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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk12: Broncos v. Raiders

November 29, 2017 12:11 AM
November 28, 2017 12:01 AM

This game was cruising along for Oakland…14-0 at the half, 21-0 after three quarters. Denver did their usual ‘quit’ job/play the worst offense in the NFL for 45+ minutes. Trevor Siemian was forced into the game and made a couple lucky throws and suddenly we had a 21-14 ball game with 2+ minutes to go…and then the Raiders converted a 3rd-down and long on their first series and iced the game.

With this win, Oakland is suddenly in the playoff race. Not so much to get a wild-card but to win the AFC West because Kansas City is cratering. Oakland should beat NYG this week and jump to 6-6 heading to KC for an opportunity to close the gap on KC to one game…maybe even to tie/take the technical lead.

If Oakland were to somehow get to 7-6 and a share/close to the AFC West lead…it would be all downhill from there – Dallas Week 15, but that’s not so bad because of no Elliott for the last time in that one. But then they finish at Philly and at the Chargers and unless Philip Rivers goes down…Oakland will lose that potentially very meaningful game. 8-8 is a likely final record for Oakland, but so is 7-9…and so is 9-7. I cannot even imagine the Raiders making the playoffs because they are so bad but it’s not over yet.

Denver is just humiliating themselves every Sunday now. What looked like a Super Bowl contender after a 3-1 start…has now turned into 7 straight losses. Denver needs to hit the reset on this roster from head coach on down, but they’re stuck with this coach and QB mess and will wallow through 2018 as a bad team and then overhaul everything in 2019…which is likely a 2-3 year rebuild process. The next time Denver is even viable may be in 2020+.


Fantasy Player Notes…

 -- I wanted to re-watch this game early in the week to see what happened with the WR group, in particular with Cordarrelle Patterson (3-72-0/4), once Michael Crabtree was tossed…and then when Amari Cooper was concussed.

Patterson came in and out when Crabtree left but was in on most every snap when both Crabtree and Cooper left.

I was curious about this because I think Patterson could have a one-game fantasy saving moment if he were known to be the true starter on Sunday Week 13. I thought this was important because CP was set up to have a shot for two weeks with Crabtree out, but now we’re getting word the suspension is down to just one game. My enthusiasm is already cut in half.

I’m also excited for Cordarrelle because when I watched live -- Patterson saved this game in the end. 3rd & 8 with 2:24 left…and if Denver gets a stop and they have a chance to tie/win. The Broncos all-out blitzed Derek Carr and he quick lofted a prayer to Patterson. CP made the catch and then broke five tackles as he took the 15+ yard pass and turned it into a 54-yard gem…sending the fans to their feet with a standing ovation in acknowledgment. It was a critical spot, and Carr could’ve flung it anywhere…he went to Patterson.

Earlier in the game, Carr took a short end zone shot for a jump ball with Patterson, who juggled/bobbled in a melee for the ball and it was ruled incomplete but replay showed he might have actually caught/came down with it.

I saw some encouraging things with Patterson-Carr, but not ‘wow’. I didn’t see an all game effort to get CP the ball, but then again Oakland was trying to sit on the lead.

I think Patterson has a very good chance at a TD and a nice FF game versus the lowly Giants this week, but it would help if I knew he was starting…but I bet Seth Roberts is for reasons I still don’t understand. If Oakland preannounces Patterson as a starter – I’m excited. If Amari Cooper is ruled out, then Patterson is starting by attrition…and look out!!

Patterson is a quality receiver, but he also amazing after the catch or taking handoffs. Could be a shocker for CP this week. If you play daily…throw him on the roster for sure if Cooper is out too.


 -- A lot of hubbub the past week about Oakland wanting to get Marshawn Lynch (26-67-1, 3-44-0/3) more involved…well, he had season highs in carries and targets. He’s also scored 3 TDs in the past 3 games.

He also has NYG-KC-DAL the next 3 games…#31, #29, and #17 in rushing yards allowed this season. Dallas is worse than #17 if Sean Lee is out. Marshawn Lynch is set to ‘go off’ the next two weeks, maybe three.


 -- Paxton Lynch (9-14 for 41 yards, 0 TD/1 INT) looked awful, again. It’s time to throw in the towel on this guy. He’s throwing to spots blindly, in fear. He doesn’t look like he has any idea what he’s doing nor does he look comfortable at all.

Trevor Siemian (11-21 for 149 yards, 2 TD/0 INT) came in for the injured Lynch and was also terrible but had a couple lucky throws and nabbed 2 TDs. Trust me, it was nothing to get excited about.

Brock Osweiler is this teams best QB but I don’t think they have reason to work Brock because the season is lost. No Brock, then you can’t start Demaryius Thomas (5-18-0/8) or Emmanuel Sanders (3-12-0/6) the rest of the season unless desperate.


 -- Devontae Booker (6-11-0, 2-22-0/2) looks like the new lead RB, but this offense is such a nightmare it doesn’t really matter. Booker is an average RB on a bad team and he’s pulled into a 51% touch count role. What’s exciting about any of that?


 -- The Giants moving to Geno Smith this week is a gift for the Raiders DST. Oakland’s defense is not good at all, but the Giants offense was already terrible and is now worse.


Snap Counts of Interest…

57 = Seth Roberts

46 = Johnny Holton

37 = Cordarrelle Patterson


33 = Austin Traylor

30 = Virgil Green


26 = Booker

19 = Anderson

15 = Charles


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