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2021 Dynasty/Fantasy Game Analysis Week 3: Ravens 19, Lions 17

September 30, 2021 8:43 AM
September 30, 2021 8:42 AM

2021 Dynasty/Fantasy Game Analysis Week 3: Ravens 19, Lions 17


What it must feel like to be a Lions fan after this game…not good.

Not only did the Lions lose on a record setting 66-yard FG by Justin Tucker, but a few plays right before that with only seconds remaining, the Ravens converted a 4th & 19 for like 30+ yards…which then allowed for the history-making moment. Two of the most improbable events converging to hand the Ravens the win.

Were the Lions the better team here? Not sure. I kinda zoned out rewatching it because it was so boring. The Ravens are one of my least favorite teams to watch in any week, for the past several years. The Lions right up there too.

I can tell you this, from the parts I wasn’t sleeping with my eyes wide open – these two teams aren’t very good.

The Lions have been scrappy…a near improbable comeback vs. SF Week 1. They had the Packers on the ropes for a half Week 2. Should’ve won here. Their time is coming (Week 4 v. CHI).

The Ravens should be (0-3) right now, but they are (2-1). Slipped by KC Week 2…lucked out here. This is a weak ‘good’ team.



Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- The big disappointment of Week 3 happened in this game…Ty’Son Williams (5-22-0, 0-0-0/1) didn’t get 15+ touches nor producing an RB1 week, as I believed he would.

The prior two weeks, Ty’Son was the starter, the main snap count guy, the main touch guy but splitting. An RB1 Week 1. An inch away from a TD and another RB1-like week in Week 2. Then…this mess of nothing.

Ty’Son started, but then came out for Latavius play #2…who then came out for Devonta Freeman play #3 (which was a sweet -3 yard run on 3rd-down by Devonta). And it just seemed to be that rotation all night. No one of them in for long or gaining any traction.

Ty’Son did play 29 snaps...to Murray’s 19…to Freeman’s 9.

It just seemed like when Ty’Son was in, Lamar would keep the ball for himself on the play action…or Ty’Son was in the game for the hurry up/passing downs and be wide open in the flat, and Lamar would chuck it down field.

On one hand, Ty’Son had the snaps and look of a #1 RB for the Ravens.

On the other hand, they made no effort to get him the ball…it’s like he wasn’t even there.

When he did get the ball – he looked great. I have no idea why the Ravens pulled up on this.

My feelings from here – I still think Ty’Son is:

(a) the most talented RB they have, not even close.

(b) the starter and main snap count RB…so, he has some respect here.

I’m willing to see another card dealt/another week of results before I panic. Three weeks in, two of them nice for Ty’Son, then this. If ‘this’ continues into Week 4…then next week I got some figuring out to do.

I’m a buyer on the cheap…like dirt cheap. If someone else drops him…I’m good putting him last on my bench to see what Week 4 brings. I still believe in Ty’Son, but I’m not starting him this week if I don’t have to.


 -- On the other side of the field…I wish I had D’Andre Swift (14-47-1, 7-60-0/7) in PPR. I’ve not been a huge fan, but he looked fantastic here – very quick…faster/more burst than I’ve ever seen with him.

What he’s becoming is – Anthony Lynn’s Midwest Austin Ekeler. And you want that for PPR leagues. However, he’s impossible to get because of the name and the recent results. I’ll keep an eye on to see if the market dips off a down game.

If Swift has some kind of groin injury…then it is only making him run faster somehow.

If you could trade Clyde Edwards-Helaire (off his good game that just happened) for Swift straight up or mixed in a deal…take Swift.

Swift has played 16 regular season games now in the NFL…65 catches, 1,167 total yards, 12 TDs.

CEH has also played 16 regular season games now in the NFL…41 catches, 1,327 total yards, 6 TDs

Also, note…this includes 2-3 games where Swift barely played/registered stats.

As an aside, James Robinson has played 17 regular season games…61 catches, 1,666 yards, 11 TDs


 -- The second most targeted WR for the Lions in this game was a tie between Cephus-Hodge-St. Brown-Benson…with one target each.

Kalif Raymond (6-68-0-10) had the other 10 targets thrown to Lions WRs.

Fells-Jamaal-Hockenson-Cephus-Hodge-St. Brown-Benson combined for 11 targets as a group, while Raymond got 10 for himself.

I guess we have to say Raymond is the Lions #1 WR?

…and probably on most every waiver wire right now…after waivers have cleared for most?

He looked OK here. Nice work on a few bubble screens. Spotty on medium/deep routes…but Goff was pushing it to him. I’m not sure if it was the matchup, or just – this is the WR Goff has decided to lean on. It’s a very tentative ‘this is their #1 WR’ guess. Not 100% sure this is a thing, but the data from this game suggests it is.

I thought it might be Trinity Benson (0-0-0/1) for Goff as we went, but there is no evidence of that developing right now.


 -- Marquise Brown (3-53-0/7) legit dropped 3 TDs passes, two on the same series…longer TD passes too. A near monster day turned into a nightmare.

If a Ravens running back fumbled, they might be out the rest of the game. Brown drops 14 points worth of passes…no problem. Here, get out there and take more targets!!


 -- The vaunted Ravens defense in 2021 YTD…

#26 in PPG allowed to opponents.

#24 in total yards allowed

Tied for 2nd-to-last in sacks

But the Ravens-DST is tracking as a DST1/a start for Week 4 vs. Denver across the national rankings for FF. We so get used to certain names being good on defense (BAL, PITT, SEA) that we don’t realize when they are struggling right under our noses.

In reverse, Arizona can’t be good at defense…or Cincy. It doesn’t feel right.



Snap Counts of Interest:


47 = Raymond

45 = Cephus

27 = St. Brown

24 = Trinity Benson


35 = Swift

31 = Jamaal


29 = Ty’Son

19 = Latavius

09 = Devonta


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