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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk15: Ravens v. Browns

December 20, 2017 3:58 PM
December 20, 2017 5:00 PM

The Ravens beat the Browns…shocker. The Ravens are on their way to 10 wins and the #5 seed in the AFC playoffs. They are going to end up a 10-game winner and having beaten only one team all year with a winning record…or if the Detroit Lions falter down the stretch…it will be no victories over a team with a winning record.

I would say the Ravens will be the worst team in the playoffs this year, but the Titans might still make it…so, I need to reserve judgment.

The Browns are now 0-14, which means Hue Jackson is 1-29 as the Browns’ head coach and is 1-33 in his last 34 games as an NFL head coach. He has one more NFL head coaching win than I do in that span. Yet, people are still making excuses for him and talking about what a genius he is. I keep saying the NFL is ‘success adverse’…case in point their love and admiration for Hue Jackson.

The Browns have a terrible owner. They have a wingnut new GM and win-adverse Hue Jackson at the helm. I see bright things in the Browns’ future!


Fantasy Player Notes…

 -- I wanted to re-watch this game to take a deeper look at two Baltimore Ravens players because our computer models are in love with them for Week 16 vs. Indianapolis. Two players who we tend to be wishy-washy on…

#1 Alex Collins (12-19-0, 5-33-0/8)…I wondered why Collins took fewer carries than Javorius Allen (13-70-0, 1-4-0/3), and why he so underperformed him.

After the re-watch, I realize everything is fine with Collins. He started and was the focal point. He was running the ball well for nice gains early on and then had a couple big losses accredited him later to drag down mediocre rushing totals. As the game was pretty well in hand, Allen came in and took a lot of mercy handoffs to close out the win.

This is Alex Collins’ backfield.

All good facing Indy Week 16.

#2 Mike Wallace (6-89-0/10). I can’t remember the last time we cared about Wallace. However, Jeremy Maclin went out early in this game (and will miss Week 16) and Wallace stepped in and took over. Wallace just didn’t produce well in this game, his recent trends are all positive too…

Wallace’s last 6 games: 8.8 FF PPG (13.3 PPR) on 4.5 rec., 66.7 yards, 0.33 TDs per game.

Wallace’s last 3 games: 9.2 FF PPG (13.9 PPR) on 4.7 rec., 92.3 yards, 0.00 TDs per game

Watching him on tape in this game, Wallace looked very solid and professional. He did nice work against highly rated CB Jason McCourty. Joe Flacco missed Wallace on two easy throws where Wallace was open or this would have been an 8-catch, 100+ yard day.

I like Wallace for Week 16 if CB Rashaan Melvin is back for Indy. However, if Melvin is inactive again…I LOVE Wallace as a play this week.


 -- Wallace had better numbers in this game than Josh Gordon (5-47-0/11) and better numbers since Gordon came back to action.

DeShone Kizer is not helping Gordon and he’s killing Corey Coleman (1-16-0/3).

Gordon is WR3 with WR1 hopes any given week with Kizer. Coleman is pretty much a forgotten WR4.


 -- Hey! IDP Joe Schobert (5 tackles) is now tied for most tackles in NFL this season…tied with Zach Brown and Blake Martinez. What a scouting call if Schobert actually does fulfill a prophecy made the first game I saw him as an ILB (converted from OLB this year)!

Schobert is also a Pro Bowl alternate, and likely to make the trip too…too…I dunno know where the Pro Bowl is played anymore. I haven’t watched the Pro Bowl since I was a kid and didn’t like it then either. I’d rather watch that new music video commercial from the PC Matic antivirus guy all day than watch the Pro Bowl.


 -- Myles Garrett (2 tackles) is not going to the Pro Bowl. He is not even going to get a vote for Defensive Player of the Year. 4.0 sacks his first three games and then 1.0 sack in 6 games since.

Everyone cried about how great Garrett was and how he was the definitive top pick in the draft. The Browns have won fewer games with him on the team than without last season…hard to win less than 1 game, but Cleveland rocks, so…


Snap Counts of Interest…

43 = Duke Johnson

22 = Crowell


30 = Collins

26 = Allen

23 = Woodhead


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