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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk10: Vikings v. Redskins

November 15, 2017 1:27 AM
November 15, 2017 1:11 AM

Big win for Minnesota here because their schedule is about to get daunting for four weeks – LAR and then three roadies with DET-ATL-CAR. It’s possible the 7-2 Vikings will be 8-5 soon. Likely, a 10-win season and the NFC North title, though.

Tough loss for a very good Washington team. They are playing for their life this week. I think if Washington can somehow upset the Saints, which is not crazy talk, they could win five of their next 6 games and get to 10-6 and sneak into the playoffs. It’s going to take 10 wins in the NFC to do it. They hold a tie-breaker over Seattle which helps. They’re not dead yet, but a loss to the Saints really puts their backs against the wall.

Minnesota came out in this game on fire – 28 points in the 1st-half, and then scored immediately to start the 2nd-half…and this was a good Washington defense. Once up 35-17, the Redskins patched the hole…the Vikings started to flounder, turning the ball over and all of a sudden the Redskins were only down 35-27 early in the 4th quarter. Washington had several almost moments but in the end, they couldn’t pull it off.

For a half, the Vikings looked like the best team in football. In the last half, I was wondering Case Keenum was going to get pulled and an epic fail by Minnesota was about to happen. I still don’t know if Minnesota is all that good or not. One moment slick, the next moment scuffling.


Fantasy Player Notes…

 -- That was the best Samaje Perine (9-35-0, 1-25-0/1) has looked all year. Had the Vikings not poured it on for the first 60% of this game, Perine might have had 20+ carries as Washington tried to hold the lead. Eventually, the Redskins had to pass…a lot.

Rob Kelley is fully out of the way and Byron Marshall is no threat to any of this. I think we’re about to see ‘trusted’ Samaje Perine…and it may be glorious.

Perine was gashing through this tough Vikings run defense early, and I think had Washington stuck with it this could have been a 100+ yard game for Perine. He’s that good. So quick, nimble through traffic. He’s been gaining confidence for weeks, an inch at a time…set back by fumbles…but this game was a leap forward.

You’re getting a guy who’s going to get 15+ carries a game ahead and is pretty good in the passing game…as long as he doesn’t fumble. His ‘moment’ may be right around the corner.


 -- Every week I watch Vikings tape.

Every week, I see Latavius Murray (17-68-1) start and take the lead, and look fine.

Every week, I watch Jerick McKinnon (10-32-0, 2-15-0/2) enter the game after a few series and look like a superstar…and, yet, they never ride him the way they should.

I stand by McKinnon every week over Murray until I’m convinced the touch count has shifted too far towards Murray. McKinnon still out-snaps Murray just about every week.


 -- This was Josh Doctson’s (4-30-0/7) best game. Every week he’s shown a little more…he’s gaining confidence with each week…and Kirk Cousins is getting him the ball a bit more. He did not wilt versus Xavier Rhodes here – and that’s huge.

He should have had three TDs in this game.

He had a beautiful fake-out move in the end-zone on Xavier Rhodes and got wide-open for an easy score as Cousins flicked him the ball Docston slipped making his move and fell down as the pass sailed over him.

Later, in the game, Doctson was wide-open for a 40+ yard bomb TD…and Cousins overthrew him.

Late in the game, Doctson was slanting into the end zone for a 25+ yard TD but Cousins threw the ball a hair late and the defender made a nice defense of the pass in the end zone.

Doctson is about to become the team’s #1 WR…if he’s not already. With that will come 7+ targets per game and a move of him from fringe WR3 to WR1.5 range…a high-end TD producer for non-PPR. It might be next week…it might be in 2-3 weeks, but it’s coming.

This is one of the last chances to get in reasonably.


 -- Suddenly, Case Keenum (21-29 for 304 yards, 4 TD/2 INTs) is the greatest because he had a sweet half of football? This is a guy who had 4 TDs/3 INTs total in his prior 5 games…including games with CLE and GB. The mainstream is getting hysterical…don’t buy into it.

Keenum won’t be this team’s starter by Week 13. The next loss…and he’s done. It may happen this week in the 2nd-half of the Rams game.


 -- Kirk Cousins (26-45 for 327 yards, 1 TD/1 INT) hasn’t been lighting the world on fire of late either…2 TDs/2 INTs the past three games.

Where Cousins has been making his gravy for fantasy is running the ball…one the sneaky best runners in all of fantasy. 3 rushing TDs this season. He’s run for 9 TDs the prior two seasons. In the past four games, he’s rushed for 33.0 yards per game…22.9 rushing yards per game this season.

Soon, Cousins could have Perine/a running game + emerged Josh Doctson + Jordan Reed. This could be a very dangerous Washington offense ahead.


Snap Counts of Interest…

45 = C Thompson

20 = Perine


31 = McKinnon

30 = Latavius


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