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2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 9 – Eagles 22, Bears 14

November 8, 2019 7:49 AM
November 8, 2019 7:47 AM

2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 9 – Eagles 22, Bears 14


Another game the Bears could’ve won, even though they played terribly. The Eagles led 12-0 at the half. Went up 19-0 quickly after the half, and (live watch) I’m thinking…’This is over’. And then Mitch Trubisky rallies the offense for two TD drives and gets the score to 19-14 Philly with 8+ minutes left. All the ‘great’ Bears' defense needs to do is halt the Eagles one more time and give the ball back to the offense with a chance to win.

The Eagles embark on an 8-minute drive to run the clock all the way down and kick a field with 0:25 left to freeze out the Bears from any comeback. Once again, this will all be Trubisky’s fault. He’s the official scapegoat.

Chicago loses their 4th straight game and falls to 3-5 and considering the schedule ahead…it’s pretty much over for any playoff hopes. They have the talent to get on a hot streak, but not the coaching to do such a thing. The Bears are headed to 6-10 and will have a ton of questions in the offseason and will re-do/change everything as a reaction. Everything was fine after last year, and now everything must be burned to the ground and rebuilt a year later. Sounds reasonable.

The Eagles get a big win to climb to 5-4…they have a BYE and then a two-game homestand with NE and SEA. If they win one of those games, I think they might win the NFC East. Weeks 13-15 is an easy three-game win streak. Worst case, Philly will face Dallas Week 16, at Philadelphia with either 8-9 wins in the bank and a chance to lockdown the division with a win.


Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- I saw Tarik Cohen (2-7-0, 2-9-0/5) getting used a little more as a WR in this game, early on…and I was getting excited – and then he dropped two easy passes and we didn’t see as much of him the rest of the way.

I bellow about how Tarik should be used as a WR/RB hybrid, but if he gets a chance…and drops passes – he will be buried more, like he has been all season. A team dying for a playmaker…and they near-refuse to get him the ball. However, he got chances here and dropped it…so, Tarik is to blame to some degree.

The homerun hitter as a runner has a high of 18 yards rushing in a game this season and a high of 5 carries in a game as well. It's a shame.


 -- What an FF-dud by Allen Robinson (1-6-0/5) too. He had his chances. Caught a 25+ yard pass but came down just out of bounds. Had his hands on a 40+ yard pass but lost the ball when he crashed to the ground off a leaping catch.

Trouble looming Week 11…consider it another BYE week – facing Jalen Ramsey.


 -- Mitch Trubisky (10-21 for 125 yards, 0 TD/0 INT) didn’t help his cause early on in this game. Too much throwing off his back foot. Part of the issue is no one is open. I see the same pass routes run by Cleveland and a few other teams…no pick plays or any dynamics – just 3-4-5 guys trying to beat one-on-one coverage 5-10+ yards downfield. Mitch is either faced with holding the ball longer hoping someone changes route/breaks open or he has to force it to them and hope…which ends up looking like indecision or dumb throws.

You normally do not see Trubisky throw right into coverage as if he’s blind. He misses some throws (overthrowing) but he sees what’s open (and not) and throws to the right receivers. He can be guilty of a lack of touch/accuracy here and there (although he has one of the best Comp. Pct.’s among QBs the past two seasons combined), but he shouldn’t be guilty of being a bad/sloppy QB.

It doesn’t matter. The jury has reached a verdict on him and he’ll never recover no matter what he does. His career is functionally/essentially over. It’s a shame. A nice raw talent with all the tools, thrown in the trash because of a bad 2019. Somehow, he forgot how to play football in a year. Crazy how that happens. Same thing with Baker Mayfield…record setting rookie and then can’t complete a pass a year later. I guess you just lose your abilities when you wake up one day…


 -- It doesn’t help the Bears offense that David Montgomery (14-40-2, 3-36-0/4) rarely runs the ball for more than a yard. 2nd & 8+ is where the Bears live. Montgomery had a 17-yard run in this game…and 13 carries for 23 yards (1.8 ypc) on all his other carries.

Here’s the status of every 2nd-play of every series the Bears had and what happened the 1st-play in parentheses…

1) 2nd & 6 (Montgomery 4-yard run)

2) 2nd &14 (Trubisky sacked)

3) 1st & 20 (Montgomery 3-yard run, holding penalty)

4) 2nd & 15 (Montgomery 0-yard run)

5) 2nd & 10 (Dropped pass Cohen)

6) 2nd & 4 (Cohen 6-yard catch)

7) 2nd & 3 (Montgomery 7-yard run)

8) 2nd & 7 (Montgomery 3-yard run)

9) 2nd & 10 (ARob 40+ yard catch, drops as he crashes to the ground)

10) 1st & 10 (Montgomery 17-yard run…his one decent run of the day)

The first nine drives…the 2nd-play began with an average of 10.1 to go for the 1st-down, Montgomery averaged 3.4 ypc, Mitch was 1-of-3 passing but both incompletions were the right throw, on the money, no caught by the receiver (one a tough catch the other a pure drop) --  but this is all Trubisky’s fault, right?


 -- Zach Ertz (9-103-1/11) had that big game he was due for.

Dallas Goedert (4-39-0/5) went back to less-than Ertz. Goedert did have and end zone throw to him, but the ball was batted by a D-Lineman before it could attempt to get to him.

Goedert played one more snap in this game than Ertz…the play time is still TE1 worthy, and his production/outlook is still back-end TE1.


 -- The Eagles have gotten their secondary healthy and have allowed only 13 and 14 points in games the last two weeks, albeit to BUF and CHI.

If the Philly-DST is going to do well against the weak -- @MIA, NYG, @WAS Weeks 13-15 should be pretty hot.



Snap Counts of Interest:


67 = Goedert

66 = Ertz


42 = Howard

32 = Sanders

10 = Sproles

00 = Scott


32 = Montgomery

16 = Cohen


05 = Javon Wims


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