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2020 Dynasty/Fantasy Week 12 Game Analysis: Giants 19, Bengals 17

December 2, 2020 10:35 PM
December 2, 2020 10:33 PM

2020 Dynasty/Fantasy Week 12 Game Analysis: Giants 19, Bengals 17


I take notes during the live watch. I re-watch the game on tape looking for hidden clues to report on. Here are my notes/takes on what I saw and how it related to FF 2020. I write anywhere from 1,000-3,000+ words on each game, and I must move fast to get to all of them through the week…so, please forgive any typos/grammar.



I had rung up 11 straight wins in Survivor pools leading up to Week 12, and I went out on a limb a little bit picking the Giants here – and they got the win, but it wasn’t easy/close.

It started out great…a quick 7-0 lead for NYG on the opening drive and I thought I was home free. Then Cincy returned the ensuing kickoff for a TD, and my spirit dampened a bit…but, still, I should be fine (I thought). 10-10 tie at the half had me nervous. Brandon Allen playing solid football had me nervous.

Colt McCoy coming in for Daniel Jones had me a bit nervous, but Dan Dimes isn’t good…so it wasn’t terrible, but still something to worry about because that’s what we do in fantasy/betting.

The Giants led 16-10 with 4+ minutes left, and Cincy had the ball, and I was getting a bit nervous. But then a fumble by Cincy set up NYG 20+ yards away from taking a two-score lead…and they did. 19-10 NYG with 3+ minutes left. It’s in the bag now!!


Cincy went right down and scored, then three-and-outed the Giants and suddenly it was 19-17 NYG with 0:57 left and Cincy sitting at the 50-yard line after a bad punt/good return for the Bengals. I could do the math…a field goal would end my Survivor Pool run in 2020, and they were only 15 or so yards away from being in good range. BUT the Giants got a strip sack fumble and ended the game on the very first offensive play for Cincy…ball game.


The Giants, led by their top 5 NFL defense (to my eyes), jump to (4-7) and are now tied with the Football Team for the NFC East lead. The NFC East winner will likely be the team that gets to 6 wins. It won’t be easy for WSH-NYG-PHI to get there given their schedules. If they all get to five wins, then the Giants are winning the division with their tiebreaker advantage. We see NYG finding 6 wins and winning the division…but that’s a very fluid, fragile projection.

Cincy played a very good ball game under their circumstances. They are (2-8-1) on their way to (2-13-1).



Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- My main notes from this game, the main thing you need to know…

Both of the bad QBs in this game…they aren’t that ‘bad’.

Brandon Allen (17-29 for 136 yards, 1 TD/1 INT) is a solid QB talent. He was completely unfazed in this start against a borderline great NFL defense. Allen was like Joe Burrow-lite. Kept his cool, took what he was given. Didn’t risk stupid throws but made tough throws when he had to.

The problem for Allen is – a bad O-Line keeps him under pressure, but he handled it well. Allen could work well against a weaker defense…the issue is he has MIA-DAL-PIT the next three weeks, all capable of pressure (except Dallas is erratic).

Colt McCoy (6-10 for 31 yards, 0 TD/0 INT, 5-7-0) wasn’t bad either. My memory from the live watch was that he was a drop off from Dan Jones, but I think that was ‘in spirit’ for a drop-off/the team’s demeanor dropped for a bit. Re-watching it…I think the Giants might be equally fine or better with McCoy. He also looked ‘unfazed’ by the moment, and with a week of full prep…he’ll probably be OK. Not a star, but not a joke either.

Allen or McCoy…they looked better than Carson Wentz did in Week 12.


 -- Because Brandon Allen isn’t terrible, it’s possible Tee Higgins (5-44-1/5) and Tyler Boyd (3-15-0/6) won't totally fall off a cliff for FF. Still, it’s WR3 hope now…not WR1-2.

Allen looked like he had a better working relationship with Higgins over Boyd, for what it is worth.

The schedule ahead (Week 13 v. MIA, Week 15 v. PIT) is not good for anyone involved. Week 16 v. HOU might be some FF title game help.


 -- I’d also say the Giants’ weapons don’t change much on projections with McCoy v. Dan Dimes. Sterling Shepard (7-64-0/8) will lead the way in catches. Evan Engram (6-129-0/9) will be a random event boom-or-bust. Darius Slayton (0-0-0/2) continues to die because Jones nor McCoy are good with the deep ball. Slayton is NYG’s version of Michael Gallup for Dallas now – potential star talent buried in a role that hurts them for growth/going to the next level.


 -- Wayne Gallman (24-94-1, 3-0-0/5) has been a low-key MVP for the Giants. He is running with such heart and shiftiness. He’s brought some juice to the run game that Devonta Freeman or Dion Lewis could not. Honestly, he’s been more consistent than Saquon Barkley…but the defensive focus is different when Saquon is there – so, it’s an apples-oranges comp.

People are all like…waaaahhhh, boo hoo, I wish I had drafted James Robinson to solve all my RB woes.

Since Gallman has become a starter (Week 8), he’s the #9 RB in PPR PPG. Robinson is #6.

In non-PPR, Gallman is #5 in that starter span…Robinson #6.

Don’t ever tell me RB’s matter THE MOST in fantasy again.

The great ones do…just like the great WRs, TEs, and QBs.

There are a thousand and one RB options available up and down NFL rosters. They slide in and out for each other and put up the same numbers when given the chance. Wayne Gallman is a strong RB1 today…no one had that in their FF plans.


 -- …like the way Gio Bernard (8-32-0, 2-17-0/3) has been as good/bad as Joe Mixon for FF since taking over. Gio is the clear lead back for Cincy right now. There is no hint of them trying to push younger guys for a look.

I don’t think Joe Mixon will return this season…if you’re Cincy, you’ve already spent the money – why rush him back? Let him take the rest of the season off – which means they’ll rush him back/put him at-risk as soon as they can in a 2-win season.

Trayveon Williams (1-0-0, 1-13-0/1) got into the game when it mattered in the 2nd-half (not garbage time) and saw a nice screen pass set up and made a solid play. He then took the handoff into a crowd for nothing…then gone. No real extra effort to see what they have here.


 -- I keep cooing about the Giants defense, because it is terrific, but I’m not sure you can use them the rest of the season now.

Week 13 at SEA

Week 14 v. ARI

Week 15 v. CLE

Week 16 at BAL

Maybe Week 15 v. CLE in the cold could be a winner. Regardless, just know…this is a very good, emerging defense. And GM Dave Gettleman deserves a ton of credit for his work rebuilding it, as does D-C Patrick Graham. If Gettleman could/would go get a real QB…he could rule the NFC East ahead.

He won’t.



Snap Counts of Interest:


38 = Gio

07 = Perine

05 = Trayveon


38 = Sample

13 = Carter


56 = Slayton

51 = Gallman

46 = Tate

17 = Mack


05 = Xavier McKinney return


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