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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk10: Seahawks v. Cardinals

November 11, 2017 12:31 AM
November 11, 2017 12:20 AM

Well, Arizona’s playoff hopes and dreams can stay alive (falsely) with a win at Houston Week 11. David Johnson return delusions rest with them winning next week and getting to 5-5. That aside…this is a bad football team, but credit to them – they played they arses off and lurked around most of this TNF game. Eventually, reality set in and Seattle made the big plays and just pulled away.

Arizona needs a miracle win in either Week 12 or 13 against the Jags or Rams to keep hope alive, but they probably won’t make it past Week 11 with Houston. They just are not very good. The Computer is projecting a 6-10/7-9 finish. After a losing season, they will be tasked with blowing everything up and rebuilding, but I bet they hire one of Arians’ weak assistants to take over and the Cardinals collapse will continue.

Seattle had been living a charmed life…a favorable schedule, even catching Arizona without Carson Palmer. Catching the Colts without Andrew Luck. Getting beat every possible way by the Rams but pulling it out…Cooper Kupp dropping the late-game game-winning TD. Seattle appeared to be on their way to the playoffs until Richard Sherman went down…torn Achilles. The Seahawks were running on fumes, as a ‘great’ team, as it was…now they’ve about run out of gas.

Seattle might win their next two, ATL-SF, but then lose four straight to PHI-JAC-LAR-DAL. Nine wins won’t do it in 2017. The NFC wild card will be 10-win teams only. Week 15 versus the Rams will be for the division title, a likely loss…and then Week 16 versus Dallas is probably a battle between the two teams to get the final playoff spot this year. We bet against Seattle getting to 10 wins but with Russell Wilson nothing is impossible.

Seattle really controlled this game, but so many sloppy penalties on their behalf kept Arizona breathing for too long. Seattle has escaped losses in three of their last 4 wins. It’s a charmed season that may have just taken a hit it cannot recover from with Richard Sherman gone. As soon as Sherman went out even Drew Stanton was completing passes on the right side. Better QBs are going to tear the Seattle corners apart ahead.


Fantasy Player Notes…

 -- Russell Wilson (22-32 for 238 yards, 2 TD/0 INT, 5-19-0) is my bet to finish the rest of the season as the top FF QB. Seattle didn’t plan for it, but ‘unplanned’ is the way it always happens with Wilson. O-C Darrell Bevell will tell you they want to run…and I think run it like Doug Marrone and Mike McCarthy and Andy Reid and John Fox and Mike Zimmer and I could go on…a total love affair with running the ball. Scared to death of throwing it. Only when all other options are taken away then they have to throw…and then that’s when Russell Wilson is the better Dak Prescott.Wilson is the best in the business when allowed to be…just like Aaron Rodgers. Their coaching staffs hold them back.

Seattle cannot run the ball at all.

The Seattle defense is about to crack even further.

All roads point to the return of the awesome for FF Russell Wilson tour, again. It’s already in full swing.

The schedule is not easy ahead. Weeks 13-16…PHI-JAC-LAR-DAL. A who’s who of Super Bowl contenders. All the more reason Wilson will run and throw and do whatever to win. He’s probably the best package of runner-passer the league has ever seen, better than Steve Young…but locked in a closet by Pete Carroll via Darrell Bevell.

They are forced to let him out his cage now…so, watch out.


 -- As previously mentioned, Seattle cannot run the ball well.

All the Thomas Rawls (12-27-0) ‘deep sleeper’ ascension to starter thoughts? Put a fork in it. Eddie Lacy is a disaster…and further proof how sick in the head Darrell Bevell is. C.J. Prosise gets hurt when his cleated feet touch a blade of grass.

Seattle’s best RB, truly, is J.D. McKissic (5-26-0, 4-20-0/5)…but Bevell is too stupid to use him the way they need to to get through this. McKissic should be on the field more snaps than any RB…getting 5-8 carries and 7+ targets. He should be the new Alvin Kamara-lite.

As soon as Eddie Lacy can walk, they’ll waddle him over McKissic to no avail.

The FF sleeper play in PPR off what’s to come in Seattle is McKissic, but it’s unreliable.


 -- I like the new camera angle by TNF…because I need close up views of Adrian Peterson (21-29-0, 1-13-0/2) running for no yards every carry.

You think Darrell Bevell is in love with Eddie Lacy. Nothing tops Bruce Arians holding up Adrian Peterson on the tip of the Titanic as if they were flying through the sky together in each other’s arms.



Wherever you are.

My 0-1 yards each carry will go on.

In Arians defense, what…you’re going to go with more Drew Stanton?

Next week Adrian Peterson for 30+ carries against Houston – mark it down.


 -- If Russell Wilson is going to amp up the passing game, then you’d think Paul Richardson (1-42-0/2) and Tyler Lockett (1-16-0/2) would be more important than this? They are WR3 cross-your-fingers plays any given week ahead.

Jimmy Graham (6-27-2/9) is doing his Austin Seferian-Jenkins move…a TD or two and barely any yards. Hey, it works for FF...6 TDs the last 5 games.


 -- Three IDP notes…

Dion Jordan (1 tackles, 1 sack) made his debut after much time off for suspensions and injuries, etc. He appears not ‘dead’. Three QB hits in 33 snaps. He might be a deep IDP sleeper ahead? Or just a great effort for one game.

Arizona DT Olsen Pierre (4 tackles, 1.0 sacks, 2.0 TFLs) has 2.5 sacks in his past 4 games as his playing time and impact rises to IDP sleeper status.

Arizona rookie Budda Baker (8 tackles, 1 PD) really matters now that Tyvon Branch was lost for the season due to injury…another blow to Arizona’s future playoff hopes. Baker had not been a factor at all this season but had a helluva game in this one. He’s more possible DB starter than sleeper going forward.


Snap Counts of Interest…

80 = Fitzgerald

68 = John Brown

52 = Jaron Brown

29 = JJ Nelson


25 = Olsen Pierre

17 = Nkemdiche


49 = Baldwin

44 = Lockett

33 = Ricxhardson

25 = Darboh


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