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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk11: Chiefs v. Giants

November 22, 2017 8:28 AM
November 22, 2017 8:00 AM

Maybe I missed it because I haven’t watched as much mainstream media so far this week. But where’s all the ANDY REID IS SO GOOD COMING OFF A BYE talk? Yeah, he’s a real wizard. The Chiefs just lost a layup game to the freaking Giants. The Giants scored 12 whole points…and KC could only answer with 3 field goals. You have to be kidding me. All this firepower and supposed MVP candidate Alex Smith, and don’t forget the greatest RB to ever grace planet earth, Kareem Hunt. Three field goals versus a 1-8 team with your team coming off a BYE week.

I’m so done with Andy Reid. Hey, is there a Travis Kelce-based play not in your playbook? They ran that idiotic fake to Tyreek Hill as an RB, and shuttle pass to Kelce up the middle…which was clever the first time we saw it but 11 weeks and seemingly 10 times later…I think the defenses are onto it. Oh, but we had to top that gem – in this game we were treated to a lateral pass to Kelce, who between his body language telegraphing what was happening to the 22-minute wind up to throw…and then an extra minute to decide where to throw – all his nonsense allowed like 7 DBs to get back into position, so when Kelce launched his 30+ yard pass…it was like a punt coming in. Easy INT.

I wonder if Andy Reid spends any time thinking of simple, direct ways to get Tyreek Hill the ball instead of wasting his entire work week, sleeping on a cot in his office, to find ever new ways Travis Kelce can screw things up.

I laughed with delight as the Chiefs lost their fourth game in their last 5 contests. Their only win in that stretch was against Denver on MNF…and the Chiefs were awful, but the Broncos were awfuler. Every loss brings us closer to a merciful end to the Andy Reid regime. It doesn’t matter, they’ll hire a similar guy to take over. He might as well stay and disappoint his fans and organization more.

Maybe, things will all be better with Patrick Mahomes…coming soon to a Kansas City game near you (starting Week 1 2018). Looking forward to seeing how Andy Reid misuses Mahomes in upcoming years.

Kansas City is graced with an incredibly easy schedule – six non-winning/playoff teams to finish the season. KC is going to get to 10 wins, win the division and then get righteously bounced from the playoffs round 1 or 2.

The Giants, coming off allowing 51 points to the Rams and then 31 to C.J. Beathard – held KC to 9 points in this one. Unbelievable. The Giants are bound to finish 3-13/4-12. The head coaching search is already in full swing.


Fantasy Player Notes…

 -- What the hell, Evan Engram (1-9-0/6)?

The Giants first play of the game was a 9-yard pass to Engram. Watching it live, I thought…maybe this is his 7-8 catch for 100+ yards game coming? How about…1 for 9 yards? No more soup for him the rest of the game. Ohh, they tried…Ben McAdoo must have stolen Andy Reid’s playbook a la Coach Klein in The Waterboy. I’m sure it was one of the 73 Travis Kelce pass plays Andy Reid drew up during the extra week with the BYE, but McAdoo thought he’d add his own wrinkle…a Shane Vereen pass to the tight end. Engram was wide-open for a TD. I mean…wide-open to a player that had experience throwing passes in NFL games.

I’m currently tied with Shane Vereen with zero completions in the NFL.

The good news…I’m ahead of him in -- least interceptions thrown.

Engram’s TD went up in smoke as did most every pass to him this game. He did have a sweet catch and run for 25+ yards, called back for OPI. It was that kind of day.

Sterling Shepard out really hurts Engram’s upside because it leaves EE as the only viable pass game weapons for a defense to worry about.

No worries on Engram…just a comedy of errors.

Hey, how much do you think the Chiefs won by in their Week 11 game with the Giants where NYG scored 12 points, Evan Engram caught 1 pass, Shane Vereen threw a pick, Sterling Shepard was a late scratch with migraines, Eli Apple was a late scratch with a family issue, and the Giants best OL was out and most of their linebackers. Trick question…they lost by three.


 -- I did sense a little more Tyreek Hill (7-68-0/7, 1-16-0) urgency in getting him the ball. Man, Hill made some terrific catches and moves after the catch in this game. He’s no Travis Kelce on the shuttle pass, but he’s still pretty good.

Hill is essentially a college RB turned gadget weapon in 2016 and then forced in as a #1 WR in 2017, and he's caught 71.2% of his targets this year. That’s the 8th best ‘catch rate’ among NFL WRs. You’ll never guess who is #1 currently in the NFL in catching the highest percentage of their targets. You’re going to not believe the answer. I’ll save that to the very end of this piece.


 -- What’s gone wrong with the world’s greatest running back, Kareem Hunt (18-73-0, 3-4-0/4)? A combination of reality setting in. O-Line injuries. Other teams knowing Andy Reid wants to run every play through Hunt.  

The anomaly long runs have dried up. Teams have figured out the ‘complex’ Andy Reid scheme, as they always do. No TDs in his past 7 games. 3.5 yards per carry total over the past 6 games.

The Giants run defense should have been his chance to get back on track, but it was another dud.

Hunt is a solid RB, but he got a very hot/fortuitous start…everyone assumed it would never end.

It ended.

The media overplayed their hand here. They never questioned it they just pushed him as a superstar among men. He’s just a very solid, good RB. An RB2.


 -- Pointing this out so as not to lose sight of it…the Giants leader in targets in this game – our guy Travis Rudolph (3-34-0/6). A couple very nice catches early on and then Eli forgot about him. I still think he’s the best of the no-name WR group when Sterling Shepard is out. I also think he could start next season…depends on what brilliant head coach is procured for 2018.


 -- The Giants are scraping the barrel for healthy linebackers. Rookie Calvin Munson (12 tackles) is not a starter-level talent, normally, but he can tackle (just can’t cover anyone)…8.0 tackles per game the past three games with more playing time.


 -- The #1 ‘catch rate’ (percentage of targets caught) WR this season at 81.4% -- New Orleans Saints WR Michael Thomas. Nope, kidding. It’s actually Ted Ginn Jr.

#1 among RBs? Matt Forte (90.6%). #2…Joe Mixon (88.5%). Which makes sense as Cincy barely throws him the ball as the season wears on.



Snap Counts of Interest…

65 = Tavarres King

52 = Roger Lewis

27 = Travis Rudolph


69 = Calvin Munson

47 = Reggie Ragland

34 = Kevin Pierre-Louis




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