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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk13: Broncos v. Dolphins

December 6, 2017 3:57 PM
December 6, 2017 3:33 PM

This game…good heavens, what a terrible game to watch. Denver might be worse than the Cleveland Browns and Miami isn’t too far off. The fact that the Dolphins blew out the Broncos makes me think the Broncos really are ‘that bad’.

‘Poorly coached’ doesn’t even begin to describe the Broncos issues. It has to be the coaching to a large degree because this was as good a football as there was the first 3-4 weeks of the season. Rumors have swirled that Vance Joseph may be out after his one season. Nice job, John (Elway)!

Both of these teams are going nowhere fast. My main objective was to watch Denver’s offense for more feedback on how much to love the Jets DST (or not) against them this week. We’ll end this with a look at that.


Fantasy Player Notes…

 -- Honestly, the biggest note I walked away from watching this game – hot damn, Kenyan Drake (23-120-1, 3-21-0/5) is working like a legit starting three-down RB. I would never have projected that based on my college scouting of him.

Liked him ‘OK’ as a 3rd-down back coming out of Alabama, but hated all his off-field stuff and a lot of his tape. I saw a very good athlete, but a S-A-W-F-T runner who was always hurt and had some really stupid incidents off the field. I figured he could work for a bit and maybe hit some ‘pop’ plays but would fizzle out for various reasons. However, I am watching Drake run between the tackles with authority for several weeks now…taking on hits and staying balanced, twisting and turning when wrapped up for an extra yard or two or just breaking the tackle. He’s blowing me away with his toughness and effort.

NE-BUF-KC…#26, #25, #30 in run defense this season the next three weeks for Drake…so, yeah, Drake is an RB1 the ROS…IF Damien Williams stays out, which why Adam Gase leaned on Williams over Drake a few weeks ago, when Drake was hitting some homeruns…I don’t get it. But we’re here now. No DWilliams…bet on Drake as an RB1.


 -- I’m not wasting carpal tunnel syndrome time getting into the Broncos’ RBs situation. The O-Line sucks. Devontae Booker is behind C.J. Anderson again. I don’t like any of these guys all that much except for Jamaal Charles who is completely buried/wasting his time on this team.

The Booker as deep sleeper potential here for ‘carries’ – it’s over before it started. I’m sure he’ll have a moment between now and Week 17 end, but I don’t care…about him or that hack C.J. Anderson.


 -- Watching Trevor Siemian try to complete passes to Demaryius Thomas (2-27-0/10) and Emmanuel Sanders (2-11-0/7) in this game was painful…17 targets, 4 of them complete for all of 38 yards.

Siemian has no time and Thomas is never open. When Siemian has the time he can’t hit Thomas/Sanders anyway. Everyone on this team appears to have given up and I don’t want any part of it for fantasy for the ROS. I’m sure one of them will have a nice stat line in a game upcoming…but good luck guessing which one. If they couldn’t exploit Miami…why would I think they will against anyone else with Siemian/Lynch? Osweiler comes back and I’ll think about Thomas again.


 -- Speaking of garbage WRs…where da DeVante Parker (1-5-0/4) people at? I thought this guy was ‘a beast’? I thought he was the breakout star of fantasy 2017? I thought I was stupid having new clients trade Parker for Tyreek Hill in the preseason?

39 career games for Parker…8 TDs, two 100+ yard games. He hasn’t had a 100+ yard game in his last 16 games. Last 16 games, 4 TDs.

His last two games…1.0 rec. (3.5 targets) for 5.0 yards and 0.0 TDs per game.

…and that’s why I don’t believe in you, DaVante…if you’re still trolling my tweets or content (it was a whole thing between me and DaVante on Twitter this preseason).

RC 1, DaVante 0


 -- What’s wrong with the Broncos offense, and are they a great play for the Jets DST this week…as I’ve postured previously?

Siemian came out of the gates this season with two wins and a 6 TD/2 INT run…and all seemed well. However, in his last 6 games started – a 1-5 record, 3 TDs/11 INTs. His last two starts…1 TD/6 INTs. This is worse than DeShone Kizer type ofstuff.

Only three teams have thrown for more picks than TDs this season…

CLE: 10 TDs/21 INTs

DEN: 14 TDs/18 INTs

TEN: 11 TDs/14 INTs

What do they all have in common? Crusty old offensive coordinators who failed as head coaches and are back O-C’ing. In CLE’s case, Hue is all in-one terrible.

Facing Cleveland or Denver right now is fantasy gold for the opposing DST, potentially.

It’s also not surprising that Denver and Cleveland have allowed the third most sacks this season…another bonus for the opposing DST.

The Jets aren’t the best NFL defense, but not the worst either…and this matchup is a gift to them and nearly any defense facing them right now.


Snap Counts of Interest…

53 = Drake

12 = Perry


40 = C.J. Anderson

23 = Jamaal Charles

11 = Booker


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