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2020 Dynasty/Fantasy Week 14 Game Analysis: Seahawks 40, Jets 3

December 18, 2020 7:34 PM
December 19, 2020 11:59 AM

2020 Dynasty/Fantasy Week 14 Game Analysis: Seahawks 40, Jets 3


I take notes during the live watch. I re-watch the game on tape looking for hidden clues to report on. Here are my notes/takes on what I saw and how it related to FF 2020. I write anywhere from 1,000-3,000+ words on each game, and I must move fast to get to all of them through the week…so, please forgive any typos/grammar.


Game review: The Seahawks beat the Jets by 37 and were playing backups in the 4th-quarter…geez, what a shock. End of review.

I knew when they fired Gregg Williams, the Jets defense would go in the tank – like him or not, the defense was the only thing the Jets had…a bulldog tenacity that didn’t realize how big it was/wasn’t…always willing to fight to the end. Now, that’s gone. Thus, the Jets will lose out…unless the Patriots are out of the playoffs and decide to lose to the Jets Week 17 to keep them from getting Trevor Lawrence.

My Survivor pool picks can have me/us running against the Jets the rest of the way…and we will until we see about Week 17.

Seattle has this quasi-bye week win to go to (9-4), in a race with the Rams for the NFC West…which they will lose because they are not in the Rams’ class anymore. Seattle may be playing their 1st-round playoff opponent in Week 15…at Washington.



Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- I was pleased to see that Josh Adams (6-27-0, 2-3-0/2) led the Jets in rushing. So what…it was only 27 yards? Let me enjoy my life for a moment without spoiling it with details.

Frank Gore (8-23-0) started and was Frank Gore…nothing.

Ty Johnson (8-16-0) was actually in on the 2nd play, rotating in and out early with Gore…but doing nothing as well.

Mid-2nd-quarter, game getting out of hand, Adams entered and reeled off another 10+ yard run (12 yards) and that was too much success to handle, so he rotated with Gore-Johnson the rest of the way as they lost 37.

We gotta see what this Gore kid is all about for the future, ya know.


*This game was a total embarrassment, as if you didn’t know from the score. No reason to talk about the obvious players…they did what they do, and then some of them didn’t play 25%+ of the game in this laugher. So, I want to write about five off-the-grid players that caught my eye here…


1) Colby Parkinson (2-16-0/2) got his first two targets and catches of his young career. Not enough time/targets to really dig into but he looked about as I expect him too – looks like a slow WR playing TE…which means he’s a quicker-than-average TE. He ran some smooth enough routes and showed a little burst after his first catch.

One of our top-rated TEs for this draft class…and better for FF than NFL purposes because he is such a promising receiver. My fear is he’ll just be a 3rd-down/pass game specialist TE – but he could be lethal in that role and the overall passing game.

He’s not going to be a full starter in 201 as Dissly-Hollister-____ (ancient blocking TE) just sit and watch on the sidelines all game…and, thus, we have to dull Parkinson’s 2021 expectations until we see how they’re going to use him.


2) SEA WR Penny Hart (1-19-0, 1-3-0/1) got a jet sweep on the first series (nice!). He later got a purposeful bubble screen.

I’m a Penny Hart fan (as a scrappy player, not sure he’s a future star or anything)…and he seems to be growing on Pete Carroll. The guy was an undersized star at Georgia State…1,100+ receiving yards and 8 TDs as a freshman, hurt as a sophomore, 1,100+ yards and 8 TDs as a junior. All this while playing with garbage/dysfunctional QBs/passing games.

Overlooked in the 2019 NFL Draft. The Colts gave him a chance first, he bounced from practice squad-to-IR-to-released then Seattle started adding and dropping him from the practice squad…but he’s worked his way to the main roster by talent, not by injuries above him.

He’s 5’6-7 and not overly fast but has football speed and determination. Good hands but quite small for the NFL game. He can make it through heart (Hart). He may have a DeAndre Carter type career ahead – popping up here and there but never locking in for consistent playing time and then just disappearing. I hope not but it’s likely.


3) The Jets added WR Jaleel Scott (1-16-0/1) in September, after the Ravens cut him (he was a 4th-round pick in 2018). And Scott was elevated here because of injuries to others.

Scott is a big (6’5”/220), fairly quick, fairly talented WR…but there is some issue, I think. Cut by the Ravens before his 3rd-season doesn’t make sense. He might have attitude issues…or the Ravens have 10,000 WRs they don’t use already, so Scott was the odd man out.

He’s with the Jets now, but likely no future for FF is imminent.


4) SEA LB Ben Burr-Kirven (5 tackles, 1 TFL) looks like he could be an heir apparent to one of those ILB spots for Seattle when Wagner-Wright are moving on. He looks like every textbook ILB…shorter, stout/thick, tackle-hungry, aggressive…but is pretty quick for 6’0”/230. He ran a 4.56 40-time with a sweet 6.85 three-cone at the 2019 NFL Combine.


5) NYJ CB Javelin Guidry (5 tackles, 0.5 TFLs)…who names their kid Javelin? His brother Shotput and sister Polevault might have been on hand to watch the game.

A 2020 UDFA corner now forced into playing due to mass injuries for the Jets. He’s pretty quick, a track star type football player – he has been impressing with NYJ since getting a shot a couple weeks ago. It’s ‘the Jets’, so who knows what that even means. I’m keeping an eye on him. Solid numbers/play from here.



Snap Counts of Interest:


37 = Hollister

36 = Dissly

19 = Parkinson


47 = Lockett

46 = DKM

39 = DMoore

33 = Swain

27 = P Hart


53 = Perriman

38 = Crowder

33 = Jeff Smith

11 = Berrios

09 = J Scott


20 = Ty Johnson

17 = Gore

12 = J Adams


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