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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk11: Jags v. Browns

November 24, 2017 12:32 AM
November 24, 2017 12:22 AM

This game shouldn’t have been as close as it was (19-7) but the weather got sloppy for a bit and the Jags were content to just sit on the Browns and let them flounder away at a futile comeback effort…which is exactly what happened.

The Jags are now 7-3, and a game ahead of Tennessee in the AFC South. Jacksonville will probably be favored in all of their remaining 6 games. If they go 4-2/5-1…they’re going to finish with 11-12 wins. They are a lock for the playoffs, likely a division winner…potentially the #1 seed. Who would have thought that to start this season…a #1 seed? Wow. And Blake Bortles starting every game…

All I can say about the Browns is – Hue Jackson is now 1-25 as the Browns head coach…and 1-29 in his last 30 games as a head coach. Magical.


Fantasy Player Notes…

 -- Can I just say…Corey Coleman (6-80-0/11) is going completely to waste in Cleveland on so many levels. He returned from injury just in time to face Jalen Ramsey, and Coleman had a very professional, workman-like effort against Ramsey.

I think Ramsey was playing a bit lazy considering the game, but Coleman had to run very precise routes, even on the simplest of routes to make many of his catches in this game. Ramsey closed fast and Coleman caught everything under duress. You think of Coleman as a speed guy but they rarely ever throw him bubble screens…it’s all short and medium timing throws. Rarely any deep throws. Because the QB play sucks and Hue Jackson is a national nightmare…they can’t hit him deep and don’t get him quick pass in space to try to use his athleticism.

I expected Coleman to be more like Brandin Cooks, but he’s got a lot more Odell Beckham in him than I thought…he’s like OBJ, if Beckham were stuck in Cleveland, had normal hair, had a gaggle of awful QBs throwing to him, and broke his wrist every time he checked his Fitbit.

Really, quietly, a nice game put in by Coleman.


 -- There was another player who was ‘a man’ in this game – Leonard Fournette (28-111-0, 2-7-0/3). He ran with such power and grace…he’s an absolute treat to watch. Watching Fournette and watching a Todd Gurley, for example, isn’t even close. Not the same planet. Fournette is amazing. What Fournette is doing this year is what you wanted Gurley to do with the ‘bad’ Rams last season…but Gurley is not that good. Fournette is ELITE.

For those that have him in fantasy… Aren’t you glad you wasted time worrying about Fournette’s ankle and whether he might be ‘too cold’ to have a good game for a few days last week?

If Fournette can ‘go’…you go with him.


 -- Dede Westbrook (3-35-0/6) was only 165 yards short of his predicted 200-yard debut. He ran as a backup in this game and entered when Keelan Cole (3-24-0/6), the starter, came up gimpy on a play. Cole returned. Westbrook played a decent amount and was OK/fine. He’s just behind Cole, and miles behind Marqise Lee (5-45-0/9) in the pecking order.


 -- Where the H did Browns LB James Burgess (16 tackles, 1.0 sacks, 3 TFLs) come from? His tackle counts in his last 5 games: 7-7-1-2-16 (6.6 per game).

Burgess was an undersized ILB prospect (229 pounds) out of Louisville. In his senior season, he recorded 90 tackles but 39 of them ‘assisted’. In this game, he recorded 16 tackles, but 9 were ‘assisted’.

Burgess is a decent athlete (4.72 40-time, 6.99 three-cone) and gives a good effort…and as the Browns taken on injuries all over the defense, Burgess is getting more time – and putting up numbers.


Snap Counts of Interest…

51 = Coleman

38 = Higgins

33 = Louis


71 = Burgess (91%)

60 = M. Garrett

31 = Ogunjobi


52 = Fournette

20 = Yeldon


63 = Lee

45 = Cole

34 = Westbrook


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