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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk10: Browns v. Lions

November 16, 2017 11:50 PM
November 16, 2017 9:33 PM

I don’t even know what to say about this game. It’s like I shouldn’t even waste time watching a game involving Cleveland because all the performances are skewed because the Browns are so pathetic. So pathetic here that they took a 10-0 lead, were playing well, and just…I don’t know…maybe they quit or they just suck at football but the Lions just hit on basic big plays as the game wore on and re-took the game like the Browns were no resistance at all.

How a football team can be so bad for so long and still have 80% of the football establishment talking about what good job Hue Jackson does and how his players play hard every week…if that were true they’d win a few by accident. Hue is now 1-24 as Browns coach, and 1-28 in his last 29 games coached. He’s a real peach of a coach. In the real world, if you had those kinds of results at your job – you’d be fired or reassigned. In Cleveland, it’s worthy of a contract extension, probably.

The Lions jump to 5-4, and as I’ve been saying for a few weeks – the schedule is begging them to win the NFC North. They should go 5-2 ahead to finish out 10-6…but why do I have a feeling they lose to Chicago this week and ultimately finish 8-8/9-7 and short of the playoffs? You need 10 wins in the NFC.


Fantasy Player Notes…

 -- Not much to talk about in this game concerning players, so let’s talk about the returning Kenny Golladay (2-64-0/3).

I’m starting to believe Golladay will be one of my worst scouting calls of the 2017 NFL Draft. I watched tape of several games of his in college. I reviewed the numbers. I did all my homework. I believed Golladay was a decent WR but played too tentative and would never be a high-impact guy…always a #3 type WR that had a moment here and there but never any NFL consistency.

From day one in the preseason, Golladay has played like a man possessed. Physically imposing. Make all kinds of catches – leaping, in traffic, etc., and doing with flare and aggression…the exact opposite that I profiled him as coming out of Northern Illinois.

Considering how brilliant he’s been and his freakish stature – 6’4”/218, 9.75” hands…great speed for his size (4.50 40-time) and agile (7.00 three-cone, 4.15 shuttle). He’s built to be a star, a difference maker. There are a hundred 6’0”/200 guys who run a sub 4.50 40-time and can really catch and run tumbling into the NFL. There aren’t many tall, fluid, good+ hands receivers like Golladay. I’m moving from doubter/skeptic to you’ll see him ranked solidly on the upcoming Dynasty Stash report update.

He had back-to-back catches in this game that really showed off his skills. The sad part is Stafford only threw to him three times…but he only played 11 snaps. Actually, three targets in 11 snaps is great. Marvin Jones had two targets in 50 snaps.

Eventually, Golladay is going to be a red zone preferred, 6+ target a game guy -- and push to be a WR2, steal a little heat from Golden Tate and a lot from Marvin Jones (1-22-0/2). It may be Week 12…or Week 15…or 2018…but it’s coming.

2018+…Golladay or Doctson…that’s a hard call.


 -- Matt Stafford (17-26 for 249 yards, 3 TD/1 INT) is having a very good fantasy season. 1.9 TD passes per game this season, 2.0 TD passes per game the past 5 games. The #9 QB in fantasy PPG (4pts per pass TD) this season.

The schedule is starting to stiffen ahead – he faces five top 12 pass defenses in his final 6 games of fantasy.


 -- Isaiah Crowell (16-90-1, 1-5-0/2) had his best game of 2017 here. I’m not sure if this game is a sign of things for Detroit, but the Lions were terrible defending the run in this game. The Lions are a top 10 against the run defense coming in, but this was awful – 201 rushing yards allowed to Cleveland!?! 193 yards rushing allowed to the Saints a few weeks ago. Teams that like to run and want to run seem to be able to run all over them.

Jordan Howard could have quite a game against them Week 11.


 -- Ameer Abdullah (11-52-1, 1-3-0/2) is not a very good running back, but he is the starter/main carry guy without fail (and he fails a lot). He’s starting to score TDs finally…a TD in each of the last two weeks. If he wasn’t such a high risk of fumbling he’d have more TDs.

Help is on the way and may push AA to little better yardage production. The Lions are getting healthy on the O-Line and Taylor Decker is finally back. I’m not saying Abdullah is a sleeper but he might be a useful RB3 the next few weeks…maybe.

I’d love for the fresh O-Line to mean Dwayne Washington (1-10-0/1) could surprise, but he did his usual in this game – finally got a nice flare pass, made the catch, made a nice move and bulldozed his way to a 1st-down. Immediately, he came up limping and was gone…poof. Likely to miss this week.


Snap Counts of Interest…

50 = Marvin Jones

36 = Golden Tate

27 = T.J. Jones

11 = Kenny Golladay


48 = Duke Johnson

36 = Crowell


38 = Myles Garrett (1 tackle, no sacks)


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