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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk10: Giants v. 49ers

November 14, 2017 1:02 AM
November 14, 2017 12:30 PM

I wasn’t really buying the ‘quit on the team’ narrative going on with the Giants because I think you could say that about a lot of teams but the media hyper-focuses on certain teams and NYG is one of them…so, it’s a BIG story THEY love (THEY love drama).

And then it came true in this game…I guess. The media is having a great week. They called for the Dallas death…they got it. They are trying to create a mutiny for the Giants…succeeded.

With the talent the Giants have compared to all the injuries the 49ers are dealing with…the Giants have to win this game. They fought well the 1st-half, mostly…and then just rolled over. I know the Giants are dead money and Ben McAdoo is done…but I still believed they would push past a seriously wounded 49ers team. Nope.

McAdoo knows he’s done, so he’ll just try to survive the next few weeks and get his affairs in order so he can become an offensive coordinator somewhere. He had a nice reputation as an O-C but is obviously not head coaching material. Knowing he’s done, he’s not going to do anything to hurt his reputation or create waves. Eli Manning will start all 16 games this season. He won’t pull him for Week 17 either. Why should he? What does he care about the Giants or Eli’s health? Even stable coaches won’t sit stars in meaningless Week 17.

The Giants will hire a head coach…a gruff, defensive taskmaster type coach (Nick Saban?). They tried to get away from the Parcells-Coughlin past with McAdoo, and they’ll run right back into it now after having weak-leader, offensive ‘guru’ at the top – teams tend to course correct the complete other direction of what they had for management. They will hire someone to deal with OBJ in 2018 and it will be a circus.

The Giants will also draft a young QB at the top…and that QB will be ruined if they join forces with a Jeff Fisher or John Harbaugh type head coach in 2018 with NYG.

The 49ers are going the other direction – young, offensive-minded head coach with experience. He’s not the greatest but have you seen his general competition? Guys like Anthony Lynn? Vance Joseph? Bruce Arians? The 49ers will turnaround quick, in part, because the rest of the league is so poorly coached that Shanahan’s ‘good’ coaching will look like pure genius.


Fantasy Player Notes…

 -- What to expect from a Jimmy Garoppolo takeover starting Week 12?

First off, you have to believe he is going to throw…a lot. Between the team likely down or in shootouts always and the fact that the 49ers need to see Garoppolo in action. They are wiser to throw more than just have him handing off a bunch. It will be like ‘spring training’ for Garoppolo. He can throw a lot and it not matter the win-loss of the game.

He’s got interesting WR weapons to work with too…ones that allow for some ‘greatest show on turf’ type potential right now.

Marquise Goodwin (1-83-1/2) is the clear #1 WR, by default. He has Tyreek Hill athleticism and is progressing as a WR beyond just the deep ball. Goodwin could be a shock WR1 ahead for ROS 2017…making his numbers via long TDs.

Goodwin hit on an 83-yard TD in this one…the perfect Goodwin play – just beat the CB with pure footspeed and the QB drops it in the bucket and no one can catch Goodwin after the catch. Goodwin has had several near-miss bombs the past few weeks. Now, imagine what happens when an accurate QB arrives. Garoppolo may have Jared Goff-like deep ball skills right away. Goodwin would be his perfect muse.

Goodwin might be like what would happen if the Saints lost Michael Thomas to injury…and then project what Ted Ginn would produce in that case.

Jimmy G. also has UDFA WR Kendrick Bourne (3-43-0/3), who I absolutely love his professional receiving skills…a Cameron Meredith or DeAndre Hopkins-ish type WR. I’m not ready to go crazy for Bourne yet…like I did Meredith, but I love what Bourne brings to the table. This is his chance to make a mark and stick/grow with Garoppolo.

This passing game could shock the world…especially if/when Trent Taylor joins the group. Although, I suspect he’s out the rest of the year.


 -- I’d like to get as excited for Giants rookie QB Davis Webb, but there is zero chance he gets a shot this year…and maybe ever. It’s wrong. It’s a shame.

The Giants are failing and working there way into a high draft pick. They are going to draft a QB to placate the media, and thus placate the sheep/fans…and Webb gets buried deeper and gets the image tarred and feathered that he’s an insignificant backup talent.

Webb should already be starting for about 5+ teams in the league right now. But this is a league that chases Jameis Winston in lockstep so they’ll ignore Webb in lockstep as well. The Giants cannot go 1-15 and then skip out on drafting a well-known, jersey-sales rookie QB to whip up the fans…and then say ‘We like Davis Webb’. The fans, the media will not have this. They’d doom Webb to hell. Webb needs to leave NYG, but when he does he becomes ‘unwanted’, ‘not exciting’…a QB that goes to be a backup somewhere.

I love Davis Webb…part of the new breed of QBs that would light it up right away with the right coach and with media acceptance. I don’t know that he’ll ever get that chance…at least not naturally or for a while…and then more QBs flood into the system. Webb will be on our dynasty stash list…but way down on the list, unfortunately.


 -- I’ve written enough about Sterling Shepard (11-142-0/11) this week and for weeks. You know where we stand.

I just want to add – this Week 11 performance was as good as you could want from your WR. Diving catches, sliding catches, catches in traffic. He is an excellent WR. The 2018 Giants with OBJ-Shepard as a 1-2 punch…that could be special with the right coach/QB.

Shepard WR1 for the ROS in PPR.


 -- I keep looking past 49ers DL Leger Douzable (6 tackles, 1 TFL) but he’s had 5 or more tackles in three straight games once thrust in as an emergency starter.

He’s a 31-year-old journeyman but he’s putting up numbers. 2.0 sacks in Week 8 vs. Philly.


 -- I’m not a huge Reuben Foster (10 tackles, 1 TFL) fan as a talent…but I recognize he’s starting at ILB on a team on defense a lot, with a depleted defense. He’s going to have big tackle numbers in games the rest of the season.


 -- FYI, Evan Engram (6-31-1/9) is really good.

I’m serious – he’s going to be the tight end of the fantasy future. A ‘keeper’ you didn’t expect to keep in 2018.

That TD catch in this game…tightly covered but him just too athletic on a timing throw. Wonderful. I love that Eli sees this too and is just forcing it to him when he can. So good.

Remember…rookie tight ends don’t produce their rookie year. Everyone knows this!!


Snap Counts of Interest…

48 = Goodwin

31 = Aldrick Robinson

29 = Kendrick Bourne


46 = Hyde

17 = Breida


30 = Vereen

26 = Darkwa

10 = Gallman


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