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2021 Dynasty/Fantasy Game Analysis Week 14: Saints 30, Jets 9

December 17, 2021 10:34 AM
December 17, 2021 11:29 AM

2021 Dynasty/Fantasy Game Analysis Week 14: Saints 30, Jets 9


10-6 Saints the half. Both teams struggling to put anything together because both offenses are really low rent right now.

13-6 Saints at the end of three…we still got a ballgame.

Then the Saints started to pull away with the Taysom Hill running effect wearing NYJ down…and the Jets could not answer.

The Jets are now (3-10)…and they still have an outside shot at the #1 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, but likely they finish with a top 5 or so pick. Week 16 hosting Jacksonville might get NYJ to their 4th win and well out of the #1 pick sweepstakes.

The Saints stop their five-game losing streak and get to (6-7). The Saints have a shot at 9 wins and a possible wild card, but 8 wins and out of the playoffs is more likely.



Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- Only one real note I have New Orleans’s side… I mean, everything about this team (for FF) is Kamara and all the WRs/TEs are FF-useless. This we all know.

Taysom Hill (15-21 for 175 yards, 0 TDs/0 INTs, 11-73-2) was on his way to a crappy FF game…until he rushed for a TD with 5+ minutes left…which then made it just a weak FF game, no longer a full disaster. But trying to run out the clock late, Hill ran a basic off tackle run to get a first and end the game…but he had nothing but blue skies to run to…so he just raced 44-yards for a 2nd rushing TD in the game and suddenly it was a very nice FF week for him.

If Taysom doesn’t get you a ground score week-to-week…he’s going to kill you with his low passer numbers. Two starts now, and he was headed to two very mediocre FF efforts…and then he had that lucky Deonte Harris long TD late v. Dallas to boost his FF output…and then the lucky late TD run here that he almost just sat down on to run the clock, but he just went with it to the house, thankfully, if you had Taysom starting.

Week 15 at Tampa Bay is not a great setup for Taysom…Hill likes to power run the ball, and Tampa is the most vicious run stopping D in the league. Taysom is not going to win (for FF) often with big passer numbers. On top of that, as of Thursday…his best two OLs (Armstead and Ramczyk) haven’t practiced this week yet. It’s a very sketchy week for Taysom.


 -- I was wondering if Zach Wilson would have a nice follow up to his solid effort last time out, and he was not terrible here -- but he wasn’t great. He has little time and poor WRs facing a good Saints pass defense. No turnovers is a good thing but no real positive FF action either. Wilson won’t be a discussion point for FF until 2022 sometime, at best.


 -- Michael Carter is on IR (but should come off Wk15) and Tevin Coleman was out with concussion, so who did the Jets turn to? Slow-ass LaMichal Perine (7-28-0) mixed with Ty Johnson (6-17-0, 4-40-0/7). When Carter (and/or Coleman) returns, Perine goes back to obscurity and Ty is a weak RB3/Flex for PPR.


 -- Who does Zach Wilson throw to with Corey Davis and Elijah Moore gone?

Braxton Berrios (6-52-0/10) had 10 targets here…and earlier in the season (Weeks 1-2) when Crowder-Moore were hurt/not a thing…Berrios averaged 6.0 rec. (9.0 targets), 62.0 yards per game with Wilson. You got a chance at 3-6 catches for 30-70 yards per game with Berrios-Wilson…just likely no TDs.

D.J. Montgomery (3-36-0/6) is an athletic small school WR who I liked as a sleeper prospect a few years ago…and out of nowhere he got 59% snaps and 6 targets in this game…playing early on and consistently. He looked more nervous than anything else, but I’ll give him a pass for his most NFL time/quasi-debut here (of a bigger role) after years of practice squad/future contract time served. I’ll keep tabs on him, but he’s not likely to be anything for FF in 2021 (or probably beyond, but I’ll keep tabs).

The funny part about Berrios with 10 targets and Montgomery out of nowhere with 6 is…

Jamison Crowder (3-19-0/6) and Denzel Mims (0-0-0/1). Wilson doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of Crowder…even with Davis-Moore gone.



Snap Counts of Interest:


60 = Crowder

55 = K Cole

39 = DJ Montgomery

27 = Berrios

22 = Mims


48 = Ty J

17 = Perine


51 = Vannett

23 = Juwan J.




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The new season of CFM will be starting up in January, as always. A little different schedule this year as the NFL extended their season by a week and the Senior Bowl was bumped back a week as well. We should have a Senior Bowl, NFL Combine…it looks like it will be a normal scouting year!

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