. I’m wondering if Gallup is not working at 100% right now…it would fit the pattern of going from great-to-mediocre with the injury issue/surgery event wedged in-between.



Snap Counts of Interest:


68 = Tate

67 = Slayton

42 = Fowler

11 = Latimer


57 = Witten

26 = Jarwin


71 = Deandre Baker

71 = Janoris Jenkins

55 = Corey Ballentine (most he’s played this year, 4 tackles and a PD…he’s good)


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