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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk15: Eagles v. Giants

December 20, 2017 3:10 PM
December 20, 2017 2:55 PM

The Giants threw everything they could at the Eagles in this game and it still wasn't enough. The Giants kept taking the lead back and forth in the 1st-half. Eli threw 57 times in the game. The Eagles defense was sloppy…it seemed like an upset was coming. And then the Eagles shut the Giants down to 6 points in the 2nd-half and Nick Foles did what he always does…methodically, efficiently moves the ball and wins games.

The Giants do what they do…lose games.

The Eagles are a win away from locking up the #1 seed…a win they’ll likely get this week hosting Oakland on MNF.

Man…think about it…the Eagles the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs led by Nick Foles. I always thought this day was coming…but this isn’t the way I imagined the process unfolding.


Fantasy Football Player Notes…

 -- Ho hum. The Eagles win another game behind Nick Foles (24-38 for 237 yards, 4 TDs/0 INT)…he’s now 16-4 in his last 20 starts as a Philadelphia Eagle…and 80% winning percentage. Not good enough for an NFL starting gig. 53 TDs/17 INTs in his non-Jeff Fisher year…not good enough for a look from an NFL team to be their starter. The NFL makes total sense.

For all their talk about winners and ‘taking care of the football’ at QB…Foles does nothing but win and is pushing a near 100.0 QB rating for his career minus the Jeff Fisher year…and he can’t get respect. In other news, Mike Glennon signed a huge contract this past offseason and Eli Manning still exists as an NFL starter.

Foles faces the Raiders this week. His last game facing Oakland he pasted 406 passing yards, 7 TDs/0 INTs on them. But that’s all Chip Kelly, right…mainstream football people? The same Chip Kelly who had all of his other QBs fail in the NFL, including Michael Vick and was fired twice in two years – that’s the guy who ‘magically’ created Nick Foles. Everyone in football thinks Kelly is an NFL joke…but somehow he paused his idiocy, and his mobile-QB seeking, run-first offensive ways long enough to spawn Nick Foles to one of the highest passer ratings by a QB in a single-season ever…doing so not as the original starter.

Don’t let facts get in the way of demeaning, anti-Foles rhetoric.

Foles was terrific here, as usual. You can win a Super Bowl with Foles, I just don’t think the Eagles will win a playoff game…and then Foles will be blamed.


 -- Wayne Gallman (8-39-0, 6-40-0/7) had his second game in a row with 6 catches in a game. He’s not getting any type of feature role…just playing a solid amount of snaps and Eli likes/needs to dump the ball often. He’s a good receiver and a so-so runner. He’s a bigger Theo Riddick. Nothing special happening here.

Will he get 6 catches again this week? I don’t know. I bet closer to 6 than 2, but I don’t see any super-push happening here yet.


 -- Sterling Shepard (11-139-1/16) caught passes early and often in this one, including a lucky 67-yard score. I’d like to say Shepard gets 7+ catches for 80+ yards this week but not if Patrick Peterson will be working on him a lot.


 -- Evan Engram (8-87-0/13) is so majestic at work in Giants games…if only they had better QB play. I like that when the Giants are near the goal line they tend to take shots at Engram, even if he’s double covered. They’re trying.


 -- Jay Ajayi (12-49-0, 2-40-0/2) is often the butt-end of my jokes, but seriously…he sucks. Ajayi has 1 TD this season…one. He has two TDs in his last 18 games. How is it a guy like this has captured the adoration and passion of every football and fantasy analyst (but me)?

Ajayi had those back-to-back 200+ yard rushing games and was anointed and no one bothered to check all the games before that and after that.

I did check. I was against this for two years.

I was right.



 -- The Giants run defense is SO much better when B.J. Goodson (7 tackles) is playing…it’s a sieve otherwise. If Goodson is playing this week (and he’s missed several games on and off this year)…I would be cautious getting too excited about Kerwynn Williams, Elijah Penny, or D.J. Foster running at the ‘lowly’ Giants this week.


 -- The Eagles are supposed to have this great defense but they’ve allowed 24-43-29 points the past three weeks. Derek Carr/Oakland doesn’t have a great offense but maybe they fare OK versus whatever Eagles issues are going on of late. I think the issue is they finally aren’t playing all cupcakes and that they’re overrated.


Snap Counts of Interest…

36 = Gallman

30 = Vereen

22 = Darkwa


34 = Ajayi

17 = Blount

10 = Clement


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