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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk12: Giants v. Redskins

November 25, 2017 11:17 PM
November 25, 2017 11:11 PM

This was quite the battle of non-offense to top off your Thanksgiving evening. Considering the Redskins had 3 offensive linemen out and the Giants had two OLs missing, plus all the other injuries with these two teams…a sloppy game was likely to ensue.

The Computer loved everything about this for the Redskins and they didn’t disappoint…covering the -7.0. The Giants only keeping this close on a fluke flare pass that bounced off a receivers’ hands and right into a trailing DB (Janoris Jenkins) who raced it in to (then) tie the game 10-10. The Redskins would push their way to another TD and capped it with a late field goal to grab the 20-10 victory.

Washington holds out hope that they can win out and stay in the playoff hunt. Next Thursday at wounded, dying Dallas is a potential win and then a rough one at LAC Week 14. If they can win their next two, they finish out with ARI-DEN-NYG and could pull it off. I just can’t see this team running five straight given all the massive injuries they have.

What might have been if they were healthy…

What might have been had they pushed Samaje Perine from the beginning…


Fantasy Player Notes…

 -- So, you lost faith in me/Samaje Perine (24-100-0, 3-30-0/4) several weeks ago, huh? That’s, OK…I did too. We could only work with the information we had. Jay Gruden was absolutely, inexplicably snubbing Perine. He had an unholy matrimony with awful Rob Kelley. Chris Thompson was a gem shining brightly. All in one fell swoop, Kelley and Thompson disappeared and here we are – Jordan Howard 2.0, as predicted…just a stranger journey to get there than what I projected.

Yes, it was against the Giants…so, not super impressive. However, missing three off the O-Line…pretty impressive. Not much production in the first half and then he just started gashing 5-10+ yard runs all second half.

Perine looks terrific, and he got some nice work in the passing game as well.

Freshly signed Byron Marshall (4-18-0, 1-12-0/2) is no threat and was the one who had the ball clang off his hands for the pick-six.


 -- Speaking of balls clanging off hands, Evan Engram (3-18-0/7) was a big disappointment. He had a rough night and only exacerbated by Al Michaels assigning him a drop any time he touched the ball and didn’t catch it.

He did drop two passes, but again I say…receivers working over the middle are going to have drops. ‘Drops’ should graded differently depending on where they occur. Engram’s first/early drop was a potential decapitation as Eli led him to certain death from an oncoming DB leaving his area and about to crush Engram…I think Engram looked up and saw it, and lost the pass. Engram is not an ‘A’ with hands, but he’s a solid ‘B-C’…’good enough’. You just want him with the ball in space, and not getting all these Antonio Gates sit down throws with guys draped over him. I’ll take the cheap, quick PPR catches but I want Engram in space running free -- but when the other team knows he’s the only thing to fear, at all, on the Giants…then Eli can’t get him the ball in space. Sterling Shepard being out is an absolute killer for Engram.

Are the drops an issue for Engram? I say, ‘No’ because he’s made a bunch of tough and in-traffic catches this year. The drop events are a more recent phenomenon the last two weeks. I hate it but I’m not overly concerned. We need Shepard back to open this up.


 -- I was expecting bigger things from Josh Doctson (2-28-1/4) but after re-watching this game, I can’t fault him…and I was encouraged – it was another week where you could argue he was sniffing multiple TDs.

Doctson got one, late…thankfully for our prediction of him as the upside of the week. However, he also had a deep shot to the end zone where Kirk Cousins underthrew him and then another deep ball where he just had his man beat and was about to haul in a 40+ yard TD but Ross Cockrell realized it and quasi-tackled him to stop the event.

No worries and all upside with Doctson right now.


 -- Janoris Jenkins (1 INT, 2 PD) did a nice job on Doctson while he was in, but just the Giants luck this season – Jenkins gets that tipped pass for a pick-six and gets hurt as he crosses the goal line for a score. A touchdown…and out for the rest of the game – and multiple missed weeks ahead.


 Snap Counts of Interest…

50 = Perine

21 = B Marshall


71 = Doctson

49 = Grant

37 = Crowder


55 = T King

48 = Roger Lewis

33 = T Rudolph


22 = Gallman

19 = Darkwa


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