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2020 Dynasty/Fantasy Week 9 Game Analysis: Titans 24, Bears 17

November 11, 2020 12:04 PM
November 11, 2020 12:03 PM

2020 Dynasty/Fantasy Week 9 Game Analysis: Titans 24, Bears 17


I take notes during the live watch. I re-watch the game on tape looking for hidden clues to report on. Here are my notes/takes on what I saw and how it related to FF 2020. I write anywhere from 1,000-3,000+ words on each game, and I must move fast to get to all of them through the week…so, please forgive any typos/grammar.


I remembered this, from the live watch, as a Tennessee drubbing/manhandling of the Bears. 10-0 Titans at the half. 17-0 TEN after three quarters. 24-3 Titans with 8+ minutes left. Easy win?

Really, re-watching this game, it was a pretty flimsy, erratic, slog of a game by both teams. The Bears were not as bad as the 24-3 Titans lead showed. Chicago got it together late and closed it to 24-17 but couldn’t get a late onside kick and they ended up with a one score loss. It could’ve been worse…or the Bears could have gotten more luck earlier and made it a real ballgame.

I’m not impressed with Tennessee here, nor am I thinking differently with Chicago – they are both ‘any given Sunday’ teams. They aren’t great playoff teams; both may miss out on the playoffs (but soon every team will make the playoffs anyway) but if they do get to the playoffs they won’t go far. Tennessee is the better overall team, because Matt Nagy wrecks the Bears in general, but neither team is all that impressive…nor were they in this game.

The Titans are (6-2), but it doesn’t feel like a (6-2) team. The schedule is their friend ahead…and if they can split with Indy in their two games in the next 3 weeks with them, then Tennessee may win this division with a 10-win season. If Indy beats them twice the next 3 weeks, the Titans could be scrambling to get to (9-7) and the wild card. We think the 10-win season and a shot at the AFC South is more likely, sightly, over the (9-7) finish.

The Bears have lost three in a row…and have fallen to (5-4), and their losing streak is just desserts because they are a (2-7) team masquerading as a (5-4) contender. If they lose to Minnesota, in Chicago, on MNF this week…all Matt Nagy hell is going to break loose this week in the Windy City. I think they will lose and eventually wind up (8-8) and fans wanting Nagy fired, but they won’t get the satisfaction.



Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- The big news from this game…David Montgomery (14-30-0, 3-12-0/3) got hurt late in the game and is questionable this week. They say a concussion, but it looks like a shoulder/arm injury to me…on top of that.

So, is it Ryan Nall (4-35-1/4) time? Honestly, I don’t know. It should be, but I also know Matt Nagy knows nothing of football talent or how to use it…so, my NFL-brain says he gets stiffed. But the way this game ended gives me hope.

Here’s the court case/evidence…

THE CASE FOR PATTERSON: Cordarrelle Patterson (3-13-0, 4-27-0/4) started this game. He was rotating in and out with Montgomery, but Patterson got a little push…but Montgomery played 50-17 snaps vs. CP and Montgomery took most of the touches (per usual). It looked like Nagy was trying to get Patterson going to spark Montgomery, but neither thing really was working.

Nagy has confidence in Patterson…he has all year. There’s NEVER been a turn to Ryan Nall to see what he might do.

My NFL-brain says Patterson will get 10+ touches and be the lead back for sure.

THE CASE FOR RYAN NALL: So, Montgomery goes down as the Bears are scrambling back into this game. Nall comes in for a play. Then Patterson in the next play. Then Nall in the next play…then Nall stays in, catches a short pass he runs in for a TD.

Next series, Nall in…Bears turnover. One play drive ends quickly.

Next series, again…Bears trying to get back in it, Nall in to start again…and he stayed in 7 straight plays in the hurry up offense, catching a few dump passes.

Chicago gets into the red zone, and then Artavis Pierce comes in for a play…then they go all WRs the next play, TD, end of Bears’ offensive chances.

A lot of Nall late, but he took no carries (but it was an all pass comeback frenzy). But then Nall out for Pierce (after Nall just made a play/catch and ran for good yards…may have been a breather). Patterson, a game breaking WR of the past…was not in the entire time in the hurry up, but Nall was?

You’re asking me what Matt Nagy will do for Week 10, when in the hurry up offense with terrible Montgomery in the game a ton, but then goes out hurt – and Nagy goes to little used Nall instead of former gamebreaker WR, game starter at RB Patterson?

What will Nagy do Week 10? I have to ask myself…what would an idiot do, and then take it from there.

My guess is Patterson starts, for sure, and then if he’s hot -- he’s taking the day. BUT Nall will get some shots and if he gets hot, then they’ll make use of Nall by accident/stumbling into it. Nothing is assured for Nall. Patterson will get the first series/starting chance – but that’s meant nothing all season.  

Nall could earn 10+ touches and become a mini sensation of a tough runner the Bears crave. OR Nall could also see 3 touches and split minor time with Artavis Pierce and ruin your Monday night.

There’s hope with Nall…but also a lot of risk. I hope Nagy makes some statements to the press this week we can decipher to help figure it out better.


 -- In Tennessee RB news…

You have to just stick with Derrick Henry (21-68-0) if you have him. Tougher matchup this game. Always stacked boxes he faces regardless. Incredibly tough matchups the next three weeks vs. IND-BAL-IND. You’re stuck hoping Henry overcomes. I think he could, but he could just as easily pitch in three ‘meh’ efforts.

D’Onta Foreman (5-11-0) really looks good in relief carries. Foreman may never do anything ever again for FF, but I’m just noting he looks like a legit NFL starting RB again. He is the Henry cuff in my mind.


 -- Nick Foles (36-52 for 335 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT) is turning water into wine the past two games…303.5 yards passing and 2.0 pass TDs per game the past two weeks. He faces the very giving Minnesota pass defense this week. He could work for a week.


 -- Foles has no running game, so he has to throw…a lot…to try and win games. Numbers come with that. He has a WR helping out…

Darnell Mooney (5-43-0/11) is starting to turn from talented but unsure rookie (as most all start out as)…to where I see the confidence is starting to grow. He’s a really excellent WR prospect but playing in a stiff offense…however, Foles has to throw a lot and Mooney is becoming his strong #2. Mooney led all receivers with 11 targets this game. He also caught a beautiful 31-yard leaping TD in heavy coverage but came down just out of bounds…or his stat line would have people rushing in for FF, I bet.

This week vs. MIN might be a winner.

Riley Ridley (2-23-0/2) made an appearance, and he looked better than I’ve seen him before.

Foles has some guys to throw to besides ARob. This Week 10 game vs. MIN could be a good spot for passer numbers.


 -- When Corey Davis (0-0-0/3) cannot hide from good coverage…hiding behind all the A.J. Brown attention or playing teams like Cincy…when it’s tough coverage – this is the Corey Davis you get.


 -- I thought perhaps the Titans-DST was turning here…they were pitching a shutout for a while, but they eventually gave up some garbage points late. I saw some flashes of hope here with the Titans-DST but not enough to get me really excited to use them strong against Philip Rivers.

The trade addition of CB Desmond King (2 tackles, 1 FR TD) really helps Tennessee. If they could get Adoree Jackson back, we might have something here. It’s just a flyer DST hope at this point – a weak defense with a decent-ish schedule ahead.



Snap Counts of Interest:


29 = Henry

16 = McNichols

08 = Foreman


52 = Jonnu

27 = Firkser


50 = Montgomery

17 = CPatt

10 = Nall

01 = Pierce


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